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455 Obey God’s Present Words to Have the Holy Spirit’s Work

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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455 Obey God’s Present Words to Have the Holy Spirit’s Work

1 The work done by God differs from period to period. If you show great obedience in one phase, yet in the next phase show less or none at all, then God shall desert you. If you keep pace with God as He ascends this step, then you must continue to keep pace when He ascends the next. Only then are you one who is obedient to the Holy Spirit. Since you believe in God, you must remain constant in your obedience. You cannot simply obey when you please and disobey when you do not. This kind of obedience does not meet with God’s approval. If you cannot keep pace with the new work God fellowships and continue to hold on to the former sayings, then how can there be progress in your life?

2 God’s work is to supply you through His words. When you obey and accept His words, then the Holy Spirit shall surely work in you. The Holy Spirit works exactly in the way God speaks. Do as He has said, and the Holy Spirit will promptly work in you. God releases a new light for you to see and brings you into the light of the present time. When you walk into this light, the Holy Spirit will immediately work in you. There are some who may be recalcitrant, saying, “I simply will not carry out what You say.” Then God tells you that you have now come to the end of the road, you are dried up, and have no more life. Therefore, in experiencing the transformation of your disposition, it is most crucial to keep pace with the present light.

Adapted from “Those Who Obey God With a True Heart

Shall Surely Be Gained by God”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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