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Classic Questions and Answers on the Gospel of the Kingdom (Selections)

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As the films that testify to God’s work of the last days are released one after another, they have brought a great impact on God’s chosen people, and they have also come as great shock to all denominations and sects. Now, many people are investigating through watching the films. Mankind is beginning to awaken in God’s word, and God’s word will lead the whole of mankind and will accomplish everything. It’s great proof that films of various kinds are effective ways to witness for God and God’s work. In order for God’s chosen people to understand the truth and enter into reality sooner, in order for more people to be capable of exalting and testifying to God, God’s family compiles A Selection of Typical Questions and Answers From Movie Scripts I, which can be taken as reference for all those who seek and look into the truth. This book extracts answers to some key questions about the truth from the films of God’s family. All these answers are the chosen people’s experience and knowledge of the truth in God’s word. In other words, all of them are the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit and are in complete accord with the truth. They are capable of helping all those who seek the truth and investigate the true way to solve their questions and conceptions. In addition, they are good reference materials for those chosen people, who want to equip themselves with the truth and testify to God’s work. However, though they are a great help to man’s pursuit and understanding of the truth, it does not mean that we have a full knowledge of the truth. Our experience of the truth, after all, is superficial and our knowledge limited. Man is forever an infant before the truth. Despite the fact that our knowledge of the truth is compatible with the truth, it cannot be said that our knowledge is the truth, much less can it stand as equal with God’s word. Hope that God’s chosen people have a proper attitude toward it.

Next:Question 1: The last few years we’ve felt a growing desolation in our church. We’ve lost the faith and love we had at the start, and become weaker and more negative. Even we preachers sometimes feel darkened, and don’t know what to talk about. We feel like we’ve lost the work of the Holy Spirit. We’ve also looked everywhere for a church with the Holy Spirit’s work, but every church we see is as desolate as our own. Why are all sects and denominations suffering famine?

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