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606 People Don’t Give Their Hearts Unto God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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606 People Don’t Give Their Hearts Unto God

1 I stand over the universe day after day, observing, and I humbly hide Myself in My dwelling place to experience human life, closely studying man’s every deed. No one has ever truly offered up himself to Me. No one has ever pursued the truth. No one has ever been conscientious for Me. No one has ever made resolutions before Me and kept to his duty. No one has ever allowed Me to dwell in him. No one has valued Me as he would his own life. No one has ever seen in practical reality the whole being of My divinity. No one has ever been willing to be in contact with the practical God Himself.

2 Because in his defilement man is unfit to look upon My glory, for thousands of years I have never come into the open, but have remained hidden; for this reason My glory has never been manifest before mankind, and man has always been sunk in sin’s deep abyss. I have forgiven the unrighteousness of humanity, but human beings know not how to preserve themselves, and are instead always laying themselves open to sin, allowing sin to injure them. Is this not man’s lack of self-respect and self-love? In humanity’s midst, is there one who can truly love? How many ounces can man’s devotion weigh? Aren’t there adulterated goods mixed into his so-called authenticity? Isn’t his devotion compounded wholly of a mish-mash? What I require is man’s undivided love. Man does not know Me, and though he may seek to know Me, he will not give Me his true and earnest heart.

Adapted from “Chapter 19” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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