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668 Man Still Doesn’t Know God’s Work

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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668 Man Still Doesn’t Know God’s Work

1 I have carried out so much work on the earth and have walked among mankind for so many years. Yet people rarely have knowledge of My image and My disposition, and few people can thoroughly explain the work that I do. People are lacking too much, they are always lacking understanding of what I do, and their hearts are always on alert as if they deeply fear I will bring them into another situation and then pay no mind to them. Thus, people’s attitude toward Me is always lukewarm coupled with a great deal of caution. This is because people have come to the present without understanding the work that I do.

2 People are particularly baffled by the words that I speak to them. They carry My words in their hands, not knowing if they should be dead-set on believing or if they should indecisively forget them. They don’t know if they should put them into practice, or if they should wait and see. They don’t know if they should cast aside everything and then bravely follow, or if they should continue to be friendly with the world as before. People’s internal worlds are so complicated, and they are so cunning. Because people cannot clearly see My words and they cannot fully see them, many of them have a hard time practicing them, and have difficulty laying their heart in front of Me.

Adapted from “Words to the Young and Old” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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