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Only When One Has Discerned the Substance of a Problem Can He Truly Solve It


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Only When One Has Discerned the Substance of a Problem Can He Truly Solve It

One day, I came to a host home. The sister of the host home told me that she had always been restrained by money during that period. Seeing that her relatives and friends who did not believe in God had made much money from their business in other places, she also wanted to go to earn money. After hearing her words, I thought: Your family isn’t short of money at all, and your living conditions are much better than ordinary families. How come you still feel restrained by money? So, I talked with her about how some poor brothers and sisters performed their duties and how they expended themselves for God, to intend her to compare herself with the poor brothers and sisters so that she would not be passive anymore.

Some time later, when I went to her home again she once more mentioned to me the matter of being restrained by money. She was so passive that she couldn’t go out of it. I was annoyed by this and had some critical views of her, thinking: I’ve fellowshipped with you about this aspect many times; how come you still can’t turn around? You’re really too troublesome! So, I only said a few casual words to her and then went to my room to read God’s word.

Sitting in my room, I could not quiet my heart anyhow, with the matter lingering in my mind. Then I opened Christ’s Talks with Some Church Workers, and I read these words in the man’s fellowship attached: “Those who do not have the truth cannot possibly discern the substance of a problem, nor do they know what truth should be used to resolve this problem. They can only use regulations, human methods, or human viewpoints to deal with the problem and cannot supply others with life. … Those who truly have the truth can handle whatever problem in a very simple way. They first make clear the substance of the problem and then fellowship about the relevant truths, and thus solve the problem easily. In the end, they bring the people to God. Both God and men are satisfied. The process of settling a problem is a process of fellowshipping about the truth, and also a process of supplying life….”

After reading this passage of fellowship, I realized that I was using my own imaginations and human methods to solve the sister’s problem. When she became passive because of being restrained by money, I thought that since she was already rich she should not be restrained by money. I did not see that people deeply corrupted by satan all hanker after their flesh, money and wealth, fame and gain. No matter whether they are rich or poor, the substance of their nature is the same. Before understanding the truth, they are all, without exception, bustling and rushing about for these things. But I thought that just by comparing with the poor brothers and sisters, the sister would drop the matter of money, and I didn’t supply her with any truths. As a result, she could not see clearly the substance and the consequence of hankering after money or understand the intention of God. So how could I help her come out of her passive state? Only then did I see my arrogance and ignorance and my pitiable state of having no truth.

Then, I found some relevant words of God to eat and drink and fellowship together with the sister. We came to realize that satan fools man just through money. If we keep on hankering after fleshly things like money, we will only distance ourselves from God and become satan’s playthings. Today, God is to save us from being afflicted by satan so that we can pursue the truth and live out a meaningful life…. Through the fellowship, I was much clearer about the truths of that aspect, and the sister also gained some knowledge of satan’s schemes and understood God’s eager intention to save man. Gradually, her state turned some better.

Through this experience, I have deeply realized this: Only when one has discerned the substance of a problem and solved it with the truth can he truly remove others’ difficulties, help others in their life, and bring benefits to others. If he cannot see through the substance of a problem and uses man’s regulations and methods to settle it, he will only bring harm to others as well as to himself. Thank God for his inspiration and guidance! From now on, I will try to seek the truth and God’s intention in everything I encounter, and learn to solve problems with the truth soon.

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