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175 The Seven Trumpets of God Sound Again

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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175 The Seven Trumpets of God Sound Again

1 God’s seven trumpets sound, rousing those who slumber! Get up quickly, it’s not too late. Look to your life! Open your eyes and see what time it is now. What do you seek? What is there to think? And what is there to cling to? Can it be that you have not considered the difference in value between gaining God’s life and all the things you love and cling to? Stop being willful and playing around. Do not miss this opportunity. This time will not come again! Stand right up, see through Satan’s every plot and trick, and triumph over Satan, so as to follow God’s footsteps. Not discouraged, not weak, always moving forward, step by step, straight to the end of the road!

2 When the seven trumpets sound again, it will be the call to judgment, judgment of the sons of rebellion, judgment of all nations and all peoples, and each nation will surrender before God. God’s glorious countenance will surely be shown before all nations and all peoples. Everyone will be utterly convinced, shouting to the true God endlessly. The almighty God will be more glorious, and the sons of God will share in the glory, share kingship with Him, judging all nations and all peoples, punishing the evil, saving and having mercy on people who belong to God, bringing firmness and stability to the kingdom. Through the sound of the seven trumpets, a great lot of people will be saved, returning before God to kneel and worship, with constant praise!

3 When the seven trumpets sound once again, it will be the coda at the end of the age, the trumpet blast of victory over the devil Satan, the salute at the start of the open life of the kingdom on earth! This sound so lofty, this sound reverberating around the throne, this trumpet blast shaking heaven and earth, is the sign of God’s management plan’s victory, and the judgment of Satan, sentencing this old world to utter death, to the bottomless pit! This trumpet blast signifies that the gate of grace is closing, that the kingdom’s life will begin on earth, which is perfectly justifiable. God saves those who love Him. Once they return to His kingdom, people on earth will face a famine, pestilence, and God’s seven bowls, seven plagues will take effect in succession. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but God’s word shall not pass away!

Adapted from “Chapter 36” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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