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603 People Pay No Heed to the Existence of God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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603 People Pay No Heed to the Existence of God

1 Each day I look upon the face of the universe, and each day I do My new work among man. Yet people are all “working selflessly,” and no one pays attention to the dynamics of My work or takes notice of the state of things beyond themselves. It is as if people live in a new heaven and a new earth of their own making, and don’t want anyone else to interfere. They’re all engaged in the work of enjoying themselves, are all admiring themselves as they do their “physical exercises.” Is there really none of My place in man’s heart? Am I really incapable of being the Ruler of man’s heart? Has man’s spirit really left him? Who has ever carefully pondered the words from My mouth? Who has ever perceived the desire of My heart? Has man’s heart really been taken over by some other thing? Many are the times that I have cried out to man, yet has anyone ever felt compassion?

2 So many times have I been disappointed by man, so many times have I become enraged by his poor performance, and so many times have I been aggrieved by his weakness. Why do I not arouse the spiritual feeling in man’s heart? Why do I not inspire love in man’s heart? Why is man unwilling to treat Me as the apple of his eye? Is man’s heart not his own? Has some other thing taken up residence in his spirit? Why does man wail without cease? Why is he miserable? Why, when he is sorrowful, does he ignore My existence? Do I stab him? Have I deliberately abandoned him?

Adapted from “Chapter 25” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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