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These fellowships and words are directed toward the many difficult aspects and areas of putting truth into practice; they are also directed toward situations where people nowadays deviate from the correct path by focusing on exerting themselves negatively and not seeking to change their dispositions. These words point out the substance of man and the current situation of man as well as clearly designate the target that people should pursue. These words are exactly what people should have. I hope that all people will treat them seriously, avoid doing things which deviate from the correct path once they understand the truth, and I hope that people will do things in accordance with the truth and have the truth.

These fellowships are critical and can resolve the issues involving human nature; they can also resolve the current negative situation of man. If you carefully read and contrast these things with your own situations, then you will certainly be able to go from being unwilling to put truth into practice to beginning to pay attention to the truth, and finally being able to put truth into practice. In summary, I hope every one of you will treat each chapter prudently and carefully treat your own actions and goals to pursue.

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