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My Viewpoint Was Full of the Poison of the Great Red Dragon


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My Viewpoint Was Full of the Poison of the Great Red Dragon

Once, the leading sister asked me to find some brothers and sisters in the church who were able to do physical work to form a farm-work-helping team, for the purpose of solving the family worries of the brothers and sisters who performed duties away from their homes all the year round. When I heard that, a thought popped into my mind: Do physical work? Isn’t that belittling? Who of the brothers and sisters would be willing to do such work? As I had such a thought, I delayed carrying out this task for long.

One day, in the man’s fellowship attached to Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, I read these words: “In the church life, there is also the duty in the moral aspect. Believers in God should lay more stress on morality and justice. Those who do not have any good deeds are not human beings. Only those who practice righteousness are the righteous ones. Their practicing righteousness is different from the pagans’ doing good. They do things not for others to praise them or for acquiring a good reputation. To practice righteousness, one must have the truth and have principles. To practice righteousness is man’s duty and responsibility, and it is an expression of having the normal humanity and an expression that brothers and sisters love one another. When seeing anyone in difficulty, we should help him, giving material things to him if he needs material things, and working for him if he needs us to work for him. Especially as for those who preach the gospel away from their homes all the year round, we should even more take good care of their homes, so that they can expend themselves for God without any worries behind. This is a duty everyone should perform.”

After reading this passage, I came to understand that God’s family is different from society, and with the duties in God’s family, there is no distinction of being high or low, great or small. The moral help among brothers and sisters is also a duty we should perform; it represents the living out of the normal humanity that brothers and sisters love one another; it is completely in accordance with the truth and is something remembered by God. However, I did not understand God’s will at all, and I even viewed the matter in a worldly perspective, thinking that to do physical work would be despised. Such a viewpoint of mine was really too absurd! Because I had such an absurd viewpoint, I delayed carrying out the arrangement of God’s family for such a long time. I was really too arrogant and too devoid of sense! Such a nature of mine was too loathsome to God!

When I fellowshipped with some brothers and sisters, unexpectedly, they were all willing to perform this duty. And they each said, “I’m not able to perform any other duty. I can do something to solve the family worries of those brothers and sisters, so they can expend themselves for God contentedly; this is a good opportunity God gives me to prepare good deeds and it is God’s grace for me.” When I heard this, I felt too ashamed to show my face. Meanwhile, I felt scared at the thought that I, because of my absurdness, had nearly deprived the brothers and sisters of their opportunity to prepare good deeds, and thus become a person resisting God.

O God, thank you for your inspiration. I have realized that my viewpoint on things is too absurd; it is full of the poison of the great red dragon, and is not in harmony with you at all. From now on, I will seek the truth and seek your will in everything, and no longer live by the satanic philosophy and viewpoint. I will do my best to pursue the transformation of my nature, and be a person after your heart to comfort your heart.

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