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10. Only by Knowing Their Own Corrupt Essence Can a Person Enter Onto the Right Track of Believing in God

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10. Only by Knowing Their Own Corrupt Essence Can a Person Enter Onto the Right Track of Believing in God

God has expressed many truths in His work of the last days, and uses the truth to judge, chastise and expose the essence of corrupt mankind. The purpose is so that all people can know mankind’s corrupt essence and have true repentance, be able to accept God’s words as their life, break free from sin, and defeat Satan to be truly saved. Therefore, truly knowing mankind’s corrupt essence is a very important part of experiencing God’s work of the last days. If a person fails to know mankind’s corrupt essence in experiencing God’s work, they will not truly repent and won’t be saved by God or achieve a change in life disposition. That is, only by knowing mankind’s corrupt essence can one actually experience entry into God’s words, and as a result enter onto the right track of believing in God. Knowing mankind’s corrupt essence, in simple terms, is to learn the lesson of knowing oneself. Only when a person knows that in nature and essence they are the embodiment of Satan and that they are the offspring of the great red dragon—that they are no different to the devil and don’t resemble a true human being at all—do they truly know themselves and have properly completed up to standard the lesson of knowing themselves. Only when a person truly sees that they really will suffer perdition and perish if God doesn’t save them will they accept God’s judgment and chastisement and genuinely obey all of God’s work. That is why knowing oneself is a crucial step for one to be saved by God. A person pursues the truth so they can be saved. By pursuing the truth they can achieve knowledge of God, and at the same time it can help them get to know themselves. The more a person knows God, the more they can see through the essence of corrupt mankind and see how lacking and pathetic mankind is. It is self-evident that knowing oneself is built upon the foundation of understanding the truth. People who don’t understand the truth will never know themselves. The deeper a person’s knowledge of their own corrupt essence, the more they will hate themselves and forsake themselves, and the more they will truly repent, which will bring about a change in their life disposition. Therefore, only by knowing their own corrupt essence can someone enter onto the right track of believing in God.

Through experiencing God’s work of the last days, we have discovered that knowing our corrupt essence is not a simple thing and that knowing ourselves is a result that has come completely through pursuing the truth. Only by truly understanding the truth can a person genuinely know themselves. Only by understanding the truth can a person discern corruptions and falsehoods and see through the essence of mankind’s nature. The truth can only be gained after going through many processes, paying a heavy price, and enduring a lot of suffering. This necessarily means that the lesson of knowing oneself is also long-term and ceaseless. Of course, knowing yourself also goes from the shallower to the deeper before gradually achieving knowledge of the essence of your own nature. In the beginning, knowing yourself should start from knowing how your corruptions are expressed and should accord with what has been exposed in God’s words. Mankind’s corruptions are displayed in seven main ways and these expressions are problems that must be clearly understood: One, the problem of being full of notions about God; two, the problem of arbitrarily passing judgment; three, the problem of doing whatever one pleases; four, the problem of acting perfunctorily; five, the problem of being selfish and base; six, the problem of being crooked and deceitful; and seven, the problem of being arrogant and conceited. These seven types of corruptions remain serious in every single person, but it is not easy for people to know the substance of these corruptions. Only by truly experiencing God’s judgment, chastisement, pruning and dealing can one clearly see the reality of mankind’s corruption by Satan and that people are practically living demons without the slightest likeness of human beings. How could such a corrupted and evil mankind not resist and oppose God? Why corrupted mankind has been becoming more and more evil has become a mystery, and without the revelations of the words of the incarnate God no one would be able to clearly understand this problem. Satan has been cruelly corrupting mankind for several thousand years, to the extent that mankind has completely lost the likeness of human beings. What mankind wholly manifests is the ugliness of Satan the devil. This is sufficient to prove that the nature of corrupted mankind is in essence the nature of Satan, a nature that completely resists and betrays God. The essence of Satan’s nature is evil, selfish, base, treacherous, malicious, and hypocritical. Satan is extremely adept at confusing and deceiving people. This evil nature is the root of mankind’s sin and the source of mankind’s resistance against and betrayal of God. These seven types of corruptions are the specific characteristics of Satan’s ugliness. To help people better know their own corrupt essence, I will now give a further brief explanation of the seven corrupt characteristics of mankind:

(1) The problem of being full of notions about God. As mankind has been so very deeply corrupted by Satan, it is already full of satanic philosophies and culture. The toxins of the great red dragon have long poisoned mankind’s hearts and minds, causing people’s rules of survival and viewpoints to be completely opposed to God. How could such a mankind not be full of notions toward God? And God’s work strikes back at mankind’s notions at every turn, so of course mankind has quite a lot of notions about God. Corrupted mankind’s viewpoints about faith in God and its way of looking at things are all incompatible with the truth, so it is impossible for people to not have notions about God. It is only that people really are so stupid and senseless—they don’t treat anything seriously if it doesn’t affect their own personal interests. It is natural for mankind to be full of notions about God. People will surely have notions about God’s words, about God’s incarnate flesh, about the man used by the Holy Spirit, about the work of God’s house, about the principles of how God’s house uses people and purges and expels people, and about how God’s house divides people into different groups for meetings. In short, it is a fact that people who are full of corruption and don’t possess the truth are full of notions about God’s work, clearly demonstrating that it is not easy for corrupted mankind to accept the truth. This shows that being full of notions about God is an evil characteristic of corrupted mankind, and it is sufficient to prove that corrupted mankind opposes the truth. For a corrupted mankind that possesses no truth whatsoever, is filled with evil notions and satanic poisons, and is completely in the thrall of satanic philosophies, accepting the truth is extremely difficult. People who don’t love the truth really are beyond saving. It is not easy for God to save and perfect mankind, and mankind’s corrupt disposition can only be resolved through the truth and cleansed through their pursuing the truth and submitting to God’s work. In experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, only if God’s chosen people accept more and more truths will they have fewer and fewer notions about God. Only when they are equipped with many truths and their way of looking at things has completely changed will all their notions about God be thoroughly resolved. Only when they have truly understood the truth and gained the truth will they fully see through satanic philosophies and rules of life, as well as just how absurd, false and fake corrupted mankind’s vacuous knowledge is. Only then will God’s chosen people fully realize how evil and shameless Satan the devil is that has been controlling mankind for thousands of years. Only then will they completely deny and reject all satanic philosophies, ideas, and theories. At this time, they, as humans, will also have true knowledge of God’s righteous disposition and holiness, as well as how God truly loves and saves them, and will no longer have any notions about or resistance toward God. Only then will they be free from Satan’s influence and have been completely saved. God uses the truth He expresses to awaken mankind’s spirit, and make people accept the truth and break free from Satan’s influence. If people never accept the truth, they will never be cleansed of their notions, all of their corruptions, and all of their satanic philosophies and theories.

(2) The problem of arbitrarily passing judgment. Corrupted mankind are full of satanic poisons, don’t possess an ounce of the truth, are all totally arrogant and egotistical, and so certainly pass judgment whenever they please. This derives completely from mankind’s satanic nature. Even if they don’t pass judgment outwardly, they still do it in their hearts. The great red dragon is wildly arrogant and conceited, judges God’s work as it pleases, and resists and condemns it, so how could the offspring of the great red dragon not be the same? Corrupted mankind has grown into the habit of judging arbitrarily, stirring up enmity, and indulging in idle gossip. They don’t dare to criticize or closely examine the great red dragon, but they dare to criticize everything else. This shows that arbitrarily passing judgment is a characteristic of corrupted mankind. Corrupted mankind is full of Satan’s disposition and doesn’t have knowledge of the truth, so how can it obey God’s work without any resistance? That’s impossible. All of mankind is resisting and condemning God’s work of the last days. For every single member of corrupted mankind, judging things as they please is a natural thing—only the situations and ways in which they do so are different. People have their own viewpoints on everything (with the exception of the mentally ill, dim-witted people and lunatics). Regardless of whether or not they reveal it outwardly, everyone has their own way of seeing things. This is something nobody can avoid. Therefore, when it comes to God and His work, people certainly have many viewpoints and ideas. As they don’t possess the truth, such viewpoints are all surely absurd and false. Some of these are conceptions and others are judgments. Mankind has been corrupted too deeply and nobody has a heart that fears God, so how can mankind not make judgments when God’s work does not conform with their conceptions and imaginings at every turn? Even if it does not affect a person’s interests, they will still judge it in their mind, that’s for sure. As people have absurd and false ways of seeing things, they will naturally develop notions and judgments. No one can deny this. The problem of arbitrarily passing judgment can only be resolved through faith in God and pursuing the truth. Only when a person accepts more and more truths through experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement will they judge arbitrarily less and less. The more a person understands the truth the more they will obey God. When a person completely understands the truth, they will stop judging arbitrarily and it will be easier for them to obey God. Submitting to God will thus also no longer be a problem. Pursuing the truth can indeed resolve a person’s arrogance and conceit and the problem of their arbitrary passing judgment.

(3) The problem of doing whatever one pleases. People developed Satan’s arrogant disposition after being corrupted by Satan and began to enjoy acting according to their own will and preferences—that is, doing whatever pleases them. This is the kind of freedom corrupt people like the most and is also their favorite way of living. Everyone wants to live without laws and indulge in the joys of sin. Accordingly, laws were made to constrain people’s behavior and make people know their sins. A family has its own rules and a country has its own laws. God’s house also has administrative decrees and commandments to restrict people from acting as they please. Anyone who has a corrupt disposition enjoys acting as they please. It can be said that all corrupt human beings are people who act as they please. This is a fact nobody can deny. Acting as one pleases is a characteristic of corrupted mankind, so how could mankind truly obey God without God’s judgment and chastisement and without undergoing hardships and refinement? How could leaders and workers at all levels of the church do their job well without being pruned or dealt with and without having administrative penalties imposed on them? If a person says they don’t do whatever they please, would they dare to say they are a person who is obedient to God? A person without true obedience is definitely a person who does whatever they please and handles matters as they see fit. You could say all corrupted human beings act as they please, and looking at mankind’s nature we can see that it is very difficult for people to obey God. Mankind’s arrogant nature does not allow submission to anyone and this can only be resolved through experiencing God’s work, enduring being tempered by all kinds of sufferings, and understanding the truth. A person will have some likeness of a human being as long as they obey God’s work and no longer act as they please. Corrupted mankind’s problem of acting as it pleases can’t be resolved without God’s judgment and chastisement of it, and God’s pruning and dealing with it. Only God can save mankind from corruption. Only by pursuing the truth and achieving knowledge of God can corrupted mankind resolve its problem of doing whatever it pleases and become people who truly obey God.

(4) The problem of acting perfunctorily. Everyone has the same problem in the fulfillment of their duty, and that’s acting perfunctorily. It’s as though no one deserves their conscientiousness—if someone does something for a person and takes it very seriously, then that person must be someone they greatly respect, someone who can help them a lot, or someone they owe a big debt of gratitude toward, or else they would not take it seriously. The word “profit” is written large on mankind’s nature; people only take something seriously if they receive some profit in return, and if it is of no profit to them they will adopt a perfunctory attitude. That’s the nature of human beings, and also a characteristic of corrupted mankind. All people are self-seeking, so all people act perfunctorily and are happy just getting by. It might be a bit better if mankind could genuinely see performing its duty as something that is for God and is to be taken seriously for God’s sake. If mankind really has a heart that fears God, then people would be unlikely to act perfunctorily when fulfilling their duty. Most people achieve some improvement in fulfilling their duty only after being pruned and dealt with. Without being pruned and dealt with, no one’s fulfillment of their duty is up to standard. Acting perfunctorily in fulfilling one’s duty is regarded as deceiving God. People who can deceive God surely don’t have a heart that fears God, let alone love God. This is because there is no deception in love or obedience. People who deceive God don’t have a place for God in their heart. Acting perfunctorily is a behavior that exists purely because people want to engage in transactions with God. A person who is always perfunctory in the fulfillment of their duty and does not repent is certainly not someone who pursues the truth. All those who are always perfunctory in the fulfillment of their duty are not people who truly obey God. Corrupted people are not very fond of, and have little interest in, positive things, and so they are all perfunctory in fulfilling their duty. This perfunctoriness cannot be fundamentally resolved without having changes in their life disposition. Whether or not a person is loyal to God can be seen from whether they fulfill their duty with loyalty. People who love God in their heart and who truly obey God don’t act perfunctorily when fulfilling their duty. If people do not pursue the truth, they will never be able to resolve the problem of acting perfunctorily.

(5) The problem of being selfish and base. A part of the nature of corrupted mankind is reflected in the satanic philosophy, “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” This really is deeply ingrained, and has long been the foundation of how corrupt man conducts himself in society. Corrupt people adopt all sorts of measures to further their personal interests and will stoop to anything to achieve their goals. This is all considered part of the problem of mankind’s selfish and base nature. Some people are quite willing to give to the needy and help people, but the problem of selfishness and baseness also exists in them to varying degrees. Particularly, those who love to take advantage of others—or even harm others to benefit themselves—as well as those who have believed in God for many years but don’t even give one offering to God, are all genuinely selfish and base rats. Such people are everywhere. All people are actually very selfish, and it’s not surprising that people are base when it involves something that particularly affects their personal interests. As long as people pay attention and use their powers of discernment more, they will be able to discover that everyone is selfish and base in certain regards. Crooked and deceitful people are the most selfish and base, and their main displays of this are greed for money, fighting for fame and gain, seeking an easy life, competing for authority and power, and so forth. Therefore, being selfish and base is clearly a characteristic of mankind’s satanic nature, and of course, it can also only be resolved through pursuing the truth. People who don’t pursue the truth will never realize that they are selfish and base, and they will even treat being selfish and base as normal behavior and not feel any shame. The fact that mankind can do selfish and despicable things is difficult to talk about, but you must know your own selfish and base essence to facilitate repentance and change. Anyone can dress smartly and say things that are pleasant to listen to, but the things they do are totally despicable and not righteous and honorable at all. Such people don’t have any likeness of human beings. This is precisely the ugliness of Satan. The more deceitful and cunning a person is, the more selfish and base their behavior will be. Only by shedding their selfish and base conduct can a person get along with others and be loving, helpful, and charitable toward others and sacrifice themselves for others. If a person can genuinely love God and the truth, all their corruptions can be resolved. People who truly love God and the truth will not be selfish and base.

(6) The problem of being crooked and deceitful. All corrupted human beings are crooked and deceitful—it’s just a matter of the extent. If a person lies too much and always deceives others, they are a crooked and deceitful person. People who are relatively honest and lie less are generally good people. It is difficult for crooked and deceitful people to change. Deceitful people cannot get along with others and are exhausting. This is because you can’t figure out where their heart is, so how could you possibly share a common language with them? Everyone likes to associate with honest people but there are very few honest people, so everyone feels that human relationships are fickle and the world is treacherous. Human beings of the last days are extremely deceitful and their hearts and minds are too complicated. It’s very difficult to find a kindred soul in life all because mankind’s corruption is too deep. In other words, deceitful people are demons and are to be regarded as Satan’s people. The more deceitful a person is, the more it is difficult for them to be saved by God because deceitful people don’t even trust God and they doubt God’s words. Deceitful people are not sincere toward anyone. Accordingly, deceitful people will surely have quite a lot of notions and very many doubts about God, and they will deceive God whenever they can. Deceitful people are not very willing to pay any price and moreover aren’t willing to devote themselves to God or expend their efforts for Him. They only want to believe in God to gain blessings and eliminate suffering. Deceitful people’s belief in God is a transaction with God to gain blessings, and is usually part of their scheme to take advantage of God’s house. Crooked and deceitful people are all selfish and base rats. It is very difficult for a person to change if their nature is crooked and deceitful. Unless they especially pursue the truth, they will not achieve true change, but it also requires them to obey God’s judgment and chastisement and accept more suffering and refinement. Deceitful people in the church are the most difficult to deal with and are the most difficult to save.

(7) The problem of being arrogant and conceited. After experiencing God’s work for a few years, everyone admits that the nature of corrupted mankind is arrogant and conceited. Being arrogant and conceited is in fact the main characteristic of corrupted mankind. No matter how humble or low-key a person appears from the outside, the essence of their nature is arrogance and conceitedness. The more someone thinks they are knowledgeable the more arrogant and self-right they are, so it is very difficult for them to accept God’s words. So many wildly arrogant people have openly opposed God, only to submit after being punished by God. So many arrogant and conceited people have refused to obey anyone, only to straighten up after being smitten and disciplined by God. All people who have some true experience of believing in God only submitted after being punished or disciplined by God. Mankind’s arrogant and conceited nature is deep-seated and is their most difficult problem. If a person’s problem of being arrogant and conceited is not resolved, it will be easy for them to become an antichrist and God’s enemy. This is also the root cause of why some people may suffer misfortune in believing in God. Arrogant and conceited people don’t have fear of God. Such people will only have some fear of God if they have experienced God’s punishment or discipline. It is not easy for arrogant and conceited people to know themselves. No matter how much corruption they have revealed, they don’t really care, and even though they have committed many transgressions, they still think they are better than others. They don’t obey anyone in their hearts and can’t even submit to Christ. This shows they are so arrogant that they have lost their minds and become totally unreasonable. Such people are very hard to save. In fact, extremely arrogant people are all very ignorant. The more arrogant and conceited a person is, the more they resist God. The kings of devils in the world and the great red dragon are all so arrogant that they willfully break laws, both human and divine. These people say they believe in God but really only believe in themselves. They are just deceiving people under the banner of “believing in God.” People who are especially arrogant and conceited cannot be guided or managed unless they are punished and disciplined by God. They stay in the church to incite people to betray God and to create their own factions. Such people must therefore be expelled. Of course, if an arrogant and conceited person is still somewhat reasonable and can pursue the truth and accept God’s judgment and chastisement, they can be changed and fully become someone who truly submits to God.

The above is a simple explanation of the seven problems of corruptions. All corrupted people possess these seven problems of corruptions, which are the main displays of mankind’s disobedience and resistance toward God and completely represent corrupted mankind’s essence and nature. How could someone have true repentance and a change in life disposition if they don’t have a thorough understanding of these seven problems of corruptions? It is a fact that these seven problems of corruptions remain serious in all people corrupted by Satan—the only difference is that certain problems are more prominent in certain people. Some people’s arrogance and conceitedness and tendency to arbitrarily pass judgment are more prominent. Some people’s crookedness and deceit and abundance of notions are more prominent. Some people’s tendencies to do whatever they please and act perfunctorily are more prominent. Some people’s selfishness and baseness are more prominent. … But no one can say that they only possess one of these problems and not the others. These seven problems of corruptions are common among corrupted mankind, but most people only admit to having one or two of them and not the rest. The main reason is because they don’t yet have knowledge of the words of God that expose mankind’s corrupt essence. Some people perhaps can’t even completely accept the words of God that expose mankind’s corrupt essence. Knowing one’s own corrupt essence is indeed not an easy thing, and a believer in God has to go through many processes before they can understand the truth. The extents of people’s experience of God’s work are different, so the extents to which they know their own corruption are also different. In knowing themselves, a person must rely on the work and exposure of the Holy Spirit so that they can know their own corrupt essence. Understanding how to know one’s corrupt essence is a key element to being saved by God. When people tried to get to know themselves in the past, they only paid attention to what transgressions they had committed or what corruptions they had revealed, but neglected to dissect their every word and action to see which were Satan’s corrupt dispositions, which were the poisons of the great red dragon, which were mankind’s imaginings and conceptions, and which were falsehoods and deviations. Besides these things, people must also dissect their own attitudes and internal states, to grasp the things hidden deep in their hearts, and come before God to see through these things using the truth. Only then can a person know the reality of their own corruption and see the problem of their corrupt essence. Just because a person has not committed major transgressions does not mean there are no problems deep in their heart. Some hidden malice, dispositions and problems in a person’s nature are even more difficult to resolve. Small illnesses can’t kill people; only major illnesses take lives. A lot of people only pay attention to the outward transgressions but neglect the problem of the essence of their nature. Just admitting you are corrupt is an empty statement, and shows that you don’t know yourself. Dig out the poisonous root of your corruptions and know yourself in accordance with God’s words, especially your malicious intentions, arrogant ambitions, despicable aims, and extravagant desires—put all of these things out before God’s words and dissect them with the truth and judge them according to God’s words. Only by practicing in this way can you know your own corrupt essence. In experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement work, the deepest lessons are knowing God and knowing yourself. If the depth of your entry into these two lessons is not deep, you will never be able to gain deep entry into the lesson of submitting to God. People who truly know the corrupt essence of mankind not only can see the corruptions they have revealed, but also can know the essence and source of their corruptions. These people not only can confess their transgressions, they also can know what their nature is, whether there are any differences between them and Satan the devil, and what these differences are. If a person can truly achieve knowing the essence of their nature, they will know the extent to which mankind has been corrupted and what differences there are between mankind and Satan the devil. They will know what they should pursue in believing in God and how to experience God’s work, and understand how to dissect their own corruptions. Accordingly, they will also know where they should stand in fulfilling their duty, what degree of rationality they need to be equipped with in order to fulfill their duty well, how to pursue the truth to achieve knowing God, and how to obey God’s work to be saved. Therefore, only when a person truly knows mankind’s corrupt essence will they start to enter onto the right track of believing in God.

There are many words that expose mankind’s corrupt essence in God’s work of the last days, but people have not given more thought as to why God is so earnestly revealing mankind’s corruption. People only develop conceptions but don’t realize God’s good intentions in so severely judging corrupt mankind. Let me ask you: If a person does not know mankind’s corrupt essence, how can they have true repentance? And how can they achieve a change in life disposition? How can a person be saved by God if they don’t truly repent? Experiencing God’s work is not just empty words, for God’s saving and perfecting of a person involves a specific, real-life process, and knowing mankind’s corrupt essence is a very crucial part of it. Not many people truly get to know themselves in experiencing God’s work. That is, there aren’t a lot of people who truly know their own corrupt essence. Hence, there are very few people who truly and deeply resent themselves and despise their own flesh enough to genuinely forsake themselves, and thus very few people have true repentance before God. I’ve only seen a few religious leaders deeply resent themselves when they return before God’s throne, seeing themselves as antichrists, chief culprits who resist God, and ones who ought to suffer perdition and perish. They repent to the extent that they curse themselves. This only happens because they have woken up after being punished for furiously resisting and condemning Almighty God. Apart from such examples, there aren’t many people who truly know themselves to the extent that they despise and curse themselves. Most people simply admit that they have corruptions or have transgressions, but don’t truly know that they are the embodiment of Satan based on their corrupt essence and that they are children of hell and should suffer perdition and perish. This shows that most people’s knowledge of themselves is too shallow and they are far from knowing mankind’s corrupt essence, which is why they still do not care about being saved. This is a common problem that exists in most people. Some people even want the day of God to arrive sooner. Let me ask you: If the day of God really comes, has the problem of your salvation been resolved? Are you really someone who obeys God? If these very practical problems of your faith have not been resolved, how will the arrival of the day of God benefit you? Isn’t this just one of your extravagant desires? Do you really not know what God is waiting for? Why hasn’t the day of God arrived yet? The key reason is because we, this group of people, have not entered onto the right track of believing in God. In other words, God has not truly gained this group of people. When God’s chosen people have all entered onto the right track of believing in God, genuinely turned to God and fallen down before God, are able to truly obey God’s work, and have fear of God, then the day of God will arrive. Therefore, knowing the seven problems of corruptions is extremely important and involves the question of whether or not a person can get on the right track of believing in God and, particularly, whether they can be saved. Based on most people’s knowledge of themselves, people still currently don’t know God’s work. They think that as long as they, after finishing reading all of God’s words, acknowledge the words are His, admit that God really has been incarnated and that their heart has been conquered by God, and declare they will follow Him forever and never forsake Him, then God’s work should come to an end and the day of God should arrive, and they will thereafter enter God’s kingdom to enjoy blessings for eternity. That’s the way most people think. How naive and childish they are! What is the point of God’s work if the way people think is really how it is? People only like to skim the surface and go through the motions, but God does His work in a down-to-earth and especially practical way. God’s disposition is such that He won’t quit until He has made this group of people complete. Do people still not understand God’s work? God once said: “Thus, God’s work will end when people see themselves as the sons of hell” (“Interpretation of the Thirtieth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “The work of saving man is not achieved following the completion of the work of conquest. Although the work of conquest has come to an end, the work of purifying man has not; such work will only be finished once man has been wholly purified, once those who truly submit to God have been made complete, and once those disguisers who are without God in their heart have been purged” (“God’s Work and Man’s Practice” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “His work in the flesh concludes when man formally enters the right track of the truth of life, when man steps onto the right track of being perfected” (“Only the Perfected Can Live a Meaningful Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). God’s words are very clear. People should have some idea about what they need to urgently pursue. Do they still not see what stage God’s work is now up to?

People who have real experience of God’s work of the last days all know that a believer in God has to go through many practical processes to achieve salvation. Understanding God’s words and knowing yourself is one process, while practicing the truth and obeying God is another. Only by repeating these processes many times can someone achieve true knowledge of themselves, and only when they have genuinely and thoroughly known the essence of their nature and the reality of their corruption will they gain true entry into the practice of the truth and obedience to God. That’s when they will have entered into the reality of God’s words. There are so many people who have believed in God for many years but achieved no change in their life disposition at all. They have no life, like tares, and this is a problem. Everyone can see that anyone who has believed in God for many years but has no change in their life disposition is not someone who truly knows themselves or has genuine understanding of the truth. That’s a fact. Therefore, all those who don’t truly know their corrupt essence are people who don’t have the truth or life. It can absolutely be said that these are people who believe in God but have yet to be saved. This type of people exists in the churches everywhere. Why is it that they have believed in God for many years but are still unable to know their own corrupt essence? There is one main reason: They don’t pursue the truth. Knowing yourself is achieved through pursuing the truth; people who don’t pursue the truth will never know themselves. Why are antichrists especially arrogant? It’s because they are not people who pursue the truth and aren’t people who take God’s words as life. How could people who don’t pursue the truth have life? There are some other people in God’s house who have believed in God for many years but it is indeed hard to see any change in them. Like unbelievers, they lead a sated, idle life and are indifferent to anything, never taking the issue of being saved seriously, and not taking interest in God’s words and work. They really are people who don’t pursue the truth. It is now much easier to understand the connection and differences between wheat and tares when we contemplate the parable in the Bible. Which believers should be categorized as wheat and which believers should be categorized as tares all becomes clear with the passage of time. When God’s work ends, all those who do not pursue the truth will naturally be eliminated. It is not easy for believers who don’t properly attend to their duties, often complain, cause a lot of trouble, or don’t listen to reason to get on the right track of believing in God. They are all in the greatest danger. Everyone can see that they often complain about and resist God and infuriate God.

People who pursue the truth should be clear that a key step in obtaining a dispositional change is knowing yourself. If a person does not know themselves, they won’t have true repentance and moreover won’t have a change in life disposition. The more someone thoroughly knows their corrupt essence, the more they will know what they are and what Satan is. I remember that God once said: “Do you truly hate the great red dragon?” Only by truly knowing our own corrupt essence can we clearly see Satan’s true face, see through the great red dragon, hate and thoroughly forsake it, and resolutely follow and obey Christ. Accordingly, things will be much easier to handle if we know who we are, what our nature is, and what our essence is. If people only pay attention to resolving problems on the surface, but hide the corruptions deep inside them, they will only harm and eventually ruin themselves. In fact, Pharisees and religious figures are all godly on the outside but have venomous hearts on the inside. They strain out a gnat and swallow a camel, admitting that they are corrupt but hiding the reality of their corruption. Isn’t this a trick of deceptive people? There are so many people who disguise themselves and put on a show regarding little things to give people a false impression of how earnestly they seek and how obedient they are, but secretly do their utmost to satisfy themselves. They can put on whatever mask the circumstances call for. To know yourself, you must often analyze your own satanic ugliness and completely know your own satanic essence. Only that is truly knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is for achieving a change in your life disposition so you can be saved, not for showing other people. Why lie to yourself? If you are a person who truly pursues the truth, you should know how to dissect yourself to truly know yourself and to what extent you must know yourself to achieve true repentance and be saved by God. If a person cannot truly know themselves through their faith in God, they are destined to be eliminated. Those who truly know themselves will naturally feel that believing in God is for the sake of being saved, which is extremely practical, and feel that God’s work is to save people and that God’s love is real. When a person knows themselves to the extent that they can feel that they indeed need God to save them, that in believing in God only pursuing to be saved by God is practical, only then will they have truly experienced God’s love and know how they should experience God’s work. At this point, they will also be clear on what to pursue to be saved by God. From then on, they won’t hold on to religious conceptions in their faith in God and will instead wholeheartedly follow God, experience God’s work, and truly know that being saved is more important than anything else. They will see clearly that believing in God to be saved is indeed the most important thing in their life, and will feel that gaining the truth and life is gaining a priceless treasure that is worth any amount of suffering! Only when a person achieves such a state in believing in God will they have truly entered onto the right track of believing in God.

The most pressing thing now is to pursue to enter onto the right track of believing in God. Only after entering onto the right track can a person quickly understand some truths, get equipped with the seven discernments, and be able to guarantee that they can stand fast on the true way without being deceived by anyone or in thrall to Satan. Thus, they will be much safer in believing in God. No matter where they are or what situations they encounter, they won’t get lost or fall into temptation. The stature of people right now is still far from this! Many among us, like the Israelites of old who complained about Moses and God, keep complaining without realizing that they are intensely resisting God. Everyone must intensify their efforts to equip themselves with the truth in order to resolve the problem of this corruption, and only then will they be able to gradually enter onto the right track of believing in God. Believers in God who don’t truly know their own corrupt essence won’t be able to enter onto the right track of believing in God, won’t be able to walk the path of salvation and perfection, and won’t be able to achieve true repentance and change, so how will they be able to be saved and perfected by God? Entering onto the right track of believing in God is extremely crucial to being saved. Do you realize this?

In experiencing God’s work, only when God’s chosen people have gained true knowledge of their own corrupt essence, true knowledge of God’s work and disposition, true knowledge of the essence of Satan’s nature and the great red dragon’s nature, true knowledge of the fact that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, and true knowledge of human life will they be ones who have been made complete by God—ones who have truly been saved by God. To gain true knowledge of these things, one must rely on pursuing the truth, that is, must rely on experiencing and knowing God’s words. The more truths a person understands, and the more thoroughly they understand them, the bigger their change in perspectives on things and the greater their transformation in life disposition. True knowledge of these things is enormously important! First, you must have more knowledge of God’s words—that is the foundation. When someone has knowledge of God’s words they will understand the truth, and when someone understands the truth, they will see their own spiritual destitution, wretchedness and blindness, that their corruption is very deep, and what their essence is. When a person truly knows their own corrupt essence they will begin to resent and hate themselves, and eventually, curse themselves, forsake the flesh, dedicate themselves to God, develop true obedience to Him, and be able to practice the truth. Practicing the truth will feel very natural and easy, without any difficulties. At this time, they will feel that they have begun to change. This is true repentance and the start of becoming a new person. As their understanding of the truth gradually progresses and their knowledge of God deepens, their perspectives on things will thoroughly transform and they will look at everything through God’s words and their perspectives will basically be in conformity with God’s words. This means they will have gained the truth and a new life. Only then will they be truly compatible with Christ. They will be someone who has been made complete by God, and God will have fully gained them. The final goal of believing in God is to be compatible with God. By then, how could your service of God not be to His liking? When you believe in God, only pursuing the truth enables you to truly know your own corrupt essence, achieve true repentance and change, and enter onto the right track of believing in God. Only those who have entered the right track of believing in God can be saved and gained by God in the end. If a person has not entered onto the right track of believing in God, nothing will be real for them. What can they possibly gain from believing in a vague God, as people in religious circles do? Believers who cannot enter onto the right track of believing in God right now are all in great danger.

December 15, 2006

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