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Pursuing to Receive Blessings Made Me a Shameless Traitor


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Pursuing to Receive Blessings Made Me a Shameless Traitor

On the afternoon of March 15, 2005, a sister came to my home and said to me smilingly, “Sister, I’ve gotten good news for you. The conquering work has ended, and God has now done a ‘newest work,’ the work of ‘perfecting man.’ The ‘newest work’ is preached only once. Those who accept it need not preach the gospel anymore; they need only eat and drink God’s word at home and wait for the work to be spread. Those who do not accept it will be eliminated and dry up.” Then she read me two passages of God’s word, and she said, “God’s work will end soon. Now God wants us to be realistic; that is, we should offer our love to God and store up money in the kingdom of heaven…. Those who hand in their money will be perfected and live in the place full of happiness, and God will give them authority to rule over all nations and all peoples….” At this point, I was put in a fog by her deceptive words: One does not have to suffer from rushing about preaching the gospel, and he can be perfected if he hands in some money and eats and drinks God’s word at home; could there be such a wonderful thing? But then I thought: Hasn’t God said that his work is contrary to man’s notions and only by following his footsteps can one be saved? If I do not accept the “newest work” and thus miss the opportunity to be perfected, won’t it be a great pity? So I, eager to receive blessings, hesitated no more and accepted the “newest work” readily. And according to her requirement, I took out a loan of 30,000 yuan and handed it in under the deadline. Thereafter I became an accomplice, hidden in the church, of the false christ, and deceived many brothers and sisters.

When I was deeply stuck in the mire, God’s family got to know our deception and immediately sent some workers to fellowship with us in light of our deficiencies. When I read God’s words, “The work of the God in the flesh has completed ninety percent of his entire management work. This flesh has brought his entire work to a better start. This flesh has made a summary of his entire work, made it known to men, and made the last complete supplement to it. Hence, there will not be the ‘incarnated God’ coming to do the fourth stage of work, and there will not be a wonderful work of God’s third incarnation,” I woke up. How clear God’s words are! God’s six-thousand-year management work consists of only three stages of works; the Almighty God incarnated in the end time has made a complete supplement to God’s entire work; there will never be the “incarnated God” coming to do a work at a fourth stage, and even less will there be the third incarnation. But the false christ said that “God has come again and done a newest work.” Doesn’t it mean that God has been incarnated the third time and done a work at a fourth stage? Isn’t that purely rumor and fallacy?

Then, I came to God’s words: “In the end time, God has been incarnated to do the work he ought to do and to fulfill his ministry of the word…. The purpose of being incarnated this time, firstly, is to conquer man, and secondly to perfect those he loves.” “…while conquering is going on, perfecting is also going on. While you are being conquered, the result of initial perfecting is achieved. Conquering and perfecting are said to be different according to the degrees of people’s being transformed…. Therefore, you have to pursue to be transformed. Both conquering and perfecting depend on whether you are transformed and whether you are obedient. These determine whether you can be gained. … Conquering goes in the process of perfecting and perfecting goes in the process of conquering. All these are what you should understand.” The more I ate and drank these words, the more enlightened I felt. The purpose of Almighty God being incarnated in the end time is to conquer man on the one hand and to perfect man on the other, both of which are to be achieved by the word. Moreover, the conquering work and the perfecting work are done at the same time. Whether one can be perfected entirely depends on whether he can practice God’s word and be transformed in his nature and whether he is obedient to God. It is not at all, as the false christ says, that one is first conquered and then perfected, even less that only those who hand in money can be perfected. However, I did not listen to the realistic and accurate words of God. In order to receive blessings early, I was most impatient to listen to and believe the fallacies of the false christ. I was really an adulteress who believed in and followed whomever she pleased. I forsook the true way and became a lackey of the false christ and an arch-criminal resisting God. Far from receiving blessings, I am saddled with a huge debt. This is the evil consequence of my not pursuing the truth.

At this time, I felt remorse and shame. O Almighty God! During the years I followed you, I took no interest in the truth and had no will to suffer, but always pursued to receive blessings. Now, because I have no truth and discernment, I have become a shameless traitor, a humiliating pillar of salt. I’m really unworthy to live before you. O God, I’m guilty of monstrous crimes and deserve to be punished, because my deception has brought incalculable loss to your family and to the brothers and sisters. However you may treat me in the future, I will have no complaints. Now I’m willing to take this oath before you: I will by all means get back all the deceived brothers and sisters in this district, so as to make up for my indebtedness to you.

Through this matter, I understand that if one does not pursue the truth and only pays attention to receiving blessings, he will not be able to follow God to the end but will only be ruined in the hands of satan and the evil spirits. From now on, I will equip myself with more truths, pursue to be transformed in my nature, and perform my duty properly and honestly.

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