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589 People Do Not Know How Lowly They Are

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589 People Do Not Know How Lowly They Are

1 In the minds of mankind, God is not a boon to them, but One who always curses them; therefore, mankind does not pay heed to Him, they do not welcome Him, they always are cold toward Him, and this has never changed. Because mankind has these things in their heart, God says mankind is unreasonable and immoral, and that not even the feelings that humans are supposedly equipped with can be perceived in them. Mankind does not show any consideration for God’s feelings, but uses so-called “righteousness” to deal with God.

2 Mankind has been like this for many years and for this reason God has said their disposition has not changed. It may be said that humans are worthless wretches because they do not treasure themselves. If they don’t even love themselves, but trample on themselves, doesn’t this show they are worthless? Mankind is like an immoral woman who plays games with herself and who gives herself willingly to others to be violated. But even so, they still do not know how lowly they are. They find pleasure in working for others, or in talking with others, putting themselves under the control of others; is this not truly the filthiness of mankind?

3 Because mankind does not know themselves, their greatest flaw is to willingly parade their charms before others, parading their ugly countenance; this is something God detests most. Because relations between people are abnormal, and there are no normal interpersonal relationships between people, much less do they have a normal relationship with God. God has said so much, and in so doing His main objective is to occupy a place in the hearts of mankind, to make people get rid of all the idols in their hearts, so that God can wield power over all mankind and achieve His purpose of being on earth.

Adapted from “Chapter 14” of Interpretations of the Mysteries

of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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