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613 The Rationality People Should Have

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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613 The Rationality People Should Have

1 Do not forget that you are a creation who was cursed by Me, and who is taught and saved by Me. There is nothing in you that I yearn for. No matter when I work, I am not subject to the manipulation of any people, events, or things. It can be said that My attitude toward and view of mankind has always remained the same. I don’t have any favor toward you because you are an adjunct in My management; you certainly do not have greater strengths than anything else.

2 I advise you to always remember that you are nothing more than a creation! Although you live with Me, you should know your status and not see yourself too highly. Even if I don’t criticize you or deal with you, and I face you with a smile, this does not prove that you and I are of the same kind. You should know that you are seeking the truth, you yourself are not the truth! You must change according to My words at any time—you cannot escape this. I advise you to learn something while you are in the midst of these wonderful times, while this rare opportunity is here, and do not try to fool Me. You need not employ flattery to deceive Me. Your seeking of Me is not all for Myself—it is for you!

Adapted from “Those Who Do Not Learn and Know Nothing:

Are They Not Beasts?”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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