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My Imaginations and Notions Harmed Others and Myself


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My Imaginations and Notions Harmed Others and Myself

In the past, in preaching the gospel I spoke and acted completely according to my own imaginations and notions, and I gave up many gospel clues after taking a look at them. In consequence, I achieved no results for quite a long time.

One day, after learning about my state, the leader fellowshipped with me, “We can’t preach the gospel according to our own notions and imaginations, and judge that this person is too poor and can’t keep up even if we preach to him and that person is too absurd and will be eliminated even if we bring him over…. The work arrangement says: ‘Because the whole mankind has been corrupted too deeply, few people come up to the standard in humanity. So long as one is not too vicious, too bad, or too evil and he truly believes in his heart that the Almighty God is the incarnated God, we should admit him to the church.’ If we don’t preach the gospel according to the work arrangement but look at people with our own satanic viewpoints and act according to our notions and thinking, then we are too arrogant and self-right and our actions resist God. …” Then, the leader read together with me the work arrangement: “So long as he is a person who truly believes in God, even if there is a ray of hope and a little margin for him to be saved, we should admit him to the church and must not shut him out. In fact, when anyone first believes in God, he has no true faith and he merely acknowledges God in his heart and is willing to accept God. It is after he has believed one year or so that he has true faith because of understanding some truths. To tell the truth, if people are measured by their initial faith, no one measures up. We ourselves have also experienced thus; why be so hard on others? It is unfair to treat them this way.” Comparing my actions with the work arrangement, I found that I had all along preached the gospel against the work arrangement. I did not measure people according to the principles in the work arrangement, but looked at them from my satanic viewpoints, thinking this person not proper and that person not good. That was why I had not achieved any results in preaching the gospel. At this thought, I felt afraid. I came quickly before God and prayed, “O God, in the past I never preached the gospel according to your requirements but always did it according to my own ideas. I was really a person resisting you. O God, I am willing to drop my imaginations and notions and practice according to your requirements. May you have mercy on me and lead me out of my imaginations and notions.”

When I corrected my viewpoint and went again to preach the gospel to the brothers and sisters in various denominations, I did not as before dislike them and feel fidgety. When I met the gospel friends, I had words to speak and got along well with them. I achieved results, which I had never achieved before. This made me realize more clearly that I achieved no results before not because the other party were not good or were not the objects of God’s salvation, but because I was by nature too arrogant and self-right and I did not work according to the requirements in the work arrangement but made judgments arbitrarily only according to my own imaginations and notions, thereby hindering God’s will from being carried out. What shamed me more was a sister I brought over. In my eyes, she did not amount to much; but unexpectedly, soon after she accepted the gospel, she brought two people over in cooperation with me; and moreover, three months later, she joined a second-line team. It is truly that “the more imaginations one has, the more failures and the more shame he suffers.”

Through this experience, I have deeply realized that my imaginations and notions really do harm to both others and myself. Actually, it is not difficult to preach the gospel. The trouble is that I myself have too many imaginations and notions and am too difficult to deal with.

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