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Chapter 91. Experiencing All Manner of Environments Is Beneficial to Man’s Life Growth

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Chapter 91. Experiencing All Manner of Environments Is Beneficial to Man’s Life Growth

It’s a good thing to experience all kinds of environments. God does not arrange all these environments for you unintentionally, He does not lead you somewhere with no purpose, but rather He arranges some special environments for each and every person—the family environment, the life environments and the environment in which you grow up, and the environments within which you do your duties after you believe in Him. He arranges some special situations or contexts for you to experience. If you’ve learned how to gain experience in all kinds of situations, contexts and environments, not being defeated even in the most abominable environments, and if in the best and most comfortable environments and under the extremely tempting situations, you are not lured astray or seduced away and you do not fall down, then you will have progressed and gained in stature. Can this be considered as salvation? Strictly speaking, you haven’t been saved yet. But at the very least, your environment is unable to influence your faith in God or your belief in God, and you have a foundation. How does this foundation come about? It comes from understanding some truth. You gain some truth throughout these years, you come to appreciate the true meaning of these words spoken by God, and you come to appreciate God’s good will in His dominating a person’s destiny and in His arranging a person’s time year by year—you are able to appreciate these things somewhat. You feel in the deep recesses of your heart that everything God does is great. You may not understand it at the time and you may ask, “Why has God given me such an environment?” or “Why has God given me such a trial?” But as you carry on, your heart will unconsciously come to perceive why exactly God has done this, and at that time you will feel that you have matured. You will no longer be as you were when God gave you a trial or a difficult environment, when you felt distress in your heart, and you always felt like rebelling against or rejecting these environments. When the day comes when you mature, you will feel these emotions get weaker and weaker, you will be able to adapt, and you will have obedience in your heart. Besides this, you will give thanks to God and will feel that tiny bit of gratitude, thinking, “God is so good to me. Back then my stature was so immature, I did not understand God’s will, did not obey God, and I complained against God, but God did not remember. Walking this path up to now I feel God’s care and I feel His leadership.” At that time, you will feel that God’s love for man is real and it is something you can touch. When that happens, you will have matured, and you will be able to take things on and shoulder some responsibilities.

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