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My Craftiness Was Exposed by God


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My Craftiness Was Exposed by God

God’s word says, “Anyone can use his words and acts to represent his original image. This original image, of course, is man’s nature. If you are a person who is very crooked in speaking, your nature is crooked; if your nature is very crafty, you will do things very smoothly and cause others to be very easily duped and deceived….” When I ate and drank this passage of God’s word, I always related it to others but not to myself. I thought that God directed his words at others, because I had never done anything crafty. But eventually, in the presence of the fact, I was put to shame.

Once, the brothers and sisters would come to my home to have a meeting. I knew that an elderly sister had eggs in her home, so I wanted to ask her for some. But I felt embarrassed to say so. I thought to myself, “If I first talk with her about giving, offering, and preparing good deeds, and then tell her that the brothers and sisters are coming to my home for a meeting tomorrow and I want her to come and help me cook the meal, won’t she bring eggs here when she comes? In this way, I not only can get the eggs without asking for them to her face, but can also show my faithfulness to God before the brothers and sisters. Won’t I get a double advantage?” So, I called the elderly sister to my home and had a fellowship with her. The next day, as expected, she came with eggs. I was glad secretly but said hypocritically, “I just asked you to come and help me cook the meal. Hosting is my duty. Why bring eggs with you? …” After the meal, however, I could not feel at ease, being constantly rebuked and accused within. Then, God’s words rang in my ears: “if your nature is very crafty, you will do things very smoothly and cause others to be very easily duped and deceived.” God’s words made me feel ashamed and guilty. Wasn’t my doing a display of craftiness? In order to get a few eggs, I played tricks and caused the elderly sister to be deceived, and yet I felt glad secretly. I was really too base. Today, the disclosing of God’s words and the revealing of the fact made me truly realize that every word by which God discloses man is directed not at a certain person or a certain kind of people but at all mankind, and it deals with the problems existing in every one of us corrupt people in varying degrees.

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