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Chapter 111. How to Discern the Nature and Substance of Paul

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Chapter 111. How to Discern the Nature and Substance of Paul


When it comes to the revelation of someone’s disposition, you can’t tell what their nature and substance are when they do either nothing or when they do something trivial. These are shown in what they regularly reveal, in the motives behind their actions, in the intents and desires behind what they do, and in the path they walk. Even more importantly, these things are shown in how they react when they encounter an environment arranged by God, when they encounter something personally done to them by God, when they are tried and refined, or are dealt with and pruned, or else when God personally illuminates and guides them. Such things reveal their nature and substance. What does all of this relate to? It relates to a person’s actions, the way they live, and the principles by which they conduct themselves. It also relates to the direction and goals of their pursuit, and the means by which they pursue. In other words, it relates to the path this person walks during their life: how they live, what they live by, and what the basis of their existence is.


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