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140 I Look Forward to Being Together Soon

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140 I Look Forward to Being Together Soon

1 A letter, a time past, my eyes wet with tears. We performed our duty together back then and were together day and night. Because I wanted to prevail over others, I always showed off when I spoke. I was heedless of your feelings and refused to accept your suggestions. Time and time again, I was unreasonable and self-willed, I committed so many transgressions, I hurt my brothers and sisters and caused obstructions to our duties. To receive your letter today, asking how I’ve been lately, I feel even more in God’s debt, and I hate that I did not live like a human.

2 In God’s house, God’s word and the truth water and supply us. We used to have prejudices and misunderstandings, now they are all dispelled by God’s word. Thinking back over my recent experiences, I have gained some benefit. By undergoing God’s judgment, my corrupt dispositions are being cleansed. I realize that my arrogance and conceit are the ruinous cause of my resistance to God. From His words, I see that God is humble and hidden and so lovely. Only when I know that God’s disposition is beautiful and good do I begin to practice the truth, my humanity and sense of reason return to normal, and I am even more thankful for God’s love.

3 The CCP engages in cruel oppression and persecution, and it frantically arrests God’s chosen people. How have you been lately, and are you safe now? Always be careful when you perform your duty and look to God and pray to God more, for this is also a chance to experience God’s work and gain the truth. Everything God arranges is good, let us give thanks and praise to God. God has made a group of overcomers and His great work is finished. At this crucial time, we should devote ourselves to the kingdom gospel and look forward to the day we are together—the day God gains glory—when we can each share our experiences and testimonies.

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