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Leaving God’s Word Means Losing Everything


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Leaving God’s Word Means Losing Everything

Because of the need of the work of God’s family, I was transferred to another place to perform my duty. When I first came here, faced with the difficulties in the work, I was full of confidence, actively seeking in God’s word and willing to accept the great commission God gave me. After I started doing the work formally, however, I did not eat and drink God’s word or pray and seek as much as before, and I could never eat and drink God’s word with a single and quiet heart. At this time I always took being busy as an excuse to yield to myself. Imperceptibly one month passed. However, my life entering in not only got no progress, but it regressed. My previous resolution, ideal, and pursuit gradually became faint. And my state became abnormal: Sometimes I succumbed to the power of darkness, sometimes I lived in an inactive state, sometimes I was breathlessly pressed by the difficulties around me, and sometimes I felt especially frail and had no strength all over as if I would be crushed down….

One morning, I read these words of God: “Man, while believing in God, cannot leave God’s word, cannot leave God, and cannot leave the truth. You must choose your way properly, and spend great effort on the truth and on God’s word. …” “Without God’s word in your heart, how can you have God? If you believe in God but have no God or God’s word or God’s guidance in your heart, then you are finished.” From God’s words, I received inspiration, knowing that my state had fallen to such a point because I had left the word of God. I felt my heart was brightened all at once, as if beholding the sun blazing forth from a misty sky, and I recovered strength within. Afterward, I opened the Fellowship of the Man, and read these words: “Performing duty is a matter of being quiet before God and living before God. It is not doing things behind God’s back; it is being quiet in action and being leisured in busyness. No matter what one is doing, his heart should seek God and draw near to God. This is the normal state of a person who fears God. … No matter what one does and what duty he performs, he can’t do without reading God’s word, and can’t do without praying or drawing near to God. … In one’s believing in God, reading God’s word decides everything; God’s word is his lifeblood, and he has to read it every day. Anyone who has a foundation in belief in God will become withered and darkened if he does not read God’s word. If one really leaves God’s word, he will die….” After reading these words, I was fully awakened and realized that I was too arrogant in my actions and behavior. I worked and ran around only with my hands and legs, but did not at all regard God’s word as the first thing or put God in my heart. As I had no God in my heart and no truth in my life, how could my state be good? The exposing of this time is just God’s salvation to me. It makes me deeply realize how important God’s word is to man and its value and significance cannot be expressed by man in words. In the past I said that God’s word decides everything but I had little true knowledge. Today I have seen that one, when leaving God’s word, is simply a walking corpse, a person who has no human life, and a person who lives in complete darkness and is faced with imminent disaster. I have seen the serious consequence of leaving the word of God—death! Thank God for his timely salvation to me. I fell because of not reading God’s word. I will rise up from here. Even more, I will, in my future work and life, take God’s word as my foundation, seek God’s mind, act according to God’s word, and satisfy God’s requirements.

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