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5. Several Aspects of Normal Humanity

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5. Several Aspects of Normal Humanity

Simply speaking, to have humanity is to have a normal human likeness as required by God, having his way of living as the likeness of a human being. This means that one has the essence of the truth and the being that a normal humanity should have rather than being a person whose behavior is created by upholding various rules. The human likeness not only has an external aspect but also an intrinsic essence. It can be said that this is the result of a change in disposition and the revelation of the intrinsic life essence. The human likeness is not something pretended. In the time of the work of the Holy Spirit in the past, people could live out some truth, but they have a corrupt essence. When God exposes people, their original corrupt essence will be completely revealed, it can no longer be hidden, and their original form will be involuntarily revealed. The human likeness is the appearance one lives out when the truth of the word of God has become one’s inner life and has thus brought about one’s dispositional change, which is solely a result of the work of God. This is the word of God becoming a person’s faith, their love, their life and the basis of their existence.

When people were created they all had a conscience and reason, they all had a heart and spirit, and you can say they all had human organs. However, after they were corrupted by Satan, their spirit became dark and their organs became numb. All kinds of evil poisons of Satan were unwittingly poured into them. They carry the sins of the flesh and all kinds of poisons with them since they were born. In addition, due to the education of their country, the traditions of their ancestors, as well as the darkness and evil of modern society, people become more and more deeply corrupted while being influenced by the darkness of society until they completely lose their humanity and their human likeness can no longer be seen. They fight viciously with one another, they do not have any love for one another and even husband and wife do not truly love one another, and only lust remains. After people believe in God, they sin during the day and confess at night. They do not know what is wrong when, in actual fact, they have lost control of themselves. After experiencing the work of the practical God and the hardship of judgment and chastisement as well as every kind of trial and refinement, people gradually wake up and understand how Satan corrupts people and God rescues people. Their life disposition undergoes fundamental changes, their conscience and reason recovers and the word of God becomes clear in their heart. They become attached to God, long for God and obey God from the depths of their spirit. They love God from the heart and are willing to practice the truth. The conceptions, rebellion and corruption within them which come from Satan gradually disappear. The word of God becomes the essence of life within them as well as what they are and becomes the dominant influence on them. A person’s life disposition is changed, and this is a fundamental transformation, and it solves the problem of sin at the root. This stage of God’s work allows a person to thoroughly receive God’s salvation.

When a person is revived, comes back to life and has a human appearance or likeness, it is completely a result of God’s work. If a person does not submit to the work of God, they cannot bring about a change in life disposition by having a better understanding of doctrines and trying to follow the rules and they cannot have a human appearance by controlling their behavior. A human appearance comes from the word of God; it is determined by their inner life. If there is no life within, then there will be no external human likeness. Whatever is within will also be without. There will only be an external human appearance if a person’s life disposition changes and this is something which everyone can feel and see.

People with humanity have a conscience and reason. After they have experienced the work of God and felt God’s love, they are able to give back to God and do their duty and seek the way of loving God to comfort the heart of God. Their heart wishes to satisfy God. All of this is the effect of a conscience and reason, it is something that those with normal humanity have but people who do not have a conscience and reason cannot attain this. Conscience and reason is the sign of humanity. People with conscience and reason know good and evil and know gratitude even more. In their heart they know exactly how they should treat someone who is good to them and how they should repay God’s incredible kindness, and they are able to do this. People who do not have a conscience when dealing with others will definitely not have a conscience when dealing with God. We should not interact with a person who does not have a conscience. No matter how many good things you give him, he will not appreciate it; no matter how good you are to him, you cannot win his heart. It seems that he tries to take a mile when he is given an inch and is insatiably greedy. He is thick-skinned and his heart is dark, you cannot get through to him. No matter how much truth you speak to him, he remains indifferent and is not moved in the slightest. He thinks this is how it should be. This is a person without a conscience or any reason. A person who has a true conscience will be moved when he is given something good, and he will feel ashamed if he does not return the favor. He will completely offer himself to God as repayment for the grace of God’s salvation. It is important to have a conscience and essential to have reason. Reasonable people have a particularly sensitive clear mind. They can sense when they have lost their reason regarding certain areas and immediately correct this. A reasonable person knows where man should stand, how to stand firm on man’s position and how to fulfill man’s duty. He knows what to say and what to do as a man, and he can sort things out from the details. Therefore, reasonable people will not do shameless or indecent things. These people appear to be timid on the surface but are actually clear and sensible. In the past there have been some leaders who, once they had done some work, thought they had some capital and began to shamelessly enjoy it. There are also people who speak nothing but words and doctrines in their work and lecture, deal with and prune people all day, going on a tirade. This is called “lecturing people while naked.” These people do not know shame. There are also people who do not speak about knowing God in their work but, rather, demand that people obey them and do everything they say. If people do not obey this kind of person and form an opinion about him, he will say: “You have a conception of me, this is atrocious,” and cast the people out. If people have an opinion about him, he thinks it is a conception; this is absurd. A conception is a person’s false understanding of God, which is the viewpoint or falsehood that defines God. Between people, there is only prejudice or views or opinions. These people are too ignorant, and they do not even understand this clearly. No wonder they do so many unreasonable things. This kind of person seems to want people to treat him like God. He does not allow people to have a conception of him and whoever has a conception of him will be cast out. I ask him: Were we cast out when we had a conception of God? Now, there are still many people who have a conception of God. Has God cast them out? Are you even greater than God? You will cast out whoever has a conception of you; is this not standing in the place of God? Even God didn’t do this, and He just speaks and works to save people. What is it that you do? You are too irrational; you are capable of this kind of thing! It is clear that irrational people cannot serve God. They only work to resist God. A person who is rational acts according to principles. He can sort things out from the details without any vagueness. He is able to explore things he does not understand and investigate what is in line with God’s wishes and what may displease God as he does things. After he experiences this for a while he can grasp it, and he can work and enter the truth at the same time, and seek entry while he works and make progress in his work. No matter what work people do, there is the issue of what position they should take and what they should be rational about. If they cannot work this out they will easily make a fool of themselves. For example, a leader, because he is a man, should not demand that people obey and worship him. He should only communicate the truth clearly and let people know God so that they have a path to walk. If people are able to accept this truth, obey God, know God and become devoted to God, then he has done his part. This is the reason a leader should possess. An individual who serves should receive the truth, the life and the way, not obedience and worship from others.

It requires perfect sense for people to be together with God. There are too many details here, and we won’t go into them. You must at least do the following: People should concentrate on doing man’s duty as best they can and should definitely not interfere in God’s work. People should do their best to cooperate regarding the things that God demands of them. When communicating with God, they should be simple and open. They cannot remain rigid, they should get along as they do with other people but they should act with propriety. After all this is God’s incarnation. People must have reverence but not be restrained, nor too reckless. They should be honest above all and speak the truth accurately and objectively. Nothing they say or do should be excessive in God’s eyes. When being together with God, there will be great challenges to the reason which a person with normal humanity should have. A person must have the conscience, reason and personality of the normal humanity. If they do not pass this test they will not be able to stand. God hates anyone who tells lies, cheats, is deceitful, is greedy and steals, is lazy and gluttonous, does not do their part, does not seek the truth and takes nothing seriously. Furthermore, people must seek to make constant progress in their entry into the truth and the performance of their duties. God will only be happy and satisfied when He sees this.

Apart from having a conscience, being rational is also particularly important. People should be rational when they serve God and they must perform their duty rationally. They should be rational in everything they do. Irrational people do not deserve to live before God and should not be called human. In summary the main manifestations of a truly rational person are: 1. He can treat the incarnation of God as God and worship Him sincerely, and this is rational; 2. He has no notion of the ordinary and normal humanity of the incarnation and submits completely, and this is rational; 3. He is not restrained to his destination and can keep his place and fulfill all the duties man should perform, and this is rational. A person who does these three things is a very rational person and a person with humanity.

A person who truly has humanity not only has a conscience and reason but will definitely love the truth and seek the light. He can face justice with perseverance. In these times of darkness and evil, if you do not seek the truth and do not try to know and love God, where can you find the light? Now that God has already appeared and justice has already emerged, people must face justice with even more perseverance. Without truth people are anxious but when they face justice they will feel at peace. Time passes fast, and it won’t do to be without the truth. People need truth to live and can only live a meaningful life if they have the truth. The only way to not waste your life is to do something meaningful or something of value. To not seek the truth and seek ease and comfort is to be a beast. One can only be called human if one has the truth. If a person loses the truth he loses life, and he loses everything. People have all tasted the suffering of being without the truth. To live with corruption is to gasp for breath in the presence of evil, to struggle in sin and lose the light so that everything is dark, even your spirit is black and there is no way out of the unspeakable pain. Only those who have felt the suffering of being without the truth can taste the sweetness of obtaining the truth. Life has become more and more of a path and the path becomes more and more bright. When you have the truth everything you seek becomes reality. Like the parting of the clouds revealing the sky, you will see life and see the light. People who have the truth will receive life, and they will be resurrected. They will know how they should worship God, know how best to fulfill their duty and know the preciousness of the truth. Without the truth people have no way of living as humans, for it is the truth which gives them life and brings light. How can they not like the truth? How can they not love God with all their heart, their mind and their strength?

A person who truly has humanity has love in his heart. He is good to people and is full of compassion. He can love God and especially love those people who expend for God and are loyal to God. He has normal interpersonal relationships when he interacts with others and has sympathy for his suffering brothers and sisters. Therefore, he can help out when someone is in trouble, and he can give charity when his brothers and sister are poor and repay someone who shows him kindness. In his interactions with others, he is never concerned about his own personal gains and losses and certainly does not want to be in debt to or take advantage of others. If he unintentionally harms someone he will always be troubled by it. Although he hates those people who commit all kinds of evil, those people who behave like beasts and do not possess the truth, his heart will not allow him to hurt others because he will not stain his own hands. Of course, a person with humanity also has corrupt dispositions but he will change a great deal because he understands the truth. He will not commit outrageous acts, nor will he commit acts which are against his conscience and reason. He has love and hate and he has sympathy and disdain because he has principles of the truth when he acts. Not only is God delighted by this kind of person but he will also be welcomed by people everywhere he goes because he is considerate of others, considers their best interests and will not eat their food for free. He is willing to share what he receives with others and will not watch while others suffer. He is merciful toward people and has a warm and kind heart. This kind of person is a person with humanity.

The most fundamental thing about a person with humanity is that they have God in their heart; they have a heart which reveres God inside them and a spirit which is attached to God. If their spirit loves and obeys God, then their heart must be kind. An evil person does not have a spirit, they have let the devil in and so they have become the devil. Good and evil people are differentiated by their spirits. It depends on what kind of thing they have deep in their spirit, and this is crucial. Good people are willing to do good while evil people cannot help doing evil; this is completely determined by their nature. Therefore, people with humanity are sure to love the truth and behave according to the truth. People with humanity have a heart which can love God because they love the truth. People with humanity have the being of normal humanity, so they are sure to have normal relationships with others because normal humanity is what God demands of people, and it is the principle of the truth and is something that people who love the truth are able to obtain. People who have humanity can do their duty to the best of their ability and be loyal to God because this is the truth, is also fundamental to being human and is, even more so, what people want to do. The truth is what God demands of people, it is the life that God gives people, and it is something that people with normal humanity can obtain and, even more so, is the principle of how they conduct themselves. It is what the normal humanity should have. The truth is inseparable from humanity. It was predestined when God created man and it should be part of a person’s instincts. If you have humanity, you must have the truth and you can only have humanity if you have the truth. If you lose the truth you will suffer like you do not have a spirit. Can a person without the truth be considered as having humanity? Is he not a devil which resists God? He believes in God but is he not also an arrogant and conceited Satan who is full of his own conceptions? Even if a person without the truth does not commit any obvious sins, are they not a fool who eats the bread of idleness? Therefore, if a person does not have the truth, they have no humanity to speak of. One only has humanity when one has the truth, and only has life when one has humanity. People are only able to love God and face justice with perseverance when they have the truth. Only those with the truth can serve God, bear witness to God and fulfill their duty. Only those with the truth can officially praise God on earth and worship God. These are all facts obtained through the word of God and God’s words are an expression of the truth.

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