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223 Judgment Purifies Me

1 In the past as a believer in the Lord I always asked for grace and blessings, but never focused on practicing the Lord’s words and considering His will. Experiencing judgment before the seat of Christ, I have come to my senses. Believing in the Lord merely to gain His grace and blessings, my intentions were so contemptible. Although in appearance I worked, gave up things, suffered and expended myself for the Lord, it was just to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven and receive my reward when the Lord came. I said I loved the Lord and served Him loyally, but I always wanted something in return. Though my behavior was good, my satanic disposition remained unchanged. All the judgment and revelation from the word of God pierced my very heart. Only then could I see clearly the truth of my deep corruption. So corrupt and disobedient, how could I be worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven and receiving rewards? I feel remorse and fall before God, willing to receive His judgment.

2 Undergoing the judgment of God’s word, I have come to understand the will of God. God’s judgment and chastisement, dealing and pruning, are all out of God’s love. Though there is weakness and suffering in being tried and refined, I see that all God does is to purify and save me. By undergoing judgment and trials, my corrupt disposition is being purified. I gradually cast off deceit and live out an honest person’s likeness. I’ve experienced God’s unoffendable righteousness and holiness. Now I revere God and shun evil, I am at peace and at ease. It is God’s judgment and chastisement that cleanse and transform me. How could I not offer up my thanks and praise to God? It’s God’s exaltation that I can love and bear testimony to God today. I wish to love, obey and worship God into eternity.

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