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Man’s Mind and Thinking Badly Hinder the Work of the Holy Spirit


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Man’s Mind and Thinking Badly Hinder the Work of the Holy Spirit

The Spring Festival was drawing near. When I was going among the church, the brothers and sisters all reported: “The Spring Festival is coming and people are all busy preparing New Year’s goods for it. Even if we go to their homes, we won’t find anyone in.” “If we go preaching the gospel during the New Year, they will surely resent it.” “On Chinese New Year’s Eve every family will be having a reunion dinner, and they won’t like to listen to the things of belief in God. How awkward it will be for us to be sitting there!” When hearing these words, I also fell into their state. I thought: It’s true. During these days around the New Year, it is quite normal for us to win fewer people in the gospel work. These difficulties reported by the brothers and sisters are all true facts. At that time I lost my confidence and the heart to cooperate with God. Now the end of the month is coming but the gospel quota has not yet been filled; and the Spring Festival happens to come. What should I do?

Having no choice, I had to come before God to pray and seek. Under God’s guidance, I opened the book of God’s word, and I read these words: “Man’s corrupt nature, man’s thoughts, and man’s notions are within every part of man’s being. … Man’s mind especially hinders the work of the Holy Spirit. Man has rich imagination, logical reasoning, and old experience in handling things. If these are not pruned and corrected, they all are hindrances in the work.

God’s words woke me up all at once. Actually, “people are all busy during the New Year; it’s not easy to preach the gospel; it’s normal for us to win fewer people,” which I considered as the difficulties and true facts, are exactly man’s imaginations and rational logic that God speaks of. It’s just these “reasonable” thinking and imaginations of mine that have been hindrances to the gospel work and have caused me to live in the excuses and “actual situations” and thus lose the heart to cooperate with God. The work arrangement requires that no one be allowed to stop the gospel work with any pretext at any time. None of my thinking, imagination, and logic is consistent with the truth; instead, they are all contradictory to the truth. If according to my thinking and logic I don’t cooperate in the gospel work during the Spring Festival, I will surely hinder the work of the Holy Spirit and delay the people predestined and selected by God from returning to God’s family in this period of time. In this case, won’t I become one who resists God?

After I found out the root of my difficulty, I felt very enlightened and had ways to practice. So I immediately gathered the brothers and sisters and shared with them my inspiration from God’s words. They all had also understood God’s intention, and were willing to drop their imaginations to cooperate with God. And then, during the two days, the Chinese New Year and its Eve, we brought more people to God than before; moreover, the number of the people we won kept increasing after the New Year.

Inspired by God’s words and confirmed by the fact, I have realized that men’s thinking, imagination, and logic are not the truth or the actual situation, and they all have been corrupted by satan and are all resistant to God. Only the word expressed by God is the truth and the actual situation. From now on, I will lead the brothers and sisters to eat and drink God’s word as much as possible, deny my thinking and imagination as much as possible, take God’s word as the criterion and the work arrangements as the guide in everything, and no longer hinder the work of the Holy Spirit with my thinking and imagination.

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