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Only by Pursuing the Truth Can One Speak Accurately


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Only by Pursuing the Truth Can One Speak Accurately

Whenever I read God’s words that require us to be an honest person and speak accurately, I thought, “It’s no problem speaking accurately. Isn’t it simply calling a spade a spade, speaking and reporting things truthfully? Isn’t it easy? When I was in the world, I loathed most those who spoke with embellishments.” So, I was very confident, thinking that I could easily make it in this regard. But in God’s exposing, I deeply realized that without entering into the truth and gaining transformation in his nature, one can never speak accurately.

Once, when I saw that XX showed little concern and care for others’ flesh, I said that he had no love. But afterward, through fellowship I came to understand that the true mutual love mainly lay in mutual sustaining and help in life entering. Another time, when I saw that XX spent a little more money of God’s family in performing his duty, I said that he was by nature too greedy. But later, I came to know that one’s displaying somewhat of a kind of corrupt nature did not mean that he was of that kind of nature. Still another time, our leader inquired of me about a sister. Because I had prejudices against the sister, though I knew then that I should report problems objectively and truthfully, I could not help exaggerating some of her expressed corruptions but said nothing about her strong points. When there were deviations or holes in my work, in order to preserve my face and position, I always reported them to the leader indirectly, trying to cover up the true facts. …

In the face of these states, I felt very puzzled: I’m willing to speak truthfully and accurately, but why do my words always fail to be objective and accurate? With this question, I came before God to pray and seek. Later, in the man’s fellowship I read these words: “Why are men’s words all inaccurate? There are three main reasons. The first reason is men’s absurdness. Their viewpoint of looking at things is wrong, so they speak inaccurately. The second reason is that men are too poor in quality, handle things in a careless way, make no practical investigations, and love to believe hearsay, thereby adding many things. Another reason is that men have a bad nature and speak with mixture of their personal intents. In order to achieve their own ends, they make up lies to cheat others and deliberately distort the facts to deceive others. This state is man-made. Men have to solve it through pursuing the truth and knowing their nature.”

After reading this passage, I was suddenly enlightened. To speak accurately is not as easy as I have thought. Many factors can cause man to speak inaccurately, such as his erroneous viewpoints on things, having no truth, having no reality, being corrupt in nature, etc. Then I examined myself: When seeing someone’s outward actions were not to my liking, I judged at will that he had no love. When seeing someone displayed somewhat of a corrupt nature, I concluded that he was that kind of person. Because I had prejudices against someone, when I reported her conditions I overstated and embellished the facts. In performing my duty, I cheated the leader and deceived God for my own interests. … Were these states and manifestations not caused because I had no entering in the truth and my viewpoints on things were erroneous and my nature was not transformed? Now I have seen that only if one understands and enters into the truth and gains transformation in his nature can he report the objective facts accurately and treat fairly and justly everything that comes upon him. If one does not have the truth and cannot see clearly the substance of matters, he cannot speak accurately; if one lives in the corrupt flesh, has no transformation of his nature, and has his own intents and purposes in doing things, then it is even more impossible for him to speak accurately.

O God, thank you for your inspiration and guidance. I have realized that the viewpoint I held was really too childish and ridiculous that I could speak accurately by my naturalness and my willpower. I boasted so arrogantly and ignorantly, which shows that I did not know at all how deeply I have been corrupted by satan. From now on, I will put more effort into pursuing the truth, do my best to pursue the transformation in my nature, and exercise to look at people and things according to your word, so that I can soon become an honest person who speaks accurately and does things conscientiously.

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