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326 All Things Are Made New Through God’s Words

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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326 All Things Are Made New Through God’s Words

Verse 1

Amid God’s words, mountains tumble;

amid God’s words, lakes flow without fail;

amid God’s words, waters flow in reverse;

amid God’s words, man is submissive.

Amid God’s words, angry seas are settled,

fierce gales quiet with a wave of His hand.

And in that instant,

peace returns at once to the world of man.

Verse 2

Amid God’s wrath, the grounds tremble;

amid God’s wrath, mountains are torn apart;

amid God’s wrath, the waters dry up;

amid God’s wrath, man is plagued with disaster.

Because of God’s wrath, He pays no heed

to the screams of man and offers no aid.

Because of God’s wrath, He will not provide

assistance to man; His anger is rising.


When spring spreads across the land,

God sends light to the world; there’s freshness in the air.

Then a torrent of rain from God,

man is deafened by the thunder as they’re sleeping.

They can’t find shelter, they’re engulfed in the downpour.

Now all things are washed clean because of God’s fury.

Man stops complaining about rain, instead they revere God.

Most people have drowned in water

from the rain that poured down from the sky.

Verse 3

God looks upon the earth and sees many repenting;

God looks upon the earth and sees many awakening;

God looks upon the earth and sees many searching

for the source of the waters in their little boats.

God looks upon the earth and sees many bowing down to Him

and asking for forgiveness.

Many have seen the light, many have seen His face,

many have the courage to live, and the world is changed.


Following the rain, all have returned

to how God pictured them all in His mind,

no longer defiant evermore.

Soon, the world is filled with the sound of laughter.

There’s an atmosphere of praise everywhere on earth,

everywhere is filled with the glory of God.

Adapted from “Chapter 16” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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