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161 Look Forward With Hands on the Plow

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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161 Look Forward With Hands on the Plow

1 The rain patters outside the window and drizzles down to the ground. My thoughts of home spring to mind with the sound of raindrops. I have been on the run all these years, is my family okay? Have my mother and father grown more white hairs? Is my child obedient, how tall is he now? I so want to call and speak with them. But the CCP government surveils phones and could make an arrest at any time. I can only silently think of them in my heart.

2 In my pain I pray to God and I seek the truth. I see God’s love and care for mankind. To save mankind, He humbled Himself to become flesh, to utter words. He endures great humiliations and goes through tribulations with us. He still diligently feeds and waters us in spite of our rebelliousness. He hopes that we may soon grow in our lives. God’s rule and arrangements for mankind’s fate are trustworthy and righteous. Everything is in God’s hands, there is nothing that cannot be let go of.

3 Holding God’s words in my hands, I think of His love. Every step I take God holds my hand, leading me forward. When my stature is small God’s words comfort and encourage me. When I am weak they give me enlightenment and the sustenance of the truth. When I am arrogant God prunes and deals with me, disciplines and chastens me. When trials come upon me God’s words keep me strong and help me stand firm. Every single thing, every time I grow, hidden behind is the love and the price God has paid for me.

4 Pondering over God’s words, I am moved by His love. God’s words judge and chastise to awaken man’s hearts. He patiently admonishes us, waiting for our repentance and change. When will we understand God’s kind efforts to save mankind? No man, having put his hand on the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. Suffering to gain the truth holds such great meaning. I no longer want to make God concerned for me. I will let go of all entanglements of the flesh and bear witness to God. I will offer up myself to spread the gospel of God’s kingdom. I will repay God’s love, I will live up to the dear price He has paid.

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