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531 Practicing the Truth Is Most Important

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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531 Practicing the Truth Is Most Important

1 You may be able to speak of a little knowledge while holding a book in hand, but when you put it down you have nothing to say. This shows that you are only capable of speaking words and doctrines, and lack the knowledge of experience. Today, you must grasp what’s key—this is a crucial part of entry into reality! Start with the following training: First read God’s words—get a grasp on the spiritual terms within them, find the key visions within them, identify the parts of practice, put them all together one by one, and enter into them during your experiences. These are the key things you must grasp.

2 You all generally exist within this kind of state: lazy, unmotivated, unwilling to pay a price, or just passively waiting. Some people even make complaints; they don’t understand the aims and significance of God’s work, and it’s hard for them to pursue the truth. Such people detest the truth, and will ultimately be eliminated. None among them can be made perfect, and none can remain. If people don’t have a little resolve to resist the forces of Satan, they are beyond hope!

Adapted from “Practice (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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