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586 There Is Simply No Place for God in Man’s Heart

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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586 There Is Simply No Place for God in Man’s Heart

1 Humanity imagines Me to be the omniscient God Himself who accedes to all supplications. Most, therefore, come before Me only to seek God’s help, not because of any desire to know Me. When in the throes of illness, people urgently plead for My aid. In times of adversity, they confide their difficulties to Me with all their might, the better to shed their suffering. However, not a single human being has been able to also love Me whilst in a state of comfort; not a single person has reached out in times of peace and happiness, that I might partake of his or her joy. When their little families are happy and well, humans have already cast Me aside or shut the door on Me, prohibiting Me from entering and thus enjoying their families’ blessed happiness.

2 The human mind is too narrow; it is too narrow even to hold a God as loving, merciful, and approachable as I. So many times have I been rejected by humans in their times of joyous laughter; so many times I have been leaned upon as a crutch by humans as they stumbled; so many times I have been forced into the role of doctor by people who were suffering from illness. How cruel humans are! They are utterly unreasonable and immoral. Not even these feelings with which humans are supposedly equipped can be perceived in them; they are almost completely devoid of any trace of humanity. Ponder the past, and compare it to the present: Are any changes taking place within you? Have you done away with some of the things from your past? Or has that past yet to be replaced?

Adapted from “Chapter 14” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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