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Friendship Gathering Held by Christians of The Church of Almighty God Wins Widespread Acclaim


On December 19, 2017, Christians of The Church of Almighty God organized a distinctive friendship gathering and invited staff and volunteers from the Il giardino degli aromi organization, Zona 8 Solidale association and Naga organization as well as local human rights lawyers to attend, with approximately 60 people there. During the event, Christians of The Church of Almighty God not only showed video recordings and photos taken as mementos of them participating in a variety of human rights events, religious events and charity events, but also performed wonderful songs and dance performances for the participants. Their sincerity and faith won praise from the distinguished guests and attracted attention and praise from local people and some organizations. This event raised awareness among participants about The Church of Almighty God and enhanced friendships between them.

Reported by correspondent Zhang Min

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