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459 God Predestined That We Follow This Path

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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459 God Predestined That We Follow This Path

1 All of us can see in our practical experiences that there are many times that God has personally opened up a path for us so that we are treading the path that is firmer, more realistic. This is because this path is the one that God opened up for us since the beginning of time and has been passed on to our generation after tens of thousands of years. So we are succeeding our predecessors who did not walk the path until its end; we are the ones who have been chosen by God to walk the last section of this road.

2 This path has been prepared particularly for us, and no matter if we receive blessings or suffer misfortune, no one else can walk this path. Don’t make plans to escape to any other place or find another route, longing for status, or setting up your own kingdom; these are all illusions. When the kingdom of God comes He will smash to pieces the nations of the earth, and at that time you will see that your own plans have also been obliterated and those who have been chastised are those who are smashed. At that time God will completely reveal His disposition.

3 That we have been able to walk this path until today was ordained by God, so don’t think that you are something special or that you are unlucky—no one may make assertions regarding God’s current work lest you are smashed to pieces. Light has come to Me through God’s work, and no matter what, God will make this group of people complete and His work can never be changed—He is going to bring these people to the end of the road and complete His work on earth. This is something that we should all understand.

Adapted from “The Path … (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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