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23. Satan’s Philosophies and Rules and the Great Red Dragon’s Toxins Must Be Resolved in Order to Receive Salvation and Attain the Transformation of Disposition

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23. Satan’s Philosophies and Rules and the Great Red Dragon’s Toxins Must Be Resolved in Order to Receive Salvation and Attain the Transformation of Disposition

After experiencing God’s work for a few years, most people would realize that real knowledge of oneself is reached by understanding the truth. Only when a person really understands the truth will he begin to really know himself. The meaning of knowing oneself is to know his satanic nature and essence and the true state of his corruption because Satan’s nature is inherent in corrupt mankind and they are filled with satanic disposition, which is generated by the principles of Satan’s philosophies and rules and the great red dragon’s toxins. Therefore, truly seeing the truth that corrupt mankind’s satanic nature is replete with Satan’s philosophies and rules and the great red dragon’s toxins, realizing that human nature is actually Satan’s nature and essence that resists and betrays God, that corrupt mankind has completely become Satan’s species, are the true understanding of oneself. Only by knowing his own satanic nature and essence and the true state of his corruption can one increasingly hate himself and detest the great red dragon, the demon. His desire for repentance will be even stronger and his pursuit of truth more urgent. It can be seen that it is by no means easy for one to truly know the satanic nature and essence of corrupt mankind and the true state of his corruption. Without experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement and the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination, corrupt mankind cannot see that his satanic nature is entirely comprised of Satan’s philosophy and the great red dragon’s toxins, let alone understand what the essence of human nature is. Only when one truly understands the truth, when he can clearly discern that many of Satan’s philosophies and the great red dragon’s toxins have fully become human nature and essence, can he truly understand that his own nature and essence is entirely Satan’s nature. It is exactly the nature of Satan that resists God and betrays God. Corrupt mankind is the descendants of Satan, the spawn of the great red dragon. At that time he will truly detest himself and hate the great red dragon, the demon even more. He will feel that corrupt mankind is too pitiable, really blind, ignorant and meritless. With such true hatred, man can start to implement betrayal of Satan, betrayal of the flesh and denial of himself to achieve true return to God. If man could understand the truth to achieve such a result, he would have had a true understanding of himself. Without a doubt, the true understanding of oneself is based on the understanding of the truth. Real knowledge of oneself is entirely the result of understanding the truth.

Only by pursuing the truth to understand the truth can one really know himself. Those who do not pursue the truth will never truly know themselves and never beget true repentance and enter life experience. People with too little life experience can hardly reach a true understanding of themselves. Some people also realize that knowing oneself is very important for entering the reality of truth. However, because they do not understand the truth, they rigidly adhere to the rules and regulations and go through the formality. They just talk about some theories of knowing oneself to make people think that they really know themselves and have progress. In fact, such people do not have a real understanding of the truth to know themselves. For a real understanding of the truth, one must experience the judgment and chastisement of God’s word and receive the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. This is the way to understand the truth. In practicing and experiencing God’s word, if one can discover himself revealing too much corruption with too much resistance to God, seeing how corrupt he is after encountering many failures and setbacks, he will be convinced then because he finds it very hard to practice the truth, obey God and love God. Only then will he admit that he has no reality of the truth, that he has been so deeply corrupted that he no longer resembles a human being, that he sees Satan’s nature in himself indeed. This is the fruition achievable only after years of experiencing God’s work. If he can continue to pursue the truth by practicing and experiencing God’s word, persisting in pursuit of the truth regardless of how many times he has failed and how much corruption he has revealed, when he truly understands the truth, he will realize the essence of his satanic nature that dislikes and opposes the truth. Although he has yet to really practice the truth, he has preliminarily achieved the effects of understanding the truth and knowing himself. If he experiences it until he sees the lovely aspects of God and begins to generate a love for the truth, he will feel the accusation of his conscience if he stops practicing the truth or starts transgressing. As soon as he stops practicing the truth, his heart will be grilled by pain and regrets. This shows that he has the motive force to practice the truth, and he will gradually be able to practice the truth. When one is able to practice the truth, it is when he enters the reality of truth. The life disposition of people who can practice the truth has started to change, and they already have the heart of revering God and the reality of obeying God. These are the real life experiences and real process to know oneself of those who truly pursue the truth. When one’s experience reaches the point that he cannot betray and abandon the truth under whatever circumstances, the truth has already become a part of his life. Isn’t this the true situation of the transformation of disposition? Without several years of experience in pursuing the truth, one cannot really get to know himself. If one believes in God without experiencing God’s work or pursuit of the truth, it is very difficult to achieve true understanding of oneself. It is very difficult for such a person to enter the reality of the truth.

Now all God’s chosen people who really experience God’s work are willing to pursue the truth to enter reality. They lack a thorough understanding of their own natures and essence and the true state of their corruption because their understanding of the truth is too shallow. Therefore, they lack discernment in many things and about various people. They cannot discern the essence of the problems. This is a normal phenomenon. Before really understanding and gaining the truth, people appear to be so ignorant and pitiable. There are many highly educated and knowledgeable people who are helpless with the truth. If one only has cultural quality but does not have the truth, he is unable to help others, let alone resolve the practical problems in life experience. It is hard to move an inch without the truth. No lofty culture and knowledge can replace the truth. Only the truth can be human life so that one can transcend Satan’s influence of darkness and perform the duty well as a created being. Only by understanding the truth can one betray Satan and turn to the light from darkness and truly return to God for salvation.

In order to let God’s chosen people understand the truth soon to attain true knowledge of themselves, Satan’s philosophies and rules and the great red dragon’s toxins are summarized as follows for people to understand and dissect. This is certainly beneficial for people to understand the truth and reach a true understanding of themselves. Without understanding the truth, people will never really know themselves. Without understanding the truth, people will never have true repentance. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t truly understand the truth and know himself is definitely not someone who truly obeys God. He is definitely not someone who has been saved by God. This is something that God’s chosen people must know clearly. To attain a true understanding of oneself, one must be able to discern Satan’s philosophies and rules and the great red dragon’s toxins. Corrupt humans are all descendants of Satan and the spawn of the great red dragon. Corrupt mankind is definitely tainted by more than a modicum of Satan’s philosophy and the great red dragon’s toxins. The utterly corrupt mankind is surely replete with Satan’s disposition and philosophy and the great red dragon’s toxins of all sorts. The nature of corrupt mankind is made up of numerous philosophies of Satan and toxins of the great red dragon. So, the control of man by such satanic nature shows its enormous evil power. It is an evil malignant tumor made up of the special combination of Satan’s philosophy and the great red dragon’s toxins that utterly controls the human flesh (including the human mind and thoughts), completely rendering him Satan’s kind and puppet. This is how Satan’s descendants and the great red dragon’s offspring are engendered. When we see clearly the truth of corrupt mankind’s evil nature and essence, we will work harder to pursue the truth and succeed in seeing how absurd, preposterous and evil Satan’s philosophy and the great red dragon’s toxins are. This way, we will naturally realize our nature and essence and the true state of our corruption. This is the correct way to truly know ourselves. Only by truly realizing the absurd and evil essence of our satanic nature, followed by a real hatred of ourselves, a will to betray the flesh, through our efforts to pursue the truth, accept the truth to enter the reality of truth, the fortress of Satan’s nature within ourselves can be naturally disintegrated to let God’s word, the truth completely occupy our entirety, to make the truth become our lives. Only this is truly receiving salvation and being made perfect.

The 100 most conspicuous Satan’s philosophies and rules in corrupt mankind’s nature are as follows:

1. There has never been any Savior.

2. Fight for every inch of land and seize every bit you can get.

3. Silence is golden, speech is silver, and he who talks a lot errs a lot.

4. A great man knows when to yield and when to push forward.

5. Never slap other people in the face or scold them for their shortcomings.

6. Live life on autopilot.

7. Officials do not make things difficult for those who bear gifts.

8. The priest climbs a hundred feet, but the devil climbs a thousand.

9. One more friend means one more path; one more enemy means one more obstacle.

10. More children, more blessings.

11. The less trouble, the better.

12. Life is short. Enjoy it while you can.

13. The bold die of gluttony; the timid die of starvation.

14. Words are but wind; seeing is believing.

15. A butcher becomes a Buddha the moment he drops his cleaver.

16. Think before you speak and then talk with reservation.

17. Each person sweeps the snow from their own doorsteps; they do not bother with the frost on their neighbor’s roof.

18. Every person shares responsibility for the fate of their country.

19. Imps fear demons, and demons fear devils.

20. One should bring honor to his ancestors.

21. The good die young while the evil live a thousand years.

22. As swift legs make a good horse, a slick tongue makes a good man.

23. It is better to have a slick tongue than to have strong arms and legs.

24. A lie will become the truth if it’s repeated ten thousand times.

25. Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs.

26. Everybody cheats. The guy who wins is the one that avoids getting caught.

27. It is never too late for a gentleman to take his revenge.

28. Speak out of both sides of one’s mouth.

29. Teachers are the engineers of the human soul.

30. Money isn’t everything, but without it, you can do nothing.

31. Money is first, and the customer is king.

32. Keeping silent on the faults of good friends makes for a long and good friendship.

33. Science is truth.

34. How much is conscience worth?

35. Bury yourself in the classics and ignore what is going on beyond your immediate surroundings.

36. As a small mind makes no gentleman, a real man is not without venom.

37. Heaven is unfair.

38. Heaven has no eyes.

39. One should be given credit for hard work, if not for merit.

40. One’s destiny is in his own hand.

41. Food is Heaven for the people.

42. When ignorance is bliss, it is foolish to be wise.

43. You have one thousand strategies, and I have my basic principles.

44. Wicked men would rather kill a thousand innocent men than spare one potential enemy.

45. I’d rather betray than be betrayed.

46. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. It’s lonely at the top.

47. Officials are just looking out for number one, not the public.

48. The nail that sticks up the most gets hammered down.

49. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

50. One with great power cannot defeat a local villain.

51. Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost.

52. Man will do anything to get rich.

53. Seize the day for pleasure, for life is short.

54. As a tree lives for its bark, a man lives for his face.

55. Men are not saints; how can they be free from faults?

56. Man is not inanimate; how can he be free from emotions?

57. Man can conquer nature and fight against heaven and earth.

58. All lay loads on a willing horse.

59. We will not attack unless we are attacked;

if we are attacked, we will certainly counterattack.

60. A man leaves his name behind wherever he stays, just as a goose utters its cry wherever it flies.

61. Mankind makes history.

62. Compromise will make a conflict much easier to resolve.

63. There’s no use in beheading an executed man; be lenient wherever it is possible.

64. A murderer must pay with his life, but he who coaxes one to death does not need to pay with life.

65. While the higher authorities have policies, the localities have their counter-measures.

66. Men should always strive to be better than their contemporaries.

67. Legitimacy belongs to the winner; the losers are always in the wrong.

68. A wise man submits to circumstances.

69. Blood is thicker than water.

70. Let things drift if they do not affect one personally; stay quiet for self-protection and seek only to escape blame.

71. Through studying you will gain success, and fortune will follow.

72. Speak good words in harmony with others’ feelings and reason, as being frank annoys others.

73. Let those who comply with me thrive and those who resist me perish.

74. One may do whatever he pleases without fear of interference.

75. I am my own lord throughout heaven and earth.

76. Heaven is the greatest King, and I am the second greatest King.

77. We put faith in prophets from afar, not in those we know.

78. To be a scholar is to be at the top of society.

79. Make a compromise to preserve your own existence.

80. I am a hoodlum; I fear no one.

81. Lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans.

82. The county official can’t order people around like the local one can.

83. The soft-hearted will suffer disasters.

84. You must win your own happiness.

85. A dumb person entering a temple kowtows more and speaks less—without fault.

86. When a person is promoted to a higher, more influential position, it leads to the good fortune of his family and relatives.

87. Ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

88. Say “I don’t know” to every question, and you’ll be beyond reproach.

89. He who can take advantage of others but does not is a bastard.

90. One can have anything but illness, and one can be without anything but money.

91. Use power when you have it, because after it’s gone, you can’t use it.

92. Whoever gives me money is my father, and whoever feeds me is my mother.

93. Money makes the world go round.

94. A great man is magnanimous.

95. The Creator fools man.

96. Religion is the opiate of the masses.

97. Kill the roots and branches before trouble can spread.

98. Knowledge is power.

99. Turn a blind eye to things.

100. A big reward will make the brave come forward.

The 150 most commonly revealed great red dragon’s toxins of corrupt mankind are as follows:

I. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Denying God and Doubting God

1. Somehow, God’s existence seems illusive to him. His belief in God is conditioned upon visibility. Since God’s acts are invisible, so his belief is half-hearted;

2. He has doubts about God’s almightiness and dominance because he only sees the outrageous and perverse acts of the devil Satan, the great red dragon, against heaven by blatantly and insanely resisting God;

3. He only believes that fate is in his own hands, but does not believe that God dominates all. So he can only rely on his own efforts to pursue happiness;

4. He only believes that all his belongings are acquired through his hard work. He does not see them as the decrees, gifts and blessings of God;

5. He regards anyone who can save him from disasters and death as God. He deems life above Heaven;

6. He only acknowledges the existence of God when the Holy Spirit is at work in him. Otherwise, he doubts the existence of God and becomes pessimistic and withdrawn;

7. He is not interested in practicing the truth and obeying God’s work because he doesn’t see God’s blessing. So he lacks motivation, doubts God and loses faith;

8. He only believes that the heavenly God rules over everything, and the practical God on earth can only work by speaking. He doesn’t know the divine essence of Christ;

9. Without miracles, there is no God. He only recognizes God by miracles and wonders, but fails to know that God’s omnipotence is His words fulfilling everything;

10. He does not believe that God is almighty and He is the true God until the time of God’s public appearance. He doubts about the power and authority of God’s word.

II. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Disobeying God’s Work

1. In believing in God, he always wants to make deals with God. He wants God near when he has use of God. Otherwise, he alienates God, resists God, and denies God;

2. In times of adversity, he asks God for rescue by changing the circumstances. In favorable times, he harbors extravagant expectations of God. When he is given an inch, he wants a foot. He does whatever he wants;

3. He doesn’t pursue the truth in his belief in God. He always seeks carnal comfort and pleasure. He covets status, fame, fortune and vanity. He believes in God for enjoyment and security;

4. When he has difficulties, he only looks to God in heaven, but never prays to God on earth. He treats the practical God as a man;

5. He believes in God but disobeys God’s work. He does not accept pruning and dealing. He refuses judgment, chastisement, trials and refinement;

6. The word of God always falls to deaf ears. He never considers God’s intention or pursues the truth to enter reality;

7. He only treats the words of God that he can accept, that agree with man’s notions as the truth, and disregards the words of God that disagree with man’s notions;

8. He only asks God to work according to his notions to fulfill him. He never pursues to obey God, love God and satisfy God;

9. In his heart, there are only men of high positions, enormous power and great fame. He worships and follows man without revering God as the greatest and highest;

10. He only goes by man’s notions and imagination to believe in God without accepting God’s word, the truth. He is even less serious about eating and drinking God’s word and doesn’t pay attention to entering the reality of truth.

III. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Resisting God When Performing One’s Duty

1. He makes demands of God for performing his duty, and asks for rewards and blessings for expending and paying some prices and suffering a little for God;

2. When he performs his duty, he always wants to flaunt ingenuity and superiority, and he engages in new tricks to show off his ability but doesn’t pay attention to practicing the truth and pleasing God;

3. When performing his duty, he is arbitrary, freewheeling and uninhibited. He does whatever he wants and pursues his so-called freedom;

4. He wants to boast about the little bit of loyalty he shows. He bears witness to himself everywhere to be highly regarded. He wants to be superior and let God know when he has made some contributions;

5. He performs his duties invariably by cheating from the top down and from the bottom up. He tries to be the good news bearer by hiding bad news. He always deceives God with perfunctory performances without repentance;

6. He does everything in the name of God’s family to make people accept and obey him. He does it for his own benefits, not for God’s chosen people;

7. After doing something practical for the church and making a little dedication to God, he puts on airs and becomes insubordinate to everyone. He even demands great fortunes and blessings from God;

8. He is content with doing a few good deeds and duties for God’s family to prove that he truly believes in God, but does not want to gain the truth and be perfected by God;

9. He does his duties just for his own benefits and blessings, not to practice the truth, not to obey God, and not for gaining the truth and the life;

10. He does his duty not to requite God’s love. He enjoys God’s grace yet does not have a grateful heart. He only focuses on the final reward and blessings.

IV. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Loathing and Detesting the Truth

1. He believes in God by making perfunctory efforts and tagging along. He does not study the true way or seek the truth. He does not believe in God for gaining the truth and the life;

2. With God’s word, he is content with merely understanding doctrines. He does not seek the truth to know God’s work and all about what God has and what God is;

3. He is lukewarm to the work and salvation of God. He turns a blind eye whenever he can. He pursues neither the truth nor knowledge of God;

4. He is unable to wholeheartedly devote to God’s work or devote himself entirely. He is always calculating how his destiny and outcome will be;

5. He only believes in God in concept. He is still searching in the Bible and probing in concepts and vagueness. He cannot keep up with God’s footsteps;

6. He is always skeptical about God’s word. He only fully believes in what conforms to his notions and imagination. He denies and renounces anything that doesn’t conform to his notions and imagination;

7. He always deems the God in heaven as paramount and the God on earth as insignificant by treating Him as a man. He doesn’t understand the meaning of incarnation;

8. He is selective in eating and drinking God’s words. He only likes God’s words of blessing and promise. He dislikes God’s words about judgment, chastisement, pruning and dealing;

9. He only treats the words of God as truth that he can accept and practice, but denies all God’s words that he is unwilling to accept and practice;

10. His faith in God only focuses on the quest for being compatible with the vague God, not on the pursuit of being compatible with the practical God incarnate—Christ.

V. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Being Arrogant and Irrational

1. He always speaks grossly and unrealistically. He is particularly conceited and self-righteous. He does not reflect on himself no matter how much he contradicts the reality of truth;

2. He likes listening to compliments even if they are unrealistic, but dislikes listening to harsh words even when they conform to the truth;

3. He never accepts pruning and dealing, even if what people say is consistent with the truth. He denies and rejects these in fear of losing dignity and prestige;

4. He often hypes, boasts and exaggerates. Whatever he lacks, he insists that he has. Whenever he is wrong, he insists that he is right. He is particularly arrogant and self-righteous;

5. With a little understanding of doctrines, a little experience, and the ability to preach a little sermon, he assumes that he has the truth and has been made perfect. So he is subordinate to no one;

6. He does not admire the humbleness of Christ in his heart, but worships the false shepherd and antichrist who are gifted. He listens only to man, follows man and disobeys God;

7. He refuses to accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s word. He is an untouchable beast. He treats anyone who accuses, exposes and criticizes him as enemies;

8. He is opinionated. He regards his own imagination and what he thinks is right or good as the truth and make others accept and acknowledge them;

9. He denies and rejects anything others say, no matter how much it conforms to the truth and possesses the illumination and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. He only believes that he is right and possesses the truth;

10. He does not accept the leadership and service of any man. He only hopes that God would lead in person, as if he listens only to God, but actually he does not practice God’s word, the truth.

VI. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Taking the Wrong Path of His Own and Neglecting His Duties

1. He is content with the understanding of letters and doctrines. He assumes that winning the admiration of others by working and delivering sermons qualifies him as a believer for receiving God’s salvation;

2. He always demands others to practice the truth, but he himself does not do so. He is demanding on others but accommodating to himself;

3. He dislikes the truth, always pursues status, fame and fortune. He also lusts for money and worships power. He would rather be the servant of evil than the servant of the truth;

4. He does not examine or be serious about the way he believes in God. Rather, he always pays special attention to the outcome of his destiny in every thought;

5. He wants to gain the truth but doesn’t want to endure the hardship. He would pay any price, including going to hell, in pursuit of fame and fortune, especially in advocating status and power;

6. He would rather be eliminated and go to hell than speaking the truth, doing practical things and being an honest person. He just goes his own way and disregards life and death. He would rather die than give in;

7. His vows to God and determination are for show. But behind the scene, he doesn’t practice the truth at all, much less want to do his duty well to please God;

8. He doesn’t pursue the truth in his belief in God. He always engages in business deals with God and wants to use God. His relationship with God is only a naked relationship of interests;

9. He only focuses on wining and dining. He compares with others in dining, clothing and enjoyment. He just doesn’t compare with others in pursuing the truth and entering the reality of truth;

10. He never pays attention to communicating the truth and knowing himself. He feigns moral high ground and prestige by avoiding to lay himself bare and dissect himself.

VII. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Being Hypocritical, Crooked and Deceitful

1. He is dishonest. He does one thing in front of people and another behind them. He says agreeable things and does the worst things. His appearance of humility and patience belies his insidious nature;

2. He distrusts others because of his own untrustworthiness. He mistrusts those who practice the truth, the man used by the Holy Spirit, and he even mistrusts God;

3. He likes to display outward meekness and engage in secret rebellion. He is hypocritical and deceptive. He often gives false testimony or even fabricates falsity disguised as the truth to deceive others;

4. He dislikes the truth but pretends to practice the truth. In front of people, he would say something about knowing oneself and seek the truth in frivolous things;

5. His prayers to God are always ingratiating words to cajole God, but he doesn’t truly worship and please God;

6. He only practices outward piety and patience to act like a real man. He doesn’t have a shred of reality of truth and he practices hypocrisy and tries his best to disguise himself;

7. He only pays attention to speech and behavior to act like a real man, doesn’t practice the truth, and lacks transformation in disposition, yet he even wants to be approved and blessed by God;

8. He doesn’t practice the truth at all, and he even uses sophistry to explain himself. He buys hearts and minds with small favors to maintain his status and reputation;

9. He speaks letters and doctrines and falsehood to deceive others. He makes false impression to conceal the facts. He misleads others to assume that he is exceptional by making himself inscrutable;

Let things drift if they do not affect one personally; stay quiet for self-protection and seek only to escape blame.

VIII. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Disliking the Truth and Acting Wildly

1. He only likes and values those people who know how to flatter and ingratiate themselves, but he hates and rejects honest people who speak the truth and do practical things;

2. As soon as he has practiced some truth and obedience, he looks down upon others. When there is a little result in his work, he becomes so arrogant that he magnifies himself and loses his regard for God;

3. He always wants to meet God face to face. If he sees God do things, he will be aching to act as an avant-garde lest he not be seen and rewarded by God;

4. He has no love for brothers and sisters. He engages in intrigues, mistrust, overt and covert struggles. He is unable to get along with others normally;

5. He only focuses on being pious to parents and living in family love but loathes practicing the truth to obey and worship God. He is outrageously rebellious;

6. He does not pursue the truth to enter reality. Instead, he scrutinizes the work of God’s family, looking for split ends in hair;

7. Despite his reckless acts and evil deeds, he expects to be exempted from expulsion. If he is rejected and abandoned, he will become bitterly resentful and engage in negative resistance. He is so utterly unreasonable;

8. When believing in God, he never considers the word of God as the truth, but believes in Satan’s philosophy, rule, logic, and the so-called maxims of wisdom;

9. “As long as I did not commit homicide, arson, robbery or adultery, I am not a wicked person. The church has no right to expel me.” He is so utterly unreasonable;

10. “I have believed in God for a long time and suffered more than others. I understand more about the truth. I should be chosen to lead. Otherwise, it is unjust.”

IX. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Being Selfish, Despicable and Carnally Obsessed

1. Human nature is full of satanic disposition that is all egocentric, selfish and despicable, yet he always assumes that he is virtuous and superior to others;

2. Humans are too selfish. They fight for fame and fortune and their own livelihood. They don’t care a whit for brothers and sisters, much less want to be considerate of God’s intention;

3. He never gives his heart to God. He always fears fleshly suffering and the loss of enjoyment. He doesn’t pursue the truth at all. He doesn’t understand God, and he even misunderstands God;

4. He always has many demands of and extravagant desires with God, that is, he wants to gain the truth without experiencing the work of God. He is so insensible;

5. Man does not love the truth. He doesn’t deem God as great. He even loves his children and spouse above all else and lives under the domain of Satan;

6. His only concern in following God is whether he can receive blessings and avoid disasters. If he encounters trials and refinement, he will negatively retreat and complain;

7. Most of what people do is for their own benefits and blessings. Few of them is to do God’s will, obey and satisfy God;

8. The selfishness of man is too great. He will stop at nothing for what he can enjoy in front of his eyes, and to pursue profits. He puts profits above the truth;

9. He dislikes the truth. He does not practice God’s word but holds on to Satan’s philosophy and follows the satanic rule of “taking advantages without risks”;

10. For those who truly believe in God, he does not make them dear to him, but he treats the relatives of his flesh as dearest. He does not have the slightest bit of reality of the truth.

X. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Pursuing Fame and Status

1. With a little status, he is obsessed with enjoying the benefit of status and does not do any practical work. He is content with talking about theories and issuing orders to deal with God’s chosen people;

2. He would rather go to hell for the sake of enjoying the benefit of status than lose a strand of hair for God’s praise;

3. He wants a foot when he is given an inch. After gaining status, he even wants to be on equal footing with God. For desire of the benefit of status, he strives to maintain his status in fear of ruination one day;

4. Being the leader of the church, he wants God’s chosen people to rally around him. His practice is centered upon himself that treats God’s chosen people as slaves and objects of domination;

5. He only lets others sing praises to him but forbids any disclosure or criticism by them. He always engages in falsehood and things that have nothing to do with the truth, but he assumes that he is expending and performing his duties for God;

6. Having gained status, he does not do any practical work or solve any practical problems. He only indulges in the benefit of status with total disregard of the lives of others. He has no conscience at all;

7. He does not pay attention to solving problems with the truth. He only pays attention to going through the formality and ceremony without seeking practical results. He performs his duties in a perfunctory manner to deceive God;

8. His corrupted nature is filled with Satan’s disposition. He is only concerned with attaining the highest position and being number one. He refuses to be inferior to or under anyone. He never obeys others;

9. “Since I’ve become the leader, whatever I say is final and people must obey. Otherwise, I won’t be the leader. I cannot function without power”;

10. When he has attained a little position and learned to speak some literal theories, he acts arrogantly and lawlessly. He looks down upon anyone.

XI. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin That Makes Man So Weak That He Only Drags Out An Ignoble Existence

1. He lives without ambition, perseverance and motivation. He often retreats pessimistically, entrenched in a slave mentality;

2. In front of the truth, he is always cowardly, incompetent, contemptible and fragile. He does not abhor the forces of darkness. He lacks the courage to renounce darkness for the light;

3. He is always shy and afraid of humiliation. He is so concerned with his decency that he has no courage to expose and analyze himself. Practicing the truth is too difficult for him;

4. His dignity is more important than anything. He can refuse pruning, dealing, judgment and chastisement. His dignity and decency are above all else;

5. In favorable times, he makes and proclaims determination. Once he encounters adversity, everything is written off and he begrudges and resists God;

6. He has no true love for God. When circumstances are comfortable or profitable, he is totally obedient to God. Upon setbacks and failures, he complains against God;

7. He only wants to be saved for believing in God, but he cannot endure any pain or refinement to gain the truth and the life. He just wants to enter the kingdom by merely understanding doctrines;

8. People exhibit a bit of love for God for fear of punishments, not for pursuit of the truth, of knowing God and truly loving God;

9. She only pays attention to caring for her husband and children, being a good wife and mother, but ignores entering the reality of the truth. Yet she still desires God’s blessings and praises;

10. He will not go forward without someone’s support. He becomes pessimistic with a little hardship. He convalesces protractedly with a little illness. When he experiences a little setback, he complains profusely.

XII. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Serving God But Resisting God

1. He emphasizes on fame, fortune and status, likes to engage in falsehood, grandiloquence and pageantry. He is over-ambitious, full of imagination, and detached from the reality of the truth;

2. He particularly adores Paul and likes to preach, especially high-brow sermon. He shows off his knowledge and talent to make people admire, esteem and follow him;

3. He regards preaching as his highest duty. He pays attention to safeguarding his own image and prestige to become the “kingpin” in the family of God;

4. He serves God without holding God high and witnessing God. He always wants to do great things, make big strides and perform great work for God to think highly of him, so he will be rewarded and blessed;

5. Acting as the church’s leader, he does not care a whit about God’s intention. Instead, he is always concerned about his own status in people’s eyes and how they feel about him;

6. He serves God with his natural instinct. He always believes that his own liking and will are what God wants and pleases. He always wants to represent God;

7. After acting as a leader for several years, he feels that he is so capable that everyone must obey and listen to him, as if for him to live is Christ and God;

8. When he can communicate a little bit of the truth by having a little bit of the Holy Spirit’s work, he assumes that he is almost comparable with God. He looks down upon everyone and wishes to enjoy the status of God;

9. When he attains status in the family of God, he believes that he is superior to anyone, that he should enjoy more than anyone, and wants to receive a hundred fold in this world;

10. He doesn’t solve problems with the truth. He only deals with the problems according to doctrines, rules and regulations. He does whatever he pleases according to emotional preferences, just to maintain his status and power.

XIII. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Judging and Resisting God’s Work

1. He always delimits God’s work, often saying “God does not work like this, God does not work like that, God can only do it like this or that”;

2. He always measures God’s word and work with his own knowledge and doctrines, so certain that the depth and breadth of his knowledge is no less than those of the truth;

3. He is always on guard and skeptical about the work and leadership of God’s family. He does not believe in the effects of God’s work and the existence of the truth;

4. He never holds God high or witnesses God. He only talks about the letters and doctrines and bears false testimony to deceive people, trying to establish his own image for people to obey and worship;

5. He is always jealous and resentful of those who have the reality of the truth by acting cynically toward them while he utterly disdains and suppresses those who lacks the reality of the truth;

6. He is jealous and hateful toward those in high positions that he even attacks and judges them while he looks down upon and rejects those without status by treating them as nonhumans;

7. He is always suspicious that in God’s family it is neither God nor the truth that is in power, rather, corrupt mankind and its work are in power. He does not see God’s work;

8. He is always suspicious and at odds with the man used by the Holy Spirit. He cannot truly accept and obey the work arrangement and sermonic communications of the above;

9. He is so fastidious and nitpicking about the work of the man used by the Holy Spirit. He does not see the Holy Spirit’s use of him;

10. He always thinks that the work of God’s family is done by man, that God’s chosen people are following and obeying man instead of obeying God’s work.

XIV. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Stubbornly Following the Path of the Antichrist

1. With little gift and knowledge, he thinks that he is so honorable that he is the favorite son of God, as if he is not much lower than God;

2. With a little bit of status and knowledge, he tries his best to exhibit and exalt himself. He cannot wait to be treated as God by others;

3. He serves God in name but he is actually doing his own business, always maintaining his own status and power and going great distance to work for himself;

4. As his status becomes higher, so are his demands on God. He is so filled with extravagant desires that he has no regard for the lives of God’s chosen people;

5. After working for many years, the more he understands the doctrines, the more covert and cunning his requirements of God have become. He is always harboring evil plots to spy on God’s intentions;

6. He always feels that he is more important and better than others so he does not submit to anyone. He is a “king” in God’s family, whom everyone must obey and listen to;

7. His desire for status is undying. He always wants to be a big shot in high position, above millions and under only one. He is unwilling to be humble;

8. Having a little knowledge, he wants to be above others. When believing in God, he demands to be a leader. Otherwise, he won’t stop complaining and blaming God for injustice;

9. In the family of God, he only obeys certain people or God alone, and refuses to obey the rest. He is a law unto himself;

10. He adheres to Satan’s philosophy that nothing great can be accomplished without lies and he makes rumors and slanders against others in order to gain the upper hand and build an independent kingdom.

XV. The Aspect of the Great Red Dragon’s Toxin of Directly Resisting God

1. When he is being pruned and dealt with for having committed an untold number of bad deeds, he still manages to distort the facts and turns black-and-white on its head with lies, sophistry, makes false alarms and complaints of injustice;

2. He is pompous and grandiloquent, jealous of virtue and envious of talent. He attempts to expand his power and stake a claim in kingdom by eradicating dissent and ganging up for selfish motives;

3. In order to attack others and put them in desperate positions, he always resorts to circuitous accusations, framing and shifting blames onto others, taking joy in the killing of others;

4, In order to fix and retaliate against others, he wantonly convicts others by distorting the facts and framing. He has no lack of excuses to assign guilt to others;

5. The higher the position he reaches as a leader, the more arrogant and domineering he becomes. He wants to singlehandedly control the world and attempts to vie for parity with God;

6. With the attainment of status, he implements the rule that “Let those who comply with me thrive and those who resist me perish.” “I am the best in the world,” allowing no one to defy him”;

7. However much the grace of God he has enjoyed, he never thinks of requital. When he encounters some minor pruning and dealing, or setbacks, his frustration turns into anger and he even takes revenge on the family of God;

8. After experiencing God’s work a few years, he does not feel the love of God at all. If he encounters adversity or get arrested, he will sell out the leaders and workers of the church;

9. “As long as I believe in God, I cannot be expelled regardless of how I believe or how many bad deeds I have committed. If I don’t receive blessings, I will make trouble for God’s family unceasingly”;

10. After gaining status, he wants to control God’s chosen people by engaging in conspiracies, top-down deception and ganging up in an attempt to establish an independent kingdom.

The above stated 100 Satan’s philosophies and rules and 150 great red dragon’s toxins are the real evidence of man’s utter corruption and man being descendants of Satan and offspring of the great red dragon. This is a fact that no one can deny. If one truly realizes that mankind is indeed utterly corrupted, that the satanic nature of man permeates Satan’s philosophies and rules and the great red dragon’s toxins, then he can really hate the great red dragon and Satan, further cherish God’s word and pursue the truth, really turn his back on Satan and the great red dragon, and completely escape from Satan’s power. The nature of corrupt mankind is full of Satan’s philosophies and rules and the great red dragon’s toxins. So the nature of corrupt mankind is a nature that resists and betrays God. As it is said in God’s word: “The nature of man inherently is hostile to God, for all men have been thoroughly corrupted by Satan. Nothing good can come of a corrupt man associating with God. All actions and words of man will surely expose his corruption; and when he associates with God, his rebelliousness will be revealed in all aspects. Man then unknowingly opposes Christ, deceives Christ, and rejects Christ; then will man be in an even more dangerous state. Should it continue, he will become subject to punishment.” “Man’s corrupt disposition stems from his being poisoned and trampled upon by Satan, from the egregious harm that Satan has inflicted upon his thinking, morality, insight, and sense. It is precisely because these fundamental things of man have been corrupted by Satan, and are utterly unlike how God originally created them, that man opposes God and does not understand the truth.” “After being corrupted by Satan, man became a beast: His thoughts were filled with evil and filth, without good or holiness. Is this not Satan?” “The reason that man opposes God stems, on the one hand, from the corrupt disposition of man, and on the other hand, from ignorance of God and lack of understanding of the principles of God’s work and His will toward man. These two aspects merge into a history of man’s resistance to God.

To believe in God for salvation from Satan’s influence, one must focus on eating and drinking God’s word for an understanding of the truth in order to really see the true state of man’s utter corruption, to see the real root of the world’s evil and darkness. This way, they will know clearly that mankind really needs God’s salvation, needs to know themselves and reflect on themselves. Knowing oneself is achieved by pursuing the truth. Man will truly know himself when he really understands the truth. So, understanding the truth is the basis for knowing oneself. Those who do not pursue the truth will never really know themselves. Then look at those arrogant and insensible people in the family of God who even want to vie for power in the church and compete with God for His chosen people. They do so all because they don’t pursue the truth, embark on the path of the antichrist. Look at those nefarious false leaders and antichrists, none of them is someone who really understands the truth or know himself, someone who truly expends and does his part for God, someone who is faithful to God, someone who really does practical things for God’s chosen people, or someone with a conscience who can resolve practical problems. The reason why these people stubbornly walk the path of the antichrist is totally because of their disinterest in and detestation of the truth. Those who are full of Satan’s philosophy and the toxin of the great red dragon are authentic descendants of the great red dragon and Satan. As the word of God says, “The manifestations of the great red dragon are resistance to Me, lack of understanding and comprehension of the meanings of My words, frequent persecution of Me, and seeking to use schemes to interrupt My management. Satan is manifested as follows: struggling with Me for power, wanting to possess My chosen people, and releasing negative words to deceive My people. … Satan, the devil, and the archangel are all typical demonstrations of the great red dragon, so those who are not predestined and chosen by Me are all offspring of the great red dragon: That is absolutely so! These are all My enemies. … The great red dragon I speak of is not a big red dragon; rather it is the evil spirit in opposition to Me, for which the ‘great red dragon’ is a synonym. So all the spirits outside of the Holy Spirit are evil spirits, and can also be said to be offspring of the great red dragon. This should all be crystal clear to everyone.” Those who truly believe in God and pursue the truth should draw lessons from the failures of false leaders and the antichrist. If man does not pursue the truth and forsake his flesh, he is liable of resisting God at any time, unwittingly becoming a nefarious demon, and incurring God’s punishment. Since man has Satan’s nature, based on the essence of corrupt mankind, its corrupt disposition tends to resist and oppose God. If man does not always pray to God and truly rely on God to forsake the flesh and overcome Satan, it is very difficult to be saved from Satan’s influence. It is not a simple matter to escape the entanglement and control of Satan’s nature. If man does not obey God’s work, does not eat and drink God’s word, does not really pray to God and interact with God, it is too easy for him to do many things against God and embark on the path of the antichrist.

The satanic nature of man is a nature that resists and betrays God. The satanic nature of man is a pernicious tumor composed of Satan’s philosophy and all kinds of the great red dragon’s toxins. The more such toxins a person accumulates within, the more insanely viciously he will resist God, and the more brutally he will suppress and persecute God’s chosen people. Why does man always do evil against God when he believes in God? Why does he bully and suppress God’s chosen people when he has status, and resist God even as he serves God? Why do believers of God worship Paul and unknowingly embark on the path of the antichrist? It is mainly due to too many of Satan’s philosophies and too many of the great red dragon’s toxins in them. In false leaders and antichrists, we can see typical real-life examples of the great red dragon’s demonic reign, and in antichrists we can see the ten most typical strains of toxins of the great red dragon that completely represent the great red dragon’s image:

1. His principles are “I am number one in the world. I obey no one. He who submits to me will prosper; he who defies me will perish. I am lawless, and I am a law onto myself.”

2. He is inordinately arrogant. He enjoys bragging, hyping, and boasting. He endeavors to establish his own image for people to worship him like God.

3. He fights against heaven, earth and people. He desires to subdue, possess and exploit mankind for his own purpose, to be the minions and tools of the devil.

4. He is specifically hostile to God, and he acts perversely against Heaven and humanity. He advocates evil and promotes heresy to deceive God’s chosen people into becoming his obedient followers.

5. His compliance is cosmetic but his defiance is inherent. He spreads fallacies, impersonates the truth, practices hypocrisy, struggles for power and wealth, and attempts to be comparable with God.

6. He is disposed toward grandiosity and mendacity. He craves for praises and adulation. He forbids others to talk about the facts and the truth.

7. He viciously attacks and labels leaders and workers at all levels as frauds that need to be banned so that wicked people and antichrists of all kinds will dominate the church.

8. He is extremely fearful of the truth in power in God’s family, and about the prospect of himself being recognized and rejected by God’s chosen people. He does everything possible to obstruct God’s chosen people from eating and drinking God’s word and pursuing the truth.

9. He particularly despises the man used by the Holy Spirit. He attempts to use rumors and judgment to ban and replace him in controlling God’s chosen people.

10. He professes greatness and superiority. He promotes and engages in the founding of an independent kingdom led by, centered upon and rallied around the antichrist.

The ten strains above are typical toxins of the great red dragon that completely represent the image of the great red dragon. When a man possesses these ten highly toxic strains of the great red dragon, he will naturally resist God directly, wildly judge God’s work, attempt to incite God’s chosen people to distance God, reject God, and engage in founding an independent kingdom to attain parity with God. These are the evil facts that can be seen in any antichrist. If people do not pursue the truth and manage to inhibit and eliminate these typical great red dragon toxins, they will easily become Satan the devil who directly resists God. Actually, the main purpose of pursuing the truth is to resolve the problem of corrupt mankind’s satanic nature. Specifically, it is applying the truth to resolve the problem of Satan’s philosophy and the great red dragon toxins. Man’s satanic philosophy is common toxins possessed by corrupt mankind, and the great red dragon toxins are the most evil toxins against God. The great red dragon toxins are highly offensive, destructive and antagonistic. It is all this insane viciousness of the antichrist against God that we see. They are the most venomous killers because their nature is filled with this great red dragon deadly poison. Therefore, all those of corrupt mankind who have the demonic nature full of the great red dragon toxins must thoroughly eliminate these toxins by pursuing the truth in order to truly return to God, obey God, and be truly gained by God. It is an extremely arduous spiritual battle. Those who lack determination and tolerance for hardship cannot overcome Satan and escape from its influence. All antichrists demons are ultimately abducted by Satan and utterly ruined because they steadfastly follow the path of the antichrist and do not accept the truth.

When experiencing God’s work, the chosen people of God readily feel that it is very difficult to practice the truth when Satan’s disposition is present. They cannot obey God even when they want to because they are involuntarily controlled by the great red dragon toxins. So, in order to achieve transformed disposition by pursuing the truth, they must eliminate the great red dragon toxins. It is the imperative for entering the life. If man overlooks the satanic philosophy and great red dragon toxins by treating them casually, he will not attain reality in life entry, transformed disposition will be a whim, and he will never receive salvation.

The path of believing in God is like rowing upstream indeed. It is either going forward or falling behind. At the completion of God’s work, if you are not one who is saved for obeying God, then you are surely a hostile enemy of God to the end. There are only two ways to choose with two possible outcomes. There is absolutely no middle-ground to choose. Good people who pursue the truth become increasingly good while bad people who do not pursue the truth become increasingly bad. This fulfills God’s word: “‘He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.’ The unrighteous will return to chastisement, and the holy will return in front of the throne. Not a single person will be able to gain His accommodation, not even the sons and the people of the kingdom. It will all be God’s righteousness, and it will all be the revealing of His disposition. He will not show solicitude for mankind’s weaknesses a second time.” Let us re-examine all aspects of great red dragon’s toxins in human nature. These toxins almost exist in all of us. The only difference is the severity levels they show. If people do not pursue and accept the truth, these satanic philosophies and the great red dragon’s toxins cannot be eliminated and resolved. This way, corrupt and sordid mankind will not be able to receive cleansing and salvation. To resolve Satan’s philosophy and the great red dragon’s toxins, one must pursue the truth, and pay the price and endure many hardships for understanding and gaining the truth. It is impossible without accepting pruning and dealing, without accepting God’s judgment and chastisement, without experiencing all kinds of trials and refinement. These hardships are necessary for man to gain the truth and salvation without diminution. Don’t expect to be saved and made perfect if you have not finished enduring these hardships.

The pursuit of the truth to gain the life is absolutely not a simple matter. Therefore, do not underestimate the complexity of the transformation of disposition. A little change and progress does not mean the transformation of life disposition. Practicing and understanding a little bit of the truth does not mean the transformation of disposition. A little knowledge of God and the ability to do some practical work does not represent real transformation of disposition. Only when we reach true knowledge of God, have fear of God, accept God’s seaching in everything, faithfully do our duties, follow God’s will and have true love for God, can we become people whose dispositions have been truly transformed and who are saved and made perfect.

Nowadays, most people do not discern these conspicuous 100 Satan’s philosophies and rules and 150 great red dragon’s toxins because their understanding of the truth is too shallow. In many cases, they cannot find the way to enter the reality of the truth, cannot even know what it means to practice the truth and obey God. Such people are those who have not entered the reality of the truth. Some people even say, “God’s word says that man has no organs for receiving the truth. Why is man repeatedly subject to such high standards and rigorous requirements? If God knows the difficulties of man, why is man required to understand, accept and practice the truth?” Such people do not understand spiritual things. God’s intention cannot be understood by people who read God’s word without pursuing the truth. The effects of reading God’s word to understand the truth must be achieved by experiencing God’s word and the Holy Spirit’s illumination along with the guidance and shepherd of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Each of these conditions is indispensable. It is precisely because of the lack of an organ to receive the truth that man must seek to obtain the work and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, that man should accept and obey the leading and shepherding of the man used by the Holy Spirit, earnestly practice and experience God’s word, that man cannot engage in independent actions separately from church life. It is a fact that man does not have the organ to receive the truth, but it does not mean that he cannot understand the truth. As long as he receives the Holy Spirit’s work, obeys the leadership of the man used by the Holy Spirit, conscientiously practices and experiences God’s word, and accepts everything enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit in God’s chosen people, he can directly understand and gain the truth and enter into reality. This is evident in the life experiences of all those who pursue the truth. Therefore, all God’s chosen people should pay attention to seeking the truth in order to really understand God’s intention without misinterpreting God’s word and misunderstanding God. If he still does not pursue the truth and still muddles along, he will surely be the object for elimination.

Now the means for God’s chosen people to pursue the truth and enter reality is available. Since the publication of the work arrangement entitled “The One Hundred Truths That Must Be Practiced to Bring God’s Words Into Real Life” last time, now that “Satan’s Philosophies and Rules and the Great Red Dragon’s Toxins Must be Resolved in Order to Receive Salvation and Attain the Transformation of Disposition” is published. This way, God’s chosen people have access to 100 truths that must be practiced and entered in a positive way in real life. At the same time, they can understand the 100 satanic philosophies and rules and 150 great red dragon’s toxins that exist in man’s corrupt nature in their life experience. This is of tremendous benefits for God’s chosen people to understand the essence of their own satanic nature and enter into the reality of the truth. It is entirely capable of making God’s chosen people understand the truth and enter the reality of God’s word. Currently, many people are not really pursuing the truth. They are still in stagnation, often governed by various people, events and things, and entangled in something unrelated to the truth. They are really so foolish! Some people are governed by the erroneous methods of individual leaders and workers, thus unable to pursue the truth. Some people are deterred from pursuing the truth because they see the deficiencies of church leaders. Some people do not pursue the truth because they are governed by their various transgressions in the past that have led to discouragement. Some people do not pursue the truth because of the bad treatments by their leaders or workers that have led to pessimism. Some people pessimistically do not pursue the truth and blame the family of God for injustice because they feel that the leaders or workers are inferior to themselves. Some people slack off passively and do not pursue the truth because they do not get along with others in performing their duties. Some people pessimistically do not pursue the truth because of the lack of effects in performing their duties or in preaching the gospel. Some people give up on themselves and do not pursue the truth because they have been rejected by others for having committed too many transgressions. Some people pessimistically do not pursue the truth because they have been loathed by others and relegated to group B or isolation due to poor humanity. Some people do not pursue the truth because they have been characterized and expelled as wicked people and antichrists for doing evil to disturb the church. … Actually, it is foolish and wrong for people to refrain from pursuing the truth due to the hindrance of people, events, things and various issues. Why is man hindered by all kinds of people, events and things when it is God whom he believes in? Believing in God, one should believe in God’s word, accept the truth, understand God’s intention and see that God is doing His utmost to save people with good intentions. Even if man can truly repent and betray Satan to obey God in the last moment of God’s work, it is still hopeful that he will receive God’s forgiveness and salvation. The most foolish thing people can do is to be controlled by people, events and things out of their ignorance of God’s love and the lack of understanding of God’s good intentions, resulting in the ruination of their future and losing the chance for salvation. This is the most painful thing for God.

All those who have been expelled and punished should bear in mind that they must obey any treatments God arranges. No creature is qualified to defy the Creator. It is perfectly justifiable for man to believe in God. It is also perfectly justifiable for man to be punished for doing evil and resisting God. The will of heaven is undefiable. However, it is man’s responsibility and duty to pursue the truth and repent for sins. Even if he does not seek any final destination, he should truly repent, prepare good deeds to redeem his sins. This is the conscience and sensibility that man should have, as well as a duty that man must fulfill. A man who does not fulfill his duty is not qualified to be called a man.

In fact, there is a glimmer of hope for those who have been expelled for taking the path of the antichrist if they truly know themselves and genuinely repent. If those who have been expelled for their evil deeds truly know themselves, genuinely repent and prepare good deeds, it will certainly be beneficial to their destination. If those who have been isolated or expelled really have conscience and sense, they should not give up as long as there is a glimmer of hope. They must never embark on the hopeless path of being an enemy with God. No matter how many transgressions a man has committed, as long as he can truly know himself, he will not complain and defy to the end. All those who wreak havoc to the church after being expelled and complained about the injustice of God’s family, who even judge God’s work, are hopeless people who reveal their true color after they have been expelled. If they really had any conscience and sense, they would not defy God to the end. I have seen some people who left messages online saying that they had been expelled, but they still pursue the truth and preach the gospel as always. Some people who really have certain knowledge about their nature and essence, admitting that they have the nature of the antichrist. I was touched by what they could say. If these people can truly repent, it will fulfill the saying that “a prodigal who returns is most precious.” This is “a rescue from a desperate situation” that pleases God’s heart.

Man should have such a resolution when experiencing God’s work: To be alive one day, we should pursue the truth and not be restrained by any man, event or thing. For God is whom we believe in. God is the omnipotent and righteous God who saves man and loves man as Himself. Regardless of our transgressions in the past, as long as we truly repent and strive to prepare good deeds, we can surely receive God’s praises and approval. As long as God’s work has not ended one day, we must seize the opportunity and never give up. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, we must make every effort to forge ahead and never give up on ourselves.

Of all the wicked people and antichrists that were expelled, some of them have indeed begun to reflect upon themselves and truly repent. They are all doing their duties and preparing good deeds. There is only one kind of people that cannot be saved, that is, the antichrist devil Cheng Shou of Henan. After she was expelled, she took revenge on God’s family by severing herself from God’s family and throwing herself into the embrace of the great red dragon. Not only did she sell out the leaders and workers and join forces with the great red dragon to arrest God’s chosen people, she helped scour away many offerings to God. Such a demon will definitely be cursed, punished, and severely penalized! Of all the expelled demons and antichrists, the ones who could sell out the leaders and workers and join forces with the great red dragon to arrest God’s chosen people are rare. Apparently, had such demon not been expelled, it would have been a ticking time-bomb waiting to explode. As an antichrist the devil, it was not surprising that Cheng Shou could commit such a heinous sin. Her demonic true color was finally revealed. The outcome that she will bring to herself is self-evident. There is no second chance for repentance for such a person. God has said something about this: “But an undeniable fact is this: Each of you is capable of betraying Me and returning to Satan’s domain, to its camp, and going back to your old lives. At that time it won’t be possible for you to have a shred of humanity or appearance of a human being as you do now. In serious cases, you will be destroyed and furthermore be doomed eternally, never to be incarnated again but severely punished.” Every word of God will be fulfilled.

February 1, 2012

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