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18. People Who Believe in God but Cannot Submit to God Will Be Eliminated

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18. People Who Believe in God but Cannot Submit to God Will Be Eliminated

There are currently some people in the church who don’t have a good disposition. They do not submit at all, do not care about God’s will and have even less consideration for the work of God’s family. Are these people still able to do their duty? There is no way that they can do their duty and God’s family will not use this kind of people. What kind of people are these people who do not submit? Do they belong to God or do they belong to Satan? These people do not listen to the words spoken by the leaders and workers even though they are right; they do not submit and will be eliminated. So, what is the essence of this problem of disobedience? It is that these people are unable to submit to the truth. They are not able to accept what others say although it is right and is in line with the truth. This kind of people belong to Satan and cannot be saved. If people do not diligently pursue the truth and learn to submit, then they will definitely be eliminated. You will see that when some people are dealt with, they do not say: “I submit to the arrangements of God’s family. I will accept however God’s family deals with me and obey.” They do not have this mentality or way of thinking. What is in their hearts? They argue: “I will not submit when you deal with me. If you deal with me, I will condemn you, I will judge you.” What do some people say when they are dealt with? “This is retaliation!” They say it is “retaliation.” How do others react when they are dealt with? “It is not right to deal with me in this way. You are judging me, attacking me, I will not accept it!” Some people say: “You are dealing with me and you are a person. This is not God dealing with me. I would accept it if God was dealing with me but I do not accept a person dealing with me.” There are even some people who, when they are dealt with, say: “You have ulterior motives. You have another intention, another purpose.” In summary, people will give all kinds of excuses when refusing to be dealt with and revolt. What is wrong with this? If these kinds of people do not engage in self-reflection, they will not be allowed to do their duty. People must learn how to submit in order to do their duty!

There are people who say “Should I accept and submit to any kind of pruning and dealing in any way regardless of whether it is right or wrong? Must I accept and submit no matter who is dealing with me and how they deal with me?” How do you regard this? Firstly, what will be your attitude if God deals with you? Undoubtedly, you should wholeheartedly submit. What if I deal with you? Will you argue? Will you see whether I am right or wrong? There is no right or wrong. You must submit. This is an executive order, is it not? How will you react if a leader or a worker deals with you? Some people say that they would first accept it and then seek the truth. This is well said. This is in line with the principles of the truth. Submit first and then seek the truth. If, later, after you have sought the truth, you determine that he has done the wrong thing and it is of no benefit to the work of God’s family, or if you determine that he is a false leader or that what he has done does not conform to the principles of the work arrangements, then you can resolve it by communicating the truth with him. Doing this is in accordance with the principles of the truth. Some people say, “Do I have to resolve it by communicating the truth to him afterward? Why shouldn’t I resolve it as soon as I see that something is not right?” How do we explain this? This is a practical lesson. There are also people who say “What should I do if I can see that he is a false leader or an antichrist and that he is interrupting or disturbing the work of God’s family and, under these circumstances, he criticizes me and deals with me?” Are you able to clearly explain what is to be done in this situation? When he deals with you, should you debate with him or argue with him as he speaks to you? If you determine that he is a false leader or an antichrist and what he does is not in line with the principles of the truth, first calm yourself, do not make a sound, let him finish what he is saying. Do not refuse at that time. If he deals with you, do not resist at first, but when he has finished dealing with you, take a stand. Say “I have a view about this, I have an opinion. Can we talk about it?” Do not contradict him at that time, do not talk back at that moment even if what he says is incorrect. Are you able to accept these words? “If what he says is incorrect do not contradict him at that time, do not argue with him.” What do these words mean? What does it mean to do this? Why should you not argue? Is there not a common saying among unbelievers “Arguing will not solve the problem”? This is also applicable here. Calm yourself first and think it over: This person is an antichrist, a false leader; what goal is he trying to achieve by doing this? What will be the consequences of doing this? These kinds of questions must be thought calmly about. After thinking about them, you must then query him, pose a question: “Do you think that what you have said is in line with the work arrangements? I don’t think I remember this being in the work arrangements. Furthermore, when you do this and say these words, is it based on the word of God? Have you sought God’s intentions through prayer? I cannot understand your decision and way of doing this thing.” This can only be said to those people who can be distinguished and are known to be false leaders or antichrists. You cannot speak this way to all leaders and workers who deal with you. If you are not familiar with any of your leaders and workers and you are of small stature and do not know anything clearly and yet you speak to everyone this way, is this submitting? No, it is not. When you have seen clearly there is no truth or principles in what this false leader or antichrist does and speaks, you can query and raise questions and see what he will say. If you question him in this way and he cannot say anything, then you have something to say: “If you cannot say what your basis is, I cannot accept this practice and what you are doing. I can only submit and accept if your actions are based on the word of God and also comply with the work arrangements.” If you raise two or three questions and, after he has answered, his words have revealed and proved completely that he is an antichrist and that his views are incorrect and violate the work arrangements, then you should expose him. Do not argue or cause trouble. Let him finish speaking and raise more questions, then expose him. Is it appropriate for God’s chosen people to use this principle to treat false leaders and antichrists? This is decency of the saints and a sign of godliness. Do not argue or cause trouble. This is of no use. If he wants to make noise, wait until he calms down and then talk to him. If he does not calm down, do not speak to him; this is appropriate.

There are currently several principles for testing the stature of God’s chosen people: 1. See if they can submit to the truth; 2. See how they treat the leaders and workers and if their treatment of the leaders and workers follows the principles; 3. See if they are able to love the real chosen people of God, those who sincerely believe in God and love the truth. These are the three principles. If they do not measure up to these three principles, then they definitely cannot be saved because this kind of people do not truly submit, they cannot even submit to the truth. I heard of an incident of this kind where a director said to an actor: “Your acting of this policeman of the great red dragon is no good, your acting must be more lifelike, more real.” How did the actor reply? “You want me to act like this evil policeman. Am I that evil? I am not a bad person and yet you want me to play a negative character, an evil policeman!” What do you think of this response? He did not submit. He was not willing to play a negative character, believing that he was being humiliated, as if God’s family or the director has already convicted whoever was arranged to play the role of the negative character. He was probably thinking that, as a negative character, he would not be able to receive salvation. Is this way of thinking correct? If so, then what about many other actors who play negative characters? How could they not have such an idea? Other people are able to submit to the arrangements of the family of God, submit to arrangements of the directors or the leaders and act whichever role they are told to act. No matter what role they are playing they are conscientious about it and act the role well. What attitude do other people have toward their duty? They act whatever they are asked to act, they do not exercise their own choice. Some people can’t do this. They are not willing to play the policeman. If you ask them to bring out the true appearance of the policeman when they act, they will say: “Am I that evil?” Do this kind of people submit? No, they do not. You cannot ask this kind of people to be actors, they cannot do this duty and must be eliminated.

I have been communicating the truth for such a long time but some people still do not practice the truth and act recklessly. In fact, when some people speak some words, I am disgusted by them. As soon as I fellowship and reveal what is happening in some church, some leaders and workers will investigate it: “Who reported this? Who has betrayed us?” What do you think when you hear these words? They think that there is a traitor in their midst who is reporting what they did and the actual situation in the church to the above. They are very angry about this traitor and are constantly investigating to find out who it is. After they expose the traitor, they will immediately not let him attend the meetings. Who has done this? Can you reveal them? Those who reveal them are people who care about the will of God, stand by God’s side and have loyalty and reverence for God; those who do not reveal them and try to cover this up are people who are from the camp that belongs to Satan, the gang of the antichrists. Do you dare to reveal them? Who has said these words? “Who has betrayed us? Who is the informer? Who has spoken to the above?” He can say words like this. Tell me, what is the problem with saying this? Is this not treating me like the enemy? If he treats me like an enemy and guards against me, then how is he treating God? Is he not guarding against God? I am sent by God. If you guard against me and resist me, are you not guarding against God and resisting God? You acknowledge this, so reveal the truth: Who has done this, who has said these words? Do you think that you can say those words and get away with it? You will be exposed sooner or later! If I seize this kind of person, I will sort him out. This is a person who is walking the path of the antichrist. Luckily, he is not powerful. If his power was greater, he would set up an independent kingdom. There are some signs at present that an independent kingdom will be set up. If he can say these words, is this kind of voice not the voice of an antichrist? If he has not done any great evil, he cannot be condemned as the antichrist but this person’s disposition is that of an antichrist. He is on his way to becoming an antichrist, he is a person who is walking the path of the antichrists. He says, “Who said this? Who reported it to the above?” This puts the above in opposition to him, which means when he does something, he says “Nobody is allowed to report it to God’s family. We will do what we want to do, and no one is allowed to tell the above or God about it. No one is allowed to give information against us.” When I hear these words, I think it sounds a little like an antichrist. It is like they are forming a gang. Is there a gang? If there really is a gang, it should be immediately broken up and the members should be sent home. God’s family has watered them for such a long time and yet they are on their guard against me. They oppose me, and whenever they do something, they do not let God’s family lead them, they do not let God’s family interfere with it. What kind of disposition is this? Is this not resisting God?

The voice of an antichrist was in a church last year. He would not let the things God’s chosen people had offered to God be presented to God. He said that these things were gifts for the church and not for God and later he enjoyed the use of them and allocated them himself. This was clearly an antichrist. Why do I say that he was an antichrist? Does this kind of person have a conscience and reason? He eats and drinks what belongs to God. He intercepts and steals the things which God’s chosen people give to God as offerings, takes control of them and enjoys the use of them himself. Is this not clearly and brazenly opposing God? Is this any different from Judas stealing and eating the Lord’s offerings? It is, in essence, the same as that. At that time, when I heard some people tell of the situation in this church, I had to fellowship about it. After I fellowshiped, some of the regional and district leaders went to look for them immediately. After they found them, they isolated them at once and would not allow them to come to the meetings. This happened several times. Now, I have heard the voice of this kind of antichrist again. “Who told this to the above? Who has spoken to the above?” They must find them. Do you think this kind of people are pursuing the truth? Are they truly submitting to God? Do they really belong to God or Satan? Are they truly of one heart with God?

Generally, if someone reports the matters of the church to the above, when the above speaks about it, the leader of the church should first declare his position to God, acknowledge his transgressions, repent his actions and feel that this is God’s love reaching him. He should first accept it and submit to God, this is crucial. Usually people with a conscience, reason and some normal humanity will first confess and repent, this is normal. However, this person did not confess and repent, he first tried to find out “who has revealed this secret, who has told our brother about this?” He first said this and he tried to find out who it was that had revealed the secret and seize them. He did not say “The above has known about this, oh, this is serious, we must immediately confess and repent.” It is like when the people of Nineveh heard Jonas preaching the word of God, the king was the first to repent in sackcloth and ashes. Although he was a heathen king, did he say “Who prayed to God, who has revealed the sins of the people in our country? Otherwise, how did God see it? We must draw them out.” Did the king of Nineveh say this? No, he did not say this and he did not do this. However, among the leaders and workers of the Church of Almighty God, there are people who say these words: “Who revealed the secret, who sold us out?” How do these people compare to the king of Nineveh? They are inferior even to a heathen king. They are ones who believe in God and yet they said these words. This is a serious problem. It is the voice of an antichrist! The gang of antichrists are here. They do bad things and do not let others tell God’s family about them. Do you think that a person like this has the reality of the truth? This is a serious problem. It is certainly not a small problem. If an ordinary brother or sister speaks a nonsense, we will not do anything in response, why? A small fish will not make waves, it will not impact the work of God. However, if a leader or worker can say these kinds of things, it can create big waves since he is not a small fish. He can destroy a part of the work of the church. Can a person who says these kinds of things still be a leader or worker? No, he cannot. Why is he not suitable to be a leader or worker? He has the nature of the antichrist, he walks the path of an antichrist. So far he has not done evil because he does not yet wield power.

What dangerous consequences will occur if an antichrist comes to wield power in the church? Firstly, he himself does not pursue the truth and he has no entry into life. He does not have the reality of truth at all. If he comes to lead the church, God’s chosen people will not progress at all with their entry into life. Secondly, if an antichrist wields power, he will choose the leaders who support him, praise him and absolutely submit to him. He will promote these kinds of people. These people who support and praise him are either antichrists or false leaders. They definitely do not pursue the truth at all. They will be a serious barrier to the entry of God’s chosen people into life. Thirdly, an antichrist does not have the reality of truth. Whoever sees clearly that he does not have the reality of truth, discovers that he is a false leader and is an antichrist, whoever sees that his nature and essence is not good, whoever is able to discern him, the antichrist will start to suppress, fix or expel these people. He will start to fix the good people. This will be terrible for those people who pursue the truth. They will inevitably suffer the fixing of the antichrist because they have the truth and submit to God to carry out the truth, they are able to discern him. They have seen through him and do not submit to him as his servant. So how would he not fix them? This is how good people will suffer. Fourthly, if an antichrist wields power in the church, the church will move further and further away from the family of God. It will even start to run counter to the family of God and finally become an independent kingdom. This kind of church will become a false church which does not have any work of the Holy Spirit at all. When God’s chosen people believe in God in a church which does not have the work of the Holy Spirit at all, they will inevitably be eliminated. They cannot gain anything in the end. Fifthly, an antichrist does not have the truth, he does not revere God. He definitely steals the offerings, he misuses, squanders and wastes the offerings. He causes great losses of the offerings which have been given to God. These are the five great sins of the antichrist. Before an antichrist wields power for long, within three to five years, these five sins will all clearly emerge. The first obvious sin will occur when an antichrist has been in power for a year, when church life will be paralyzed. After two years of power, there will be chaos in the church. In the third year, people will become passive and weak and will not want to continue to believe in God. The church will become desolate without the work of the Holy Spirit. Is this not what will happen? These are the serious consequences that an antichrist would bring. You see no one who is an antichrist will submit, so after three years of his leadership, the church will be in a terrible mess, it will be made foul, it will be a desolate ruin. Can you understand this? Is this not the truth? So the family of God has declared again and again that each antichrist must be expelled as they are discovered and each false leader must be replaced as they are exposed. In this way we can guarantee that life in the church will get better and that the entry of God’s chosen people into life will progress quickly. The expulsion of the antichrist and replacement of false leaders is crucial! Some people do not understand this, saying: “You must really hate antichrists? If you expel all the antichrists, will the life of God’s chosen people grow?” This is related, but we cannot say the life of God’s chosen people will immediately grow. Rather, the stumbling blocks and barriers to God’s chosen people pursuing the truth will be removed and they will be able to progress as normal. One year of faith will produce one year of progress and three years of faith will produce three years of progress. However, if an antichrist wields power it will become very difficult. Three years or perhaps five years of faith would only produce one year of growth and ten years of faith might even be completely in vain, producing no growth at all. These are the consequences of an antichrist wielding power. In religious circles there are antichrists who wield power. Pastors and elders there speak of doctrines and theory, their words are empty and have no relationship to the entry into life. Even if a person believes for one thousand or two thousand years in this kind of preaching, in this kind of watering and shepherding, it would be in vain, they would not be able to obtain life. So, God’s chosen people must all understand clearly the consequences of an antichrist wielding power. You all have a responsibility to expose, report and reveal antichrists. Anyone who discovers an antichrist or hears the voice of an antichrist in the church and deliberately protects them is a follower and servant of Satan, they are standing on the side of the antichrist and resisting God. Every church must check to see if anyone within the church is speaking devilish words. Whoever utters the voice of Satan must be immediately dealt with. In serious cases they should be expelled and in minor cases they must be sent into the B group.

Imagine someone saying: “If you want me to do my duty, then I will do it in my way, I will not listen to you. You want to be a commander of me, no way!” Isn’t a person who speaks like this an unbeliever? How should this kind of person be treated? At a minimum, he should be sent to the B group and not be allowed to do his duty. The family of God does not need this kind of person, this is Satan’s kind, and he is not qualified to do his duty. Let him go quickly, there is no shortage of service-doers in the family of God. People who do not do their duty are free to go at any time, none will be forced to do his duty. I often used to say that the door to God’s family is open wide. You must seek approval to come in but you will not be barred from leaving. You do not need approval to leave, you can freely go, no one is allowed to stop you. You need to have permission to enter, you cannot enter freely, you must be a good person, a true believer and you must accept the truth. If those who cannot accept the truth want to enter the church, the door is closed! Those who, when doing their duty, always complain, do not obey, and cause trouble will all be dismissed. They will not be allowed to do their duty, they are not worthy of the exaltation and compassion of God. If leaders and workers do not have reality of truth and do not do things according to the principles of the truth, if this happens once, they should be warned. If this happens a second time, they should be dealt with, if this happens a third time, they should be replaced. If they speak the words of an antichrist, they should immediately be removed. If they are new believers, or those who have only been believers for one or two years and do not have the foundation or understand the truth and have also not experienced the judgment and chastisement, then they can be handled leniently. However, if they do evil or you can see that they are not good people, are bad people or evil people, they must be eliminated.

Those who accept the work of God in the last days and are lifted before the throne of God, have all been predestined and chosen by God and must be able to accept the truth. If God expresses the truth to purify people but people cannot accept the truth, then they will not be able to be purified. Only people who can accept the truth will be able to submit to God’s judgement and chastisement and will be truly purified. Therefore, those who accept the work of God in the last days must be people who love the truth and are able to accept the truth. If they are not these kinds of people they will be eliminated sooner or later. This is different to having faith in the Lord during the Age of Grace. At that time God’s requirements of people were not high, you only had to believe and do a little work in proclaiming the name of the Lord Jesus and it would be fine, life growth was not required. In the Age of Grace, there was no talk of life. At the time, people did not have life, they spoke of gifts. If you could do a little work, all was well. In the Age of Kingdom it is different, in the Age of Kingdom there is talk of life. When it comes to life, only those who obtain life will enter the kingdom, so people must submit, they must have the reality, they must do their duty, doing their duty up to the standard. In the Age of Grace, God did not ask much of people. You could do this or that in the name of the Lord Jesus, you could do anything. It did not matter what you asked for in the name of the Lord, the Lord treated people like He was caring for a little baby. If, in the Age of Kingdom, you fly the banner of God and commit evil acts in the name of God, this is going too far. You must be cursed by God, this is offending God’s disposition. In the Age of Kingdom God has expressed the truth especially to purify people’s corruption, to solve the problem of people’s corruption. Therefore people who do not accept the truth must be eliminated. You see, some people have believed for seven, eight or more than ten years and do not submit at all. Is this not an evil nature? Is this a person who accepts the truth? He who does not submit at all and is like a wild beast, cannot be touched by anyone, this kind of person must be eliminated. God will not respond to him and the Holy Spirit cannot work on him. Some of them cause no trouble and so the church will not expel them. However, they cannot be saved and when the disaster comes they will not survive, their faith is for nothing! If a person wants to be saved, they must have the reality of obedience. Submission means submitting to the truth and people who submit have godliness and act with principles. In order to play any part, you absolutely must submit and however you are asked to do your duty, you must submit. What are you arguing? If you think that what you are arguing is the truth, then you’d better let everyone hear it so that they can judge whether or not it is the truth. If everyone who hears it says that it is not the truth and yet you still do not submit and continue to argue, that would be easy, you just go home. The church does not need you to do your duty, it is settled, and this is a good solution. Is this not a good solution if leaders and workers come across this kind of problem? It is this easy, it is so simple to manage things in accordance with the principles of the truth; it is easy and pleasant. The church leaders and workers should quickly elect people who genuinely pursue the truth and can practice the truth. The family of God wants to look for people who have the reality of the truth. It wants to search for a few people who can truly steer the boat, who are of the same mind as God, who care about God’s will, who will endeavor to protect the work of God’s family and promotes this kind of person to be a leader. No matter how corrupt this person has been revealed to be in the past, or what transgressions they have committed, this does not matter. The only thing that matters is what their actual stature is now and that they are people who revere God. God’s family will foster anyone who is of the same mind as God, and can protect the work of God’s family. However, those who have seen many months of work in the church without any progress and do not worry or get anxious, who can still eat and sleep as before and are heartless will not be fostered by God’s family. The family of God will not foster these people who are worse than pigs and dogs. When some people see that working for such a long time has not resulted in progress, they will worry and get anxious and say: “How can I do my duty like this? Am I not eating and drinking for free? Will this not make God sad?” A person who says this has a heart, this is a person who cares about God’s purpose. If the leaders and workers are not able to provide the family of God with people who really pursue the truth, then they do not care about God’s purpose. If there is a person near you like this who you had a good relationship with before but is now saying some things which are resisting God and is not of the same mind as God, how will you deal with this? Will you be able to be controlled by your emotions? If this person was kind to you in the past and did not do you wrong and always recommended you and flattered you, will you be able to betray the flesh and stick to the principles? Some people say they can. This is good. Then you should nominate the real leaders and replace the leaders who do not pursue the truth, have them give way to the good people. If those occupying the position are not doing anything tangible, is this not a stumbling block? Yes, it is a stumbling block!

Some people look clever but do not seek the truth at all. Whenever something happens they do not really submit and however the truth is communicated they will not practice it. Does this kind of person understand the spirit? Some people look a bit naïve and young, but they can practice the truth. God likes such people. God does not like shrewd and crafty people, God likes people who can practice the truth. When something happens to this kind of person, they can submit. When they do something, they can reflect, “Am I doing the right thing? If it is not in line with the truth, then I must pray to God and, afterward I must change and repent. If it is in line with the truth, it is God’s grace and God’s leadership, which allow me to practice this truth. Then I must thank God and afterward I will want to satisfy God even more.” This is a person who seeks the truth. What use is it if you go for a long time without reflecting on yourself and always rely on our own petty tricks and small gifts to do your work? Will you be able to lead people to enter into the reality of truth? No, it is of no use. To rely on gifts to do the work is to resist God. In the end, this is taking the path of antichrists; is this not how it happens? If a person who really loves the truth listens to the sermon and understands the truth, he is able to carry out the parts he understands and is able to apply them. He is able to keep this truth in his heart and act it out. Afterward, whatever mistakes he makes, he is able to reflect on them according to the truth. If he finds that he himself is at fault, then he will repent to God. This is a person who loves the truth. The behavior and mentality of this person who loves the truth is devout and is in line with God’s will. This is a person who lives before God. By often reflecting about everything he does, examining his own shortcomings, inadequacies and equipping himself with the truth and seeking the truth, this kind of person will finally be able to gain the truth. If a person relies on their own gifts, their own head or Satan’s philosophy to act when they encounter a situation and, even though they do not outwardly do evil, they do not have entry and they are of no benefit to others; what will God say about this? In God’s eyes, what is the problem with this behavior and this action? It is doing a great deal which does not have anything to do with the truth. Relying on gifts to do work has nothing to do with the truth, relying on your brain to do things has nothing to do with the truth and relying on Satan’s philosophy to do things has even less to do with the truth. There are even some things which are not crimes and do not go against the truth in the eyes of man but which God says have nothing to do with the truth and do not show that you have the reality of truth. What are the consequences if you always do things which have no relation to the truth? If you do not have the truth, you will ultimately be fixed as one without the reality of truth. Will this kind of person receive salvation? There are some people who say: “For so many years he has done no evil. Although he has not done things according to the principles of the truth, he has not done any evil either. So, does this kind of person have the reality of truth or not?” Although this kind of person is not considered evil and is also a good person according to human conception, he cannot receive salvation because he does not have the reality of truth. If this kind of person believes for many years and does not do any evil and is generally acknowledged as a good person but does not have the reality of truth, what will happen to him in the end? He definitely will not be able to enter into the kingdom. However, is there a connection between this kind of person and the loyal service-doers? Are loyal service-doers this kind of person? If this kind of person does service to the end and is loyal, they will at most be listed as loyal service-doers. Although they will not be listed as God’s people, to be listed as loyal service-doers is quite good.

The loyal service-doers are very blessed. If you look at religious people in countries around the world, you will see that none of them receive this blessing. Why do they not receive this blessing? They are of good character and they do not disturb others. It is because they do not believe in God and they do not do service for this stage of God’s work. So no matter what their character is like, they must all be eliminated. The loyal service-doers are those who willingly do service for God until the end. What is God’s reward for the loyal service-doers? To live for a thousand years in the Millennial Kingdom. These people without life can live in the Millennial Kingdom for a thousand years; is this not the grace of God? You say: “After they live for a thousand years, will they be able to enter the new heaven and earth?” After the end of the Millennial Kingdom, God will release Satan and the evil spirits from the bottomless pit. These things will begin to confuse people and once people are confused, these service-doers without life will also be confused and will return to Satan and, at that time, they will be destroyed. They will be given a thousand years of grace. Why give them this thousand years of grace? This is the reward God will give them because they have done service, do you understand? Then, will all people who do not have the truth be destroyed sooner or later? Sooner or later they will all die but dying earlier is not as good as dying later. The loyal service-doers can live for one thousand more years. Is the blessing of a thousand years small? Some people are even not willing to be service-doers. If you are not willing to be a service-doer, then pursue the truth, and this is the only way. If you do not pursue the truth, you will not even have the chance to become a service-doer. You will go to hell where you will cry and gnash your teeth and this will be the end of you. Have a look at people who are arrested and put in jail nowadays, their hearts seem to be broken, what is this like? If someone is sentenced to three years, they will think: “How will I spend these three years?” If someone is sentenced to ten years, they will think: “Three years is ok, but ten years will be difficult to endure,” their heart has broken. So some people become Judas, they prefer to become Judas than go to prison. The taste of prison is difficult to endure, your heart will break, you will feel that your life in prison is not human, you will simply be treated like an animal, people can torture you however they like. Some may say: “Why do you say this? Why are you preaching this?” This is to tell you that going to hell is worse than prison! Some may say: “I have not seen hell.” If you haven’t seen hell then have a look at prison, the two are similar but hell is more terrible than prison! What did the Lord Jesus Himself say? “Where their worm dies not, and the fire is not quenched” (Mak 9:48). You will burn in fire and insects will also bite you. Does this sound painful? Is this not worse than prison? So if you do not seek the truth diligently, you will end up in hell at that time and be finished!

Nowadays, it is difficult to get a person to pursue the truth, it is difficult to get them to practice the truth, very difficult. They will by no means pursue any truth. This kind of person is damned, they will have a life of suffering, a life in hell. When they get to hell they will become well-behaved. There is a saying “Good words cannot persuade the damned.” This is completely true! The family of God is always trying to commune to get people to pursue the truth. This is to walk the path of sunlight, the path of light, on which one can enter the kingdom of heaven. If a person does not walk this path, if he tries to rush into hell although it has no gate and does not practice or accept the truth, what will happen in the end? If he always acts against God’s family, he will go to hell in the end and become well-behaved, he will cry and howl in hell forever. There are some people nowadays who are not willing to suffer, they complain, want to stop believing and want to go home whenever they are wronged in the slightest. Does this kind of person love the truth? Is this kind of person in danger? Are they at risk of betraying God? Yes, they are in great danger! This kind of person cannot be provoked or offended. They must never be provoked or offended. As soon as they are offended, they will force open the gates of hell, and they would simply go to hell. “I don’t believe it, I’ll go home, I don’t believe it! Whoever wants to believe it can believe, but I won’t believe it!” You say these words so lightly, “I don’t believe!” One day when you are cast into hell, you will recall saying these words and you will know how foolish you were. You think, “I am very smart, I am so smart, no one is as clever as me,” but just based on what you have said, you are a first-rate fool! Nobody dares to offend you, nobody dares to criticize you; is this not foolish? Do you know why they want to provoke you? Do you know why this has happened to you? This has been arranged by God. God has arranged that these kinds of things are happening to you to see whether you love the truth, can accept the truth and will submit to the truth. If you really cannot, then God will not work on you and will not arrange the many kinds of trials for you. Is it not the love of God that God organizes your affairs and surroundings? This is God using your surroundings, people, occurrences and things to train you to learn how to submit to the truth and accept the truth. In this way, you are led bit by bit onto the right track of faith in God. Is it acceptable to not suffer at all? If you do not suffer a little, later when you suffer a lot it will be a case of “not enduring small hardships and being engulfed by large hardships.” There is a common saying in China: “Lose a little to gain a lot.” There is some sense in this, it means that it is better to endure small losses to avoid a larger loss and making big mistakes. If you do not endure these small hardships now, what will happen in the end? What will befall you at the end? Large hardships will engulf you, isn’t that right? Is it not proper that you stumble now, undergo some pruning and dealing and some trials and refinement, learn to submit to the truth and seek the truth and treat them according to the principles? What is honorable about a person? A corrupt person has no honour to speak of. Learn how to suffer a little and endure any kind of humiliation and any kind of punishment in order to submit to the truth. We prefer the truth over vanity; this is called being smart!

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