One Cannot Be Perfected by Seeking to See Signs

At the beginning of 2003, God’s family assigned me to edit the cases of signs and wonders. When I read the materials about various dreams and visions sent from different places, I felt that God was so gracious to me that he let me see from them so many wonderful deeds of God. I was really greatly honored. But in this matter, God also exposed me.

After editing for a time, I began to pay attention to dreams and visions. I looked up at the sun in the daytime, and at the sky and the moon at night. Sometimes, when I saw a bird, I pricked up my ears and listened, to find out if it was speaking to me. When I woke up in the morning, I hurriedly searched my memory as to whether I had a dream during the night. Gradually, I paid no more attention to God’s word and fell into a wrong state. I performed my duty in a perfunctory and slipshod way and the materials I edited were full of holes. I even complained: God, why did you let other brothers and sisters see signs and wonders but not let me see? O God, please perform some for me to see!

One day, I opened the book of God’s word, and I read these words: “If you always expect to see signs and wonders when believing in God, this means that your viewpoint of believing in God is not right. … So, you should not always set your heart on signs and wonders but should pursue to be perfected by God. … God does not perfect people by signs and wonders but waters and shepherds people by his word, so that they will obey completely and know God. … God does not perfect people by means of performing signs and wonders but by his word….” Thank God that he inspired me, causing me to feel as if waking from a dream. I hated myself for not knowing God while believing in God. What God does today is the work of word, and he uses his word to judge man, perfect man, and save man. Only in the word of God can one know God’s work, understand God’s intention, and know God’s nature. However, I sought to see signs to satisfy my curiosity and my fleshly extravagant desires. I was really a person who does not love the truth. If God had not worked this way to expose me, I would never have realized that my viewpoint of believing in God was incorrect and what I paid attention to was something other than life. I was muddled all day long, and did not seek the truth or pursue to perform my duty properly to satisfy God. I have wasted my precious time. I really feel regretful for my foolishness and ignorance. O God, thank you for your inspiration and guidance, which has corrected my wrong viewpoint of pursuit. From now on, I will spend time and effort on your word, and pursue to know you and know myself, so as to be perfected by you.

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