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927 Pious Are Those Who Are Often Quiet Before God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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927 Pious Are Those Who Are Often Quiet Before God

1 You must often come before God, eat and drink and ponder His words, and accept His discipline and guidance of you. You must be able to submit to all the environments, people, things, and matters that God has arranged for you, and when it comes to matters you cannot quite fathom, you must frequently pray while seeking the truth; only by understanding God’s will can you find a way forward. You must be in reverence of God, and do cautiously what you should do; you must often be at peace before God, and not be dissolute. At the very least, when something happens to you, your first reaction should be to calm yourself, and then pray immediately. By praying, waiting, and seeking, you will attain an understanding of God’s will.

2 If, deep down, you revere God and submit to God, and can be quiet before God and grasp His will, then by cooperating and practicing this way, you can be protected. You will not encounter temptation, or offend God, or do things that interrupt God’s management work, nor will you go so far as to provoke God’s loathing. If your heart often lives before God, you will be held in check, and will fear God in many things. You will not go too far, or do anything that is dissolute. You will not do that which is loathed by God, and will not speak words that have no sense. If you accept God’s observation, and accept God’s discipline, you will avoid doing many evil things—and you will thus shun evil.

3 Those who do not love the truth do not pray to God or seek the truth when something happens to them. They often act according to their own will, live according to their satanic disposition and reveal their arrogant disposition. They do not accept God’s scrutiny or God’s discipline, and they do not obey God. People like this always live before Satan and are controlled by their satanic disposition. Such people are without the slightest reverence for God. They are simply incapable of shunning evil, and even if they don’t do evil things, everything they think is still evil, and it is unconnected to the truth and goes against the truth.

Adapted from “Only If You Live Before God at All Times

Can You Walk the Path of Salvation”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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