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541 God Hopes More People Rise Up and Cooperate With Him

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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541 God Hopes More People Rise Up and Cooperate With Him

I hope that My brothers and sisters can all understand My heart, and I also hope that more “new recruits” are able to stand up and work with God to complete this work together. I believe that God will bless us, and I also believe that God will bestow upon Me more and more intimates so that I may travel to the ends of the earth and we may have even more love between us. I am more convinced that God will expand His kingdom due to our efforts, and I hope that our hard work reaches unprecedented levels so that God may gain even more young people. May we all pray more for this and beseech God without cease so that our lives are lived in front of Him, and that we are intimate with God. May there be no barriers amongst us, and may we all swear this oath in front of God: “To work unitedly! Devotion until the end! Never part, to always be together!” May My brothers and sisters set this determination in front of God so that our hearts do not stray and our wills are unwavering! Work hard for the sake of achieving God’s will. Give it everything you have! God absolutely will bless us!

Adapted from “The Path … (5)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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