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15. Only Those Who Can Recognize the Voice of God Are Truly Saved

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15. Only Those Who Can Recognize the Voice of God Are Truly Saved

In regard to understanding God’s work, besides understanding the method by which God saves man and knowing what the results that must be achieved are, one must also understand the disposition of God that is revealed in God’s work. If one has genuine experience and understanding of how God judges and chastises people by expressing the truth, deals and prunes, and refines and tries people, one will have a true understanding of God’s disposition and essence. Only if one understands the essence of the truth that God expresses, can they see the corrupt essence of man. Only through understanding God’s disposition and essence can one see the evil essence of Satan’s nature. These results can be achieved through understanding the truth and God. If one does not have an understanding of the truth that God expresses, they will not be able to understand the essence and true condition of the corrupt mankind. Moreover, they will not see clearly the evil and despicable face of Satan and the great red dragon. God judges and chastises man by means of expressing the truth. Without the truth, there is no way to reveal the evil and betraying nature of corrupt mankind. Within each verse of God’s words of judging and revealing corrupt mankind are hidden the truth as well as God’s intentions and demands. Therefore, the more one is quiet before God to eat and drink God’s words, the more one is conquered by God’s word, and the more one accepts wholeheartedly God’s words of judgment and revealing, because God’s words are the truth, which can conquer, change and perfect people. Man can lie prostrate before God, and this is the result that God’s words achieve. It is also the result that can be attained by God’s chosen people pursuing the truth.

Why is it that man cannot conquer and change man? It is because man does not have the truth. Why can’t corrupt mankind know the essence and true condition of their corruption? It is because mankind does not have the truth. Of course, if man had the truth, they would not have been corrupted by Satan. Why do none of the academics and scientists understand the essence and true condition of mankind’s corruption? It is because they do not have the truth. Why do so many of mankind’s teachers and leaders not understand the degree of their own corruption? Moreover, why are they unable to resolve their own corruption? It is also because they do not have the truth. These are facts which nobody can deny. We have experienced a few years of God’s work. More and more, we are able to see clearly the essence and true condition of our corruption. We understand more and more the evil essence of Satan’s nature. We see more and more clearly what normal humanity is and what the likeness of a genuine human being is. We genuinely understand that salvation means breaking free of Satan’s influence, which is to live out the likeness of a genuine human being. Therefore, God’s chosen people gradually understand that God’s salvation work involves changing corrupt mankind that is permeated with Satan’s nature into genuine people who have normal humanity and can obey God. Satan has corrupted men into demons. God’s work involves turning these demons back into men. Only those who have achieved salvation are genuine human beings that are after God’s heart. This is the result that God’s work of the last days will achieve. As long as one understands this, it will be completely clear what criteria are involved in regard to believing in God and attaining salvation. One will do his utmost to seek the truth in order to attain salvation. This is what it means to enter the right track of believing in God.

Some of God’s chosen people are not quite clear about the truths concerning visions of God’s work. Inside their hearts, they have many conceptions, imaginations and extravagant cravings. All kinds of religious notions frequently occur as well. That is why people still long to be raptured while they are still alive. They long to go to heaven and live comfortably after they die. Some people still seek to be the sons or firstborn sons. They want to become God’s beloved sons and share in God’s glory. There are some people who even long to become God, become Christ and return to Zion and rule together with God. People have these impurities inside. It is sufficient to indicate that they do not have an understanding of God’s work. They do not know at all how God saves and cleanses man. They do not know what people who are saved are like, to what degree God will do His work upon people and what mankind’s true final destination is. If these questions are not resolved, man will not be able to understand God’s work. As a result, man will be unable to enter onto the right track of believing in God. These kinds of people will go their own way and they will be cheated. It is very easy for them to be deceived by antichrists and they will follow Satan onto a pathway of destruction. Without God’s salvation, corrupt mankind will have the same ending as unbelievers. They will walk upon the pathway of destruction. Is man still not clear about this? Most people’s faith in God is still based on all sorts of religious notions. They always imagine the wildest things. Isn’t this delusional? From the time when the Lord Jesus did His redemptive work until now, how many people rely on religious conceptions and imaginations in their faith in God? They still long to be raptured while they are alive and go to heaven after they die. What is the result? Their dreams all get shattered.

Only after we have experienced a few years of God’s work of the last days have we been clear about the true meaning of believing in God and attaining salvation. If God did not express these words, we would not be where we are today. We would not sincerely focus on pursuing the truth and knowing God. It is because of these truths that God expressed that we are caused to experience a spiritual awakening and feel bright in our hearts. Only by eating and drinking God’s words, communicating the truth and experiencing a few years of God’s work on a daily basis can man be awakened and changed. If God had not been incarnated to express the truth of judging and chastising man, corrupt mankind would never attain salvation. Why does the disposition of corrupt mankind change so slowly? It is completely because mankind has been corrupted too deeply by Satan. It is not easy for man to understand the truth. Man’s heart has been poisoned by Satan’s philosophy, religious notions etc. Satan’s nature is deeply rooted in man and hard to be shaken. As a result, the truth is too difficult for man to accept! Man regards Satan’s philosophy and religious notions as the truth. Man does not treasure and love God’s words. As a result, it is not easy for man to attain salvation. Thus God’s work of saving man is even more difficult. Is believing in God a simple matter? Can those who do not pursue the truth attain salvation? How many believers do not obey God, do not listen to God and fail to gain the truth as their life? The result is that even though they have believed for years, they do not know God and they are unable to obey God. They can still be deceived by man and follow Satan. They stand on Satan’s side and betray and resist God. These kinds of people do not at all meet the criteria to be saved.

The majority of believers still do not understand God’s disposition and essence. They do not have a genuine understanding of the truth and they have not been obtained by God. They do not have the life and they are still in danger of being captured by Satan. The possibility of them betraying God is still a hundred percent. Some people believe that all that a believer needs is the Holy Spirit’s work, and they do not need other people’s watering, nourishment and guidance. Is this correct? If man does not pursue the truth, the Holy Spirit cannot do the work of perfecting him. The Holy Spirit perfects man so that they genuinely understand God’s clear-cut words, meaning and demands, and attain a true understanding of the truth and God. Only then can man have a path to walk. Peter was perfected because, on the one hand, he attained the Holy Spirit’s work, and on the other hand, he had many words of the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s work is to enlighten and illuminate man based on God’s words so that man will understand the truth and know God. Without God’s words, man cannot understand the truth, understand God’s intentions and know God’s demands. That is why, in order to attain the results of the Holy Spirit perfecting man, one must pursue the truth. If man does not have God’s words, he cannot understand the truth. Without God’s words, his heart will be in darkness and he will have no path to walk. Those who seek to be perfected must understand that God’s words are crucial in regard to perfection of man. The Holy Spirit’s work is to enlighten man based on God’s words so that he can understand the truth and God’s will. This is the path by which the Holy Spirit perfects man. If one does not pursue the truth to cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work, they will not be perfected. This was how Peter was perfected. He understood the truth and knew God through the hundreds of trials that he experienced.

Based on God’s word and the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination, we pursue the truth and practice being honest people, become obedient to God and live out the likeness of a genuine human being. Through them we understand the truth and enter the truth. As people aspiring to better ourselves, if we do not have a direction, purpose, principles or standards, we will have no path to walk and end up in failure in aspiring to be a real man. Do the teachers and leaders of the corrupt human beings have a direction and a purpose of conducting themselves? Do they have principles and standards of conducting themselves? They do not! Since they do not have God’s word, all they have are reasoning, regulations, Satan’s ambitions, Satan’s cravings, Satan’s philosophy and Satan’s schemes. Therefore, the final destination of the corrupt human beings is nothing but failure and destruction. Do all the knowledge, learning and philosophy of the corrupt human race provide man with a genuine life? Do they help them in living out the likeness of a genuine human being? No, they don’t. All they bring about is harm, corruption, death and defeat. This is because the knowledge and the learning of the corrupt human race are not the truth. Instead, they are the fallacies of harming human beings. Nowadays, the corrupt human race still obstinately persists in going about things in the wrong way. Nobody understands what the truth really is. Nobody knows how much worth the truth is to the corrupt human race. Nobody understands how great the salvation that the truth can bring.

While we are experiencing God’s work, why do we frequently reveal our corrupt disposition? Why do we frequently resist and disobey God? Why is it that we serve yet resist God? Why is it that we fulfill our duties and disturb God’s work? Why do we eat and drink God’s word and enjoy God’s grace but at the same time we harm God’s heart? It is because we do not understand the truth and feel out God’s intentions. That is why in all matters, we do what we desire, rely on notions, imagination and doctrines and we abide by the regulations. We are still controlled by our satanic nature and we still live under Satan’s influence. Does this kind of person walk the path of pursuing the truth and perfection? Absolutely not. Why is it that people walk the path of faith and then after a while, they lose their way and unconsciously become extreme? When they are in extreme upheaval and all sorts of disasters, if they hope to be raptured while alive and become God, isn’t this a fork in the road? Man is man. How can man become God? Why is it that man can walk the path of faith and still be capable of walking down the old path and relapsing? Man has not obtained the truth yet! Those without the truth do not have the true way. As they walk along the way, they deviate and end up without a path. Thus, man starts to look for his own way. He reads the Bible, consults the things that God said before, investigates the scriptures and browses through different materials. He tries very hard yet he is unable to find the right path. In the end, he determines that religious notions make sense. What is this problem? If you pray to God will you be able to understand the truth right away? Those without the truth are truly this pitiful.

When the above issued the work arrangement and fellowship, some people couldn’t clearly see whether it was from the above. They even dared not accept it. In the past, the work arrangements and fellowship from the above were issued downward level by level. People had felt out the rules and thought that as long as it was sent level by level from the above, it was real and there was no need to investigate. This time, due to reasons related to the environment, the arrangement and fellowship from the above was transmitted from the bottom levels. The result was that people became confused and they even suspected that the arrangement and fellowship from the above was fake. As a result, people in some areas did not dare accept it. They rigidly closed off the church. Under these kinds of conditions, we could see how anxious God was. How could it be that people who have believed in God for several years could not tell that the work arrangement and fellowship was from the above? They have listened to so many sermons and fellowship, yet they were unable to distinguish whether it was true or false. Their spiritual stature is so pitifully small. Without people watering and providing for them, how would they be able to live independently? A man without the truth is a dead man, a good-for-nothing. This is for certain. It does not matter whether there are antichrists who have come to deceive them for they are still dead or good-for-nothings! Do these kinds of people know God? Would you be able to recognize God or the man used by the Holy Spirit if God or the man used by the Holy Spirit came and preached? Can you recognize the voice of God? Can you shut God outside? If someone has believed in God for many years yet is unable to recognize God’s voice and the words that are in accordance with the truth, does this kind of person have the truth? Without the truth, you do not have life. If you believe in God and have not obtained life, you are still a dead person. A dead person will never be able to recognize God’s voice and the words that are in accordance with the truth. Some people say that they have seen God and the man that the Holy Spirit uses. If you see God’s word yet you do not recognize it and if you see the fellowship of the man that the Holy Spirit uses, yet you cannot distinguish it, what use is it? Is seeing God’s face equivalent to knowing God? Is seeing the man that the Holy Spirit uses equivalent to recognizing his work arrangements and fellowship? Those with the truth have the ability to distinguish. Those without the truth cannot see through anything. All they can do is abide by the regulations.

The Israelites who believed in God during the Age of Law only knew that God was named Jehovah. When the incarnate God named Jesus came, the Israelites did not recognize Him. They convicted Him and even nailed Him to the cross. Those that believe in God yet resist God are still God’s enemies and they are the scum who believe in God yet do not recognize God. Is such a way of belief in God meaningful? Believing in God must involve knowing God. Only knowing God can resolve all the problems of corruption. Only then can he accurately act in harmony with God’s intentions in accordance with God’s words. Regardless of when God comes or how God does His work, those who can still recognize and obey God are people that welcome God! During the Age of Grace, none of the people that believed in the Lord Jesus knew the disposition and essence of God. As a result, when the Lord Jesus came once more during the last days, they did their utmost to convict and resist God, deny Christ and reject the true way. They nailed Christ to the cross once more. Those that believed in the Lord Jesus and those that believed in Jehovah God have made the same mistake. Christianity is walking the same path as Judaism. They only acknowledge God’s name but they do not know God’s disposition and essence. That is why when God appears in a different form to do work, they resist and convict God in the same manner. In the end, all they face is God’s punishment.

We have experienced the work of God of the last days. Since God expressed so many truths, we have a genuine understanding of God. This is not because we are smarter than other people. All that can be said is that we are very fortunate. This is all due to God’s grace and great love. If God had not expressed so many truths to change and save us, we would still be dead people! If man comes face to face with the experience of God’s work and still cannot achieve an understanding of God, if man faces God’s words every day and is still unable to understand the truth and still relies on religious notions and walks his own way, then he will be designated as a target for elimination. Everyone who is eliminated is eliminated because they cannot understand the truth. This is brought about because they do not pursue the truth. Regardless of what God says or does, if someone does not understand the truth, what else are they but dead people and trash? Why is it that some people understand the truth while others do not understand the truth even though they both lead a church life and both have received watering and nourishment? What kind of problem is this? Those who love the truth have rationality and a conscience. Those that are bored with the truth do not have humanity. Externally, most people are more or less the same. The essence and quality within is different indeed. A man is revealed by whether he can accept the truth. Whether someone has humanity can be determined according to whether he can accept the truth and put the truth into practice. There are some leaders and workers who unexpectedly cannot recognize the work arrangements and fellowship of the above. Such a simple matter has confounded all these so-called “heroes.” How can the truth and falsity of this be distinguished? For a while, it had become everybody’s difficulty. Someone asked me just how this can be distinguished. I said, “You should first determine if this arrangement or fellowship provide a large benefit to you. Do you feel that there is a path in it? Is the path proper? Is it in accordance with God’s words? If you were to give a sermon or fellowship, can it achieve such a result? Take a look at the person who wrote this arrangement or fellowship. Does he have the truth? Which person can communicate it so completely and accurately? If you compare in this way, you will be able to come to a determination.” Can antichrists have the truth? Can they show you this path? If you cannot recognize this situation, is this type of spiritual stature very pitiful? If one day God arrives, will you be able to recognize Him? If God wrote something for you, would you be able to recognize that it was God who wrote it? Can you recognize God’s voice? If you believe in God and pursue the truth yet you cannot fulfill this criterion, are you someone that has been saved? When God arrives, you will definitely still resist, betray and convict God. What problem is this? Suppose you are someone that genuinely pursues the truth. Even though you have never seen God’s face, one day, you suddenly hear God’s voice and you are able to recognize God. This is someone that has truly been saved because he recognizes God. Those that can recognize God’s voice and the words of God are people that have already been saved. What God will obtain is precisely this kind of person. Those that can recognize God’s voice and discover the truth in it are people who have the truth and can distinguish. They are those that have truly been saved and become survivors. All those who do not recognize God’s voice are people who have not been saved. They will be eliminated. All those who do not have the truth will be eliminated because they are like the Israelites who only believed in the name of Jehovah God and the people that believed in the Lord Jesus. They only believe in the name of God and they do not recognize God. They serve God yet they attack and judge God. They have nailed God to the cross again. They are people that resist and betray God and they are people that are eliminated by God. Only those that recognize God’s voice are people that have obtained the truth and life. These people are ones who are saved and approved and acknowledged by God.

Why did Peter obtain God’s praise? It is because Peter truly understood God’s words and could feel God’s intentions. He had a genuine understanding of God, he truly loved God and he was able to offer all of himself to God. This lets us see that when God perfects someone, He uses words to perfect them. The Holy Spirit perfects someone so that they can understand the truth and know God. Only those who are able to be aware of the truth in God’s word genuinely know God. The ability to speak letters and doctrines is not the same as understanding the truth. Doctrines are just regulations. They do not have the essence of positive things within. That is why those that are good at speaking doctrines are people that love to abide by regulations. Only those that understand the truth know that abiding by principles is to abide by the truth. When we say that those who are good at speaking doctrines do not understand the spirit, this is what we mean. Right now, disasters and trials have all arrived. Many people are afraid of being deceived by antichrists and leaving the true way. How can this problem be resolved? You must learn to distinguish the essence of antichrists. You must truly see just what is inside these antichrists and what their motivations are. Those with the truth do work and speak to bear witness to God and exalt God. They bring others before God and let others put God’s word into practice and obey God’s work. Can’t you see whether someone’s work has this kind of substance and effect? Antichrists never bear witness to God and exalt God. They are afraid that if they exalt God and bear witness to God, people will abandon them and follow God. As a result, they lose their status. This is why antichrists always raise their own status and identity in any way possible. They long for other people to treat them as if they were Christ, God. Only if they are treated so would their hearts be satisfied. Could it be that you cannot even distinguish this kind of words with such ulterior motives? They especially like to misinterpret God’s words concerning the methods of God’s work and add their own ideas. Externally, it seems like they are communicating God’s words. In reality, they ingeniously graft their own meaning onto God’s words. In this way, externally, it seems like people believe in God’s words. In reality, they have accepted Satan’s meaning, the distorted words of God. This is the most treacherous way of antichrists deceiving people. If someone is not familiar and clear about God’s words, it is very easy for them to be deceived. Satan used this kind of tactic to trick Eve into sinning. Those that can distinguish can recognize their sinister motives and despicable purposes from the things that these antichrists say and do. Those that truly understand the truth can directly discover the essence of the fallacies, their deliberations and purposes from the words of antichrists. As a result, they see antichrists’ ugliness of being poor, pitiful, despicable and evil. Actually, this is something that is very easy to distinguish. For those that understand the truth, it is not difficult.

What is relatively difficult to distinguish are all the different kinds of satanic philosophies and theories. In order to distinguish all the kinds of satanic poisons that can corrupt mankind, it requires a deep understanding of God’s words. It is something that requires a lot of hard work. In regard to all the different kinds of fallacies and the nature and essence of antichrists, these are easy to distinguish. You can distinguish right away when you hear something that is not in accordance with the truth. It’s like when someone says something, it is easy for you to tell what kind of deliberation or purpose they have. If you do not have the truth in your heart, you would not be able to distinguish it, regardless of how much you listen. And you would be confused if you listen more. In regard to specious speech, if you do not have the truth, you will truly be powerless. Those with the truth are clear-minded and sharp-eyed. They see things very clearly. Once they see it, they understand. Those without the truth have hearts that are dark. They cannot see anything clearly. They do not have principles and criteria. If they become leaders and act as the gatekeepers of the church, this is very troublesome. Some churches are controlled by this kind of people. It is strenuous for God’s family to distribute pieces of arrangement or sermon. The people who transmit it face the danger and hit a brick wall. No matter what they say, it gets them nowhere. What is the state of God’s chosen people who are at places where the workers and leaders do not have the truth? If God’s chosen people are controlled by people who do not have the truth, do not hear God’s voice or see the arrangements of the above, what are the consequences of this? Even though externally, it seems that they have not been deceived by antichrists, however, they have lost the supply and watering of the above. Can they independently live a church life? Can they enter into the truth? Can they stand witness? Will they actually be saved?

If those without the truth become leaders and workers, will they provide real watering and supply for God’s chosen people? I worry that these recently awakened babies will be plunged into difficulties and starved to death by these useless people. This is deceiving people, trapping people and ruining people. I do not know how many of these churches there are. As leaders, they do not accept the work arrangement of the above and even convict the people responsible for transmitting this arrangement as antichrists and deceivers. These workers and leaders cannot even distinguish what antichrists and deceivers are clearly. They randomly convict, isolate and restrict people. They blindly convict people without any basis. It’s terrible that people do not have discernment. In addition, it is even more terrible that they dare randomly convict, restrict and expel people. Not only are these people unable to distinguish, they are also evil people without humanity. They are even capable of randomly convicting and expelling people. If this isn’t evil, what is it? If someone cannot distinguish, they should be cautious when they do things. That is the correct thing to do. If when one cannot see a matter clearly, he does not do it haphazardly, and if when he does not understand, he can seek, this kind of people has at least some sense and they can be saved. It won’t be easy for those who dare to do evil to be saved. If evil people hold power in a church, that is a disaster for the church. That is the sorrow of God’s chosen people. Those without the truth definitely cannot serve God. Even if they serve God, they are actually resisting God and they play the role of antichrists. As a result, they will receive God’s curse and punishment.

In the experience of faith, those who have not obtained the truth are in danger. Those who have, until now, never entered onto the right track of faith in God are in danger. All those who have not entered onto the right track of faith in God are: first, easily deceived by antichrists; second, easily deceived by all kinds of works of evil spirits; third, easily deceived by the vague false paths of religious swindlers; fourth, easily deceived by the evil spirits and ways of evil cults; fifth, easy to accept heretical sorcery, such as being raptured alive, being firstborn sons and loving sons of God, being God, etc.; sixth, easily deceived by all kinds of religious theories and scientific thoughts. In short, those without the truth will seek knowledge and go their own way. They will seek a path that they feel is good, a path that is most in accordance with man’s notions, a path of achieving extravagant desires. Why is it that some people fall down and look for other ways when they encounter setbacks after believing in God for a period of time? Some people who have believed in God for a period of time return to the world because they are not interested in the truth. Before they obtain the truth, people are unstable and they think over the past and future. They are not reliable at all! They do not know how they will be like today and what kind of conditions they will degenerate into tomorrow. Those who do not have the truth are unstable people. They believe in one way of thinking today, tomorrow they are looking into another theory and the next day who knows what notions they are controlled by. Today, they have decided to do this, tomorrow they are doing that. Their plans change constantly. They are unable to consistently pursue the truth and hold fast to the true way. Some people are not even able to withstand dealing and pruning. They are unable to bear a larger blow. They would not know what to do if disaster or refinement arrives. People believe that only the things that absurd people say and do are absurd. Actually, the majority of the people who do not have the truth are absurd. Everyone has done many absurd things that are difficult to forget throughout their lives. Why is this? Those without the truth are also without life. How are those who do not have the truth any different from animals?

God saves people so that they would obtain the truth from God. Those who have obtained the truth will have life. With true life, they will have a purpose in living. They will know why they are living and how to live so that their lives have value and meaning. They will also know which duties they should fulfill well so as not to live in vain. When they see these matters clearly, their perspectives on existence and value will have changed. Their way of living will have changed and they will begin to turn over a new leaf. If someone obtains the truth, everything about him, including the way he lives, will change. He will have the likeness of a genuine human being. At this point, his frustrations, pain and confusion will have decreased a lot. Within, the things that belong to Satan will have been removed. He will not be affected by all sorts of heresies and fallacies. The darkness and evil of the world will no longer be connected to him. Won’t his troubles have decreased a lot? The thoughts of those without the truth are too complicated. Their troubles increase at any time. Some people, when they discover some new things, connect them with their faith in God. When they see some strange phenomena in the skies, they imagine that perhaps God will come. When they hear the thunder, they think that God is angry and perhaps He will strike people down. They are suspicious and indulge in fantasies all day. The thoughts of this kind of people are too complicated and they are very troublesome. Notice how weary people who do not have the truth are! When people obtain the truth, they are no longer as troubled. Regardless of what situation, with the truth, they can see it accurately and appropriately. They are not troubled at all and there is no interference at all with pursuing the truth. Those who have not entered onto the right track of faith in God are in danger. Those who do not know God’s work of the last days are people who do not have a foundation. It is very easy for them to be seized by Satan.

Only those who have the truth are genuine human beings. Those who do not have the truth are like demons. They do not have the likeness of a human being. The criteria for man’s salvation are obtaining the truth and living out the likeness of a human being. Those who have obtained the truth know how they should behave at any given time because they are human beings themselves and they know how to fulfill the duties of a human being. If other people treat them as if they are God, they will feel fear and trepidation. They will deny themselves without delay and let others worship God. People with sense will not occupy the wrong status, much less allow others to praise or regard them highly. Some people expect others to view them highly. They wish that others would treat them as if they were God. When someone mistakes them for God, externally, they remain calm and collected but inside their hearts, they enjoy it. They do not explain the situation at all to their admirers. What kind of human nature do this kind of people have? Clearly, they have offended God’s disposition and they disapprove. Truly, they are not sensible at all. Are they worthy to serve God? These people who have no sense are exactly the same as Satan and the great red dragon. Truly, they have no sense of shame! Men who believe in God but do not pursue the truth, always want extravagant desires and to become God; aren’t they demons? People believe in God to attain salvation and to live out the likeness of a genuine human being. They want to become people who have the truth and who have humanity. If people want to become God, aren’t they just Satan? Buddhists and Daoists do not worship the true God. They practice asceticism so that they can become God. They try all sorts of things to become God. They are always looking for panaceas. They practice every day and are eager to find shortcuts to becoming God. They are looking for a religion to become God so that they can have their wishes fulfilled. What is the result? They are not successful. They all fail in the end. In the end, these evil spirits will all be exterminated by God. Satan’s nature is to be on an equal footing with God. It wants to become God and rule over all things. What is Satan? It does not have any truth yet it wants to control and dominate the human race. It wants the human race to worship it. The result is it corrupts the human race until they all become filthy demons. Still, it is not convinced and even wants to be ruler of the universe. The work of all kinds of evil spirits has this nature. Presently, the corrupt human race also has Satan’s ambition. They want to become rulers of the world and rulers of the universe. Isn’t this a demonic nature? Isn’t this exactly the same as Satan? Man is man, he should have this sense. If man can fulfill his duties well, it is already very good. If he can live out the likeness of a genuine human being, he is already very successful. Can this result be achieved without the truth? Some people say that since God’s words are all that God’s life is, if we accept God’s word as life, would we then have God’s life? If man has God’s life, has he become God? Is this correct? Clearly it is not. God’s words are words of life that God has given the human race. They are not the life essence of God. The words that God uses to judge and chastise man represent God’s disposition and the being of God’s life. However, this forms an extremely small part of God’s life. It is like one drop in the ocean that is in God’s life. The truth that man obtains from God’s words compared to the essence of God’s life is vastly different. How can you say that you have God’s life? People like to see things using logical thought. However, this method does not work when applied to spiritual matters. For example, Jesus is the son of God. Jesus called us His brothers. Now, does this mean that we are also God’s sons? Is it correct? Clearly, it is not. Man must be sensible. Do not be delusional and bite off more than you can chew. God’s words never allow us to seek to become God’s sons and firstborn sons. Instead, God demands that we become honest and good people. Do you still not understand this? Man must be sensible and fulfill his duties so that he can become acceptable to God. Whether man is God’s son and what kind of men are God’s firstborn sons, only God’s words can accurately determine this. If man does not understand God’s intentions, it is easy for them to misinterpret God’s words and set a wrong goal of pursuit and take the wrong path.

Right now, God does work in order to save the corrupt human race. The goal that man seeks is to be saved and to become an honest person. This is the most sensible and dutiful way of practice. All those who always want to become God or pretend to be Christ are demonic. Ambitious people are evil demons. They must be exterminated! Actually, if man obtains God’s words as life, he definitely does not have God’s life or essence. This is something that man must be clear about. When man obtains God’s word as life, they only become newly created ones by God. These people have just simply been upgraded. The life essence of man is still man, it is not God. These newly created human beings can’t be corrupted by Satan. They are able to obey and worship God and satisfy God’s intentions. These are the results that God hopes to achieve by saving mankind. Reading God’s words, one must learn to understand God’s intentions by reading God’s words comprehensively and cannot quote God’s words out of context and indiscriminately make a fuss about something. These people have a satanic nature and their disposition is arrogant and conceited. They do not have hearts that fear God and it is easy for them to be deceived by Satan and walk along the antichrist’s path of resisting and betraying God.

Presently, we seek to become honest people in accordance with God’s intentions. Some people have entered a bit and they have changed a bit. However, some people are not interested in becoming people. They seek more achievements and they want to become God’s firstborn sons and beloved sons. These people are really in danger. They do not change their nature and are demonic and it is very easy for them to commit heresy and be possessed by evil spirits. Man does not understand God’s intentions and he is not clear about what demands God has for man. He does not fulfill his duties and he bites off more than he can chew. This is very dangerous! If man deviates from God’s words, he commits heresy. If he leaves the truth, then he deviates from the true way. These people that do not fulfill their duties do not have the truth. Their life disposition definitely has not changed and they are the same as satanic demons. Some people who believe in God always seek to be blessed. They are afraid of dying. They want to have long lives and not die. What is the meaning of this? If you do not have the truth and you live for a thousand or ten thousand years, aren’t you still Satan? If you do too much evil or if you do evil for one thousand or ten thousand years, your punishment will be even greater! If man obtains the truth, fulfills his duties and lives out the likeness of a genuine human being, even if he only lives for 10 or 20 years, he is still a genuine human being and someone who is blessed by God. The soul of this kind of person will not perish. It will be reincarnated. The focus should not be on the length of one’s physical life but instead, on whether one lives out the likeness of a genuine human being and the true human life. This is what is most crucial and fundamental. These are the results that God intends to achieve through His work.

Man’s life and death are both in the hands of God. Allow God to arrange it and obey God’s arrangement. This is the most sensible decision. Regardless of what disasters and refinement befall you, just seek to bear witness to God and satisfy God, and this is what will give your heart the most comfort and enjoyment. For a creation to satisfy the Creator is a great honor and it is the most basic example of filial piety. This is deeply meaningful in regard to how one lives as a human being! Being a real man is not easy. It requires a lot of truth. It is not simple at all! It is very meaningful! The status that God gives man is very high. It is not easy for us to see it. For the created human race to receive the Creator’s approval is a creation’s greatest honor. All the truth that God has expressed is the life that is bestowed upon the human race. Believing in God and attaining salvation requires that one must understand God’s will and demands. What God demands man to have is the life that man should obtain. If man is to believe in God, he must lock on to this objective and seek it persistently. He must use all his strength to forge ahead. Sooner or later, he will obtain the truth. This is an example of someone with faith. During your lifetime, apart from pursuing the truth, all other matters are meaningless. This is precisely as the Bible says, “All the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.” This is completely true. Some people have believed in God many years but have not obtained the truth. They feel discouraged and they believe that faith is meaningless. Why not seek something more practical such as wealth? These people are absurd. Regardless of how long someone believes in God, if they do not pursue the truth, how can they obtain the truth? The truth does not show favoritism! I see many people that believe in God seeking status. They focus on vanity. The higher their status, the more energetic their faith becomes. Some people even say, “As long as I can become a leader and serve my entire lifetime, I would be satisfied even if I obtain nothing else.” Can this kind of person obtain the truth? Do those without the truth have humanity? In the end, they are not welcome anywhere they go and they do not get along with anyone they meet. They do not have any humanity. What is the meaning of living for status? If you have gained the truth, even if you do not have status, you will be able to communicate the truth, bear witness to God and benefit and edify others. Regardless of what environment, you will be able to fulfill your duties and responsibilities. If you live like this, your heart will have comfort and enjoyment. Isn’t this meaningful? Man has conscience and reason. This feeling of conscience is very important, and it is related to spiritual matters. It is wondrous. This is the basic criterion for a human being. If man obtains the truth and everything is based on the truth, his conscience will be much more effective. If man has the principles and criteria of truth, he will be able to live out the likeness of a human being. This is completely in accordance with God’s will. How happy and enjoyable! If you believe in God for many years and you do not even have a normal humanity and are completely controlled by your satanic nature, you are a complete failure. If you do not have any truth at all, how much pain you will feel in your heart, living within darkness and grief. Is there any difference between this and hell?

The most crucial thing when it comes to believing in God is the way that someone pursues the truth. It does not matter how many years someone has believed in God. Religious pastors have all studied theology and they have preached for a lifetime yet they do not have a change in their life disposition. How could they have the likeness of a real man? If someone does not have the truth, regardless of what status they have or how much theology they have studied, it is meaningless. It just deceives and traps people. There are some people who are not cultured, yet they love to pursue the truth. If they hear that someone understands the truth and communicates realistically, they will hunger to get in touch with them. Their hearts constantly think of God’s words and seek the truth. Regardless of what difficulties they face, they pray to God and communicate with others. They rely on seeking the truth to resolve their issues. This kind of person is someone that pursues the truth. It will only take a few years for them to be able to obtain the truth and the changes. Obtaining the truth does not depend on how cultured someone is. The only things that matter are a person’s will and caliber. Those that obtain the truth are people who have reality. When you obtain a bit of the truth, you will change a bit. When you understand a bit of the truth, your perspective on things will change a bit. The way you talk and do things will change a bit. If you truly see through the darkness of the world, if you see through the essence and the source of the darkness of the world, the way you see the world will change. At this point, the tide of the world will no longer attract you. This is because you are not interested in the world. In fact, you will even hate it. Your heart has already returned to God. Satan won’t be able to entice you. Would you say that this person has changed? This is a very clear change. You should be able to see it.

If someone obtains the truth and is able to see through all sorts of people, when he looks at other people, he will not focus on external appearances and temperaments. Instead, he will focus on whether or not a person’s heart is good and whether he loves the truth. This is the most fundamental aspect. Has this person changed? His love and hate and his preference have already changed. Those who have the truth have principles when it comes to interacting with others. They are honest people and they are wise. The things they say are also very realistic. They do not say empty things, nor do they engage in empty conventional greetings. Moreover, they do not have a treacherous psychology, nor do they use tempting words. They say heartfelt and honest things that make others feel cozy and close. Have these people changed? Those with the truth frequently pray and seek when they fulfill their duties. They feel out God’s will and are able to accurately fulfill their duties according to God’s demands. In order to satisfy God and pay back God’s love, they do not allow themselves to just go through the motions. They are willing to suffer for putting the truth into practice. They only feel comforted in their conscience if they are devoted. Has this kind of person changed? Regardless of which aspect of the truth someone has obtained, he would be able to change somewhat. This is a fact. Those without the truth are unable to see through these matters. Only those with the truth are able to see through other people’s conditions and their words are accurate and in accordance with reality. Once we understand clearly all the aspects of the truth that God expresses, our perspectives will fundamentally and completely change. Our life disposition will be changed completely. At that time, we will be living out the likeness of a real man and we will have met the criteria of an honest person. This is what it means to be someone that has been perfected by God. These are the results that God aims to achieve for saving the human race with His work.

The goal of pursuing the truth is to become an honest person, a real man. If you want to become an honest person, a real man, you must pursue the truth. We are all people who have been corrupted by Satan. We are all clear about how poor, pitiful, foolish, ignorant, blind and dark the corrupt human race is. These people live in sin. They live to satisfy their fleshly desires. They selfishly and despicably live for themselves. They are no different from animals. After we have experienced God’s judgment and chastisement, we know our own corruption and we see God’s salvation. We are willing to follow and obey God. However, since our understanding of the truth is too lacking and we are not able to differentiate, we do not know how to act in accordance with the truth when we encounter all sorts of things. Our spiritual stature is actually too small. We are unable to do anything well. If God’s work truly ends at this moment and God no longer speaks to guide us, will we still be able to eat and drink God’s words and pursue the truth? Will we still be able to abide by God’s words and entrustment? Will we still be able to obey God until the end? Will we be devoted to and worship God? Will we be able to recognize God when He arrives? Will we be able to stand firm and survive? We really can’t say. We do not know how long we can last if He places us into the midst of disaster and trial. We cannot even say if we would be able to recognize God when He comes. Wouldn’t some people be deceived and deny God? Wouldn’t some people drift apart from God when the disaster arrives? During this time, all sorts of antichrists and deceivers will walk about, looking everywhere for someone to devour. If you do not have the truth, will you be able to respond to them? There are many problems and difficulties that will befall us. All sorts of disasters and refinements will befall us. Those without the truth will not be able to resolve them. For example, 1) the danger of all sorts of antichrists and deceivers requires the truth to be dealt with. If you do not have the truth, you will be unable to stand firm; 2) the danger of the work of all sorts of evil spirits requires the truth to be dealt with. Those without the truth will be unable to stand firm; 3) the danger of all sorts of religious deceivers requires the truth to be dealt with. If you do not have the truth, you will be unable to stand firm; 4) the danger of all sorts of evil cults and sorcery requires the truth to be dealt with. Those without the truth will be unable to stand firm; 5) the danger of being deceived by various signs and wonders or ghoulish phenomena requires the truth to be dealt with. If you do not have the truth, you will be unable to stand firm; 6) The danger of all kinds of disasters and death befalls us. Those without the truth will be unable to stand firm. Basically, everyone who does not have the truth can easily collapse into the midst of all kinds of disasters and refinement. Presently, the spiritual stature of God’s chosen people is still too small. The majority of people cannot even judge clearly whether the work arrangement or fellowship is from the above. They do not even have the ability to differentiate this. Isn’t this very pitiful? Some people even treat the person transmitting the work arrangement as an antichrist or deceiver. Not only does this kind of person not have the truth, but he does not even have a normal person’s sense. He is capable of running amok, doing evil and resisting God. Truly, this person does not have a bit of humanity. If they encounter these six aspects of disasters and trials, they definitely will not be able to stand firm. Inevitably, they will fall. Those who have the truth are, after all, a small minority. The majority of people do not have the truth because they do not pursue the truth. That is why it is very difficult for them to attain salvation.

Right now, it is very dangerous if you do not pursue the truth hard. If you wait until disasters and trials befall you, it will be too late. These disasters and trials have already befallen us. Some people have already collapsed. If you do not quickly equip yourself with the truth, I’m afraid the majority of people will be in danger. This is because the present environment is very vile. People already cannot enjoy normal supplying and watering. If there are no people who understand the truth watering and nourishing you, it is even harder to obtain the truth. For man to pursue the truth and attain salvation, he must work hard and pay a price before he can attain results. Being deceived and following antichrists does not require any effort and it does not require you to pursue the truth. If you just follow the crowd blindly you will end up in the abyss of hell. It is very easy to follow antichrists. Just seeing them, listening to their words and believing in them will cause you to go to hell. There is no need to pursue the truth. So simple! It is easy for Satan to corrupt men. It is difficult for God to save them. It is similar to the ease in which you get sick and the difficulty of getting cured. Which path will you choose? The path of pursuing the truth involves suffering and paying the price, but it also means that you will be saved. Craving for the path of comfort simplifies things. All you need to be is muddleheaded. Following antichrists does not involve pursuing the truth. As long as you listen to what they have to say and donate money to them, it is fine. Can you differentiate antichrists? As long as you ponder and understand clearly the following issues, it will be fine. Just which God do antichrists believe in? Who can tell this clearly? Actually, they believe in themselves. Are they people that obey the work of God? Do they have real experiences and testimonies? They are doubtful of God’s words and they judge and condemn the man used by the Holy Spirit. Isn’t this resisting God and dismantling the work of God? Has Almighty God borne witness to them? Has the Holy Spirit borne witness to them? Of the people amongst God’s chosen people that pursue the truth, how many acknowledge them? Are they people that bear witness to Almighty God and exalt Almighty God? Where are their words that exalt God and bear witness to God? Where is the manifestation of their obedience to God? Where are their conscience and reason? Do they obey the work of the man used by the Holy Spirit? What experience and testimony do they have that other people would acknowledge and praise? Can they communicate the truth out in the open and win over the majority of the people? Which aspect of the truth can they communicate clearly so that God’s chosen people will be able to truly benefit? Can they write a book that truly expresses experiencing and witnessing of Almighty God’s words and that would be recognized by God’s chosen people? From these questions, we can reach a verdict: They do not believe in Almighty God, much less obey the work of Almighty God. Moreover, they are not people that bear witness to God and exalt God. Instead, they are people that suspect, judge and blaspheme God. They also slander and attack the man used by the Holy Spirit. They are the main culprits that disturb and dismantle the work of Almighty God. They are evil demons that act ostentatiously and swindle, deceive, entice and control other people. They are degenerates that steal the offerings that God’s chosen people offer to Almighty God. They are satanic servants that maliciously attack God and oppose God. They are the enemies of God and they are the enemies of God’s chosen people. All sorts of antichrists are religious swindlers. They believe in themselves and they are a band of beggars living off the church. In various parts of the country, they have already cheated millions from the offerings that God’s chosen people have offered to God. Whoever follows these demons are traitors of God. In the end, they will meet with God’s punishment and curse and they will sink into oblivion and death. They definitely will not have a good ending. In this heated battle that is happening right now between God and Satan the great red dragon, Satan’s demise has already been determined by God a long time ago. Presently, Satan has already failed. Right now, they are in their final struggle. God’s chosen people must be clear about how they should pursue the truth and stand firm and bear witness!

June 15, 2009

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