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My Deceit Could Not Escape God’s Searching


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My Deceit Could Not Escape God’s Searching

In November 2005, from above there came a work arrangement, which required that those who were possessed by evil spirits and those who often had the working of evil spirits be cleared away from the churches. However, I was swayed by personal considerations and let a person who was evidently possessed by evil spirits slip through the net, and I even covered up the true fact to deceive the brothers and sisters on many occasions. Nevertheless, how could all this escape God’s searching? Finally, God exposed my evil deeds to the light.

Let me tell the whole story: This person possessed by evil spirits was brought in by my former denomination leader. I was afraid that to clear away this person would make her feel a loss of face and she would think ill of me, so I did not do that. Although at that time the Holy Spirit rebuked me within time and again, I paid no heed to it. Instead, I was meditating the precautions and countermeasures. I thought, “I’m the church leader. As long as I do not report the case of this person to the leaders above me, they won’t know it. If the brothers and sisters bring it up, I can fob them off with any excuse.” Afterward, whenever the brothers and sisters mentioned that this person should be cleared away, I covered up for her by saying that she was not possessed by evil spirits, or she did not meet the condition for being cleared away, or something else. Even on several occasions when I could hardly conceal the truth, I still tried to justify myself, saying that her home was suitable for doing hosting and we’d better observe her for some time.

Once, I went to the home of this person for some business. When I just arrived at the door, I heard her speaking loudly inside. I thought that she was talking to somebody. But when I entered, I found that she was speaking to herself and that for quite a while. At that moment, a thought flashed through my mind: She is a typical person to be cleared away; today God lets me see this simply to remind and warn me. But then I thought, “If I really clear her away, what will my former leader think of me? Will she say I do not give face to her? …” A series of misgivings caused me to shelve this matter once again.

One day, a month later, while I was having a meeting with several brothers and sisters in this person’s home, she said absurdly in our presence that her niece was God. Confronted with God’s another exposing, I felt ashamed and was put to silence. Then God’s words of judgment came to me: “You can deceive man, but cannot deceive me. I have seen everything clearly. You still try to cover up; that is impossible. Everything is in my hand. Do not think that you are clever and make nice calculations. I tell you, you calculate and recalculate, but in the end you cannot escape from my hand. All things are in my hand, much more a man!” God’s words made me feel as if waking from a dream and see my foolishness and blindness. I believed in God but did not know God’s almightiness and wisdom, and did not know God’s searching everything. I thought that as I am the church leader, if I did not report the case of this person, the leaders above me would not know it, and that even if the brothers and sisters reported it, I could fob them off. Little did I know that God searches everything in secret. Although I practiced deception time and again and succeeded in deceiving the brothers and sisters, how could it escape God’s eyes? Now, God exposed the true fact in public, causing me to see my selfish and sordid ugly conduct of cheating the leaders and deluding the brothers and sisters, and see that I did not have any fear of God. God’s family expels and clears away those possessed by evil spirits in order to prevent these servants of satan from frustrating the working of the Holy Spirit and disturbing and demolishing the work of God’s family, and to keep the church life from being disturbed and the brothers and sisters from being deceived. However, I, a church leader, hardened my neck and did not carry out the work arrangement and did not safeguard the work of God’s family. For the sake of preserving my own interests, I disobeyed God’s inspiration and guidance time and again, covered up the true fact deliberately, tried to shield satan, and cheated God’s family and the brothers and sisters against my conscience. Even after God exposed this person as one possessed by evil spirits, I still let her stay in the church until she thoroughly revealed her evil and ugly self. Am I not a wicked servant who seriously frustrates God’s work? Am I not a person of the devil who goes along with satan in its evil deeds? I am really unpardonably sinful and deserve to be cursed!

Thank God for his timely exposing. It has stopped my footsteps of doing evil, and it has made me realize my substance of deceiving God, see that God searches everything, and at the same time see that God’s work is upheld by God Godself and no one can frustrate it. No matter how one deceives God and no matter how clever his means of deceiving God is, his schemes will never succeed, and God will expose his evil deeds at a proper time, causing him who thinks himself clever to feel ashamed of himself. God is really so wise and almighty! From now on, I will sincerely mend my ways, spend a great effort on the truth concerning knowing myself and knowing God. Even more, I will have a heart of fearing God, accept God’s searching at all times, pursue to be an honest person, perform my duty properly, and never again do anything that deceives God and offends God’s nature.

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