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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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6. Our God Reigns as King

God almighty, Father everlasting, Prince of Peace,

our God reigns as King over all!


Almighty God, Almighty God, Father everlasting, Prince of Peace,

our God reigns as King over all!

Almighty God’s feet on the Mount of Olives, on the Mount of Olives.

How beautiful! Come and listen!

We the watchmen lift our voices up, lift our voices up, sing together,

for to Zion God has returned.

We have seen with our own eyes the desolation of Jerusalem!

Burst out together in songs of joy,

for God has comforted us, He has redeemed Jerusalem.

In the sight of all nations, God has bared His holy arm,

appeared as He truly is.

God’s salvation is seen at earth’s far ends.


Almighty God! Almighty God!

From before Your throne, the seven spirits are sent out to churches everywhere,

are sent out to churches everywhere, to make all Your mysteries revealed.

You sit upon Your glorious throne, reign over Your Kingdom,

making it stand firm with justice and righteousness,

making the nations bow down before You, bow down before You.

Almighty God! Almighty God! You’ve loosed the girdle of the kings,

that before You the gates of their cities shall open and nevermore be shut.

For Your light has come, has come, Your glorious light has come shining forth.


Darkness shrouds the land, people covered in gloom.

Ah … But You appear, shine Your light upon us.

God, You appear, shine Your light upon us.

Your glory is in our persons manifest.

All nations come to Your light,

their kings approach the light sent forth from You.

You raise Your eyes to look about You,

Your sons are foregathered around You.

Your sons all come from afar,

Your daughters come too, borne in Your arms.

Almighty God! It is Your great love that has held us fast.

It is You who lead us forward, forward on the road to the Kingdom.

Hallowed is Your sacred word that pierces us through and through.

Almighty God! Thanks be to You, praise unto You.

Thanks and praise, praise unto You.

Let us, with one sincere, serene, and faithful heart,

look up to You, bear witness to You, raise You up, sing praise to You.

Let us construct ourselves in united harmony,

that soon we may be made pleasing, pleasing unto You.

We may be made pleasing unto You, to be used by You.

May Your will, unhindered, be carried out upon the earth.

from “The Twenty-fifth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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