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Measuring Others by My Own Ideas Exposed My Arrogance and Ignorance


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Measuring Others by My Own Ideas Exposed My Arrogance and Ignorance

Once, during my conversation with a sister, I got to know that, because the pagans said a few scandalous words about her and she could not drop her vanity and face, she became passive and even lost the faith to cooperate with her work. I thought, “You have a believing family, having no one to persecute you in your family, and have no difficulty in your living. Unlike us young sisters who have left our homes. We not only suffer from homesickness but undergo refining of marriage, and besides, we’re faced with the temptation of the dazzling world. You’re free from all these refinings. You only heard others say a few unpleasant words and you have collapsed. You really can’t stand a little suffering.” So, I began to fellowship with her unceasingly, “You should not be passive for this small matter but should think about how to overcome this circumstance, how to be faithful in your duty….” I fellowshipped quite a while, but she did not have any reaction and her state even seemed to be lowering. Then I began to despise her a little in my heart, thinking that she was too lacking in will and was rather difficult to deal with.

During the noon break, in Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, I read this passage of God’s word: “Actually, there are some abnormal states within everyone; and according to people’s different environments and backgrounds, the things that come out of their natures are also different. Although people’s natures are the same, yet because their environments and backgrounds are different, or because the works they undertake and the positions they occupy are different, the states they present are also different. Nevertheless, the essentials of their natures are the same. He presents that state when encountering that circumstance, while you present this state when encountering this circumstance; one falls in this matter, while another falls in that matter; one becomes passive in this matter, while another becomes weak in that matter. …

God’s words enlightened my heart all at once. Yes, we, who have been corrupted by satan, all resist and rebel against God by nature. But, because our living backgrounds are different and our weak points and fatal spots are different, and besides, the environments we are in are different and the duties we perform are different, the states we present are also different. Nevertheless, the essentials of our natures are the same. When the environment around us touches our weak points, our reactions and expressions are all things of resisting and rebelling against God. Today, the sister is in weakness and distress because she cannot drop her vanity and face. I, however, did not sustain her with love but measured and judged her by the environment I am in, thinking that she should not have become passive for that small thing. And I even considered her rather difficult to deal with and looked down on her. Was I not too arrogant and too ignorant of myself? As for myself, when my weak point was touched, wasn’t I as weak as her and even overwhelmed by passivity? Since we both are people deeply corrupted by satan, what qualifications do I have to despise her? In retrospect, the commanding and high-sounding tone and manner in which I fellowshipped with the sister, was really too ugly. As the man’s fellowship says: “People all have supercilious eyes and a self-right heart, so they love very much to view things and measure everything with their own ideas and never care to seek God’s will. This shows their arrogance and ignorance.”

Only then did I realize this: Although the weak points in people are different, yet what they express in refining is the same nature of resisting God, and their feeling of suffering in refining is also the same. So, in light of my state in refining, I fellowshipped with the sister about man’s nature of resisting and rebelling against God as well as the significance and value of suffering for pursuing the truth. Thank God for his leading. Through my fellowship, the sister not only turned her state around but also had the faith to cooperate.

Through this experience, I have realized that all people share the same nature of resisting and rebelling against God, but because their environments, weak points, and fatal spots are different, the sufferings they undergo are also different. I, however, always viewed and measured others according to my own situation and ideas, and despised them for their weaknesses. I was really too arrogant and ignorant!

In future, I will learn from this matter. Whoever I may contact or fellowship with, I will never regard or make demands of them according to my own ideas. I will measure and view everything according to God’s word. Even more, I will exert great effort to know my corrupt nature, so that I can truly know myself and can treat others properly.

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