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57. The Essentiality of God’s Incarnation

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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57. The Essentiality of God’s Incarnation


Man’s flesh has been corrupted by Satan.

It’s been deeply blinded and afflicted.

God works in flesh because

the one He saves is man of the flesh.

And it’s through man’s flesh

that Satan disturbs God’s work.

The war with Satan is the work to conquer man,

with man being the object

the object of God’s salvation.

So, it’s very necessary for God to work in flesh,

for God to work in flesh.


Satan corrupted the flesh of man,

and man became the embodiment of Satan

as well as the one God defeats.

So the work of warring with Satan

and the work of saving mankind

both take place on earth.

And in order to do battle with Satan,

God must become human.

This is the work most practical.

This is the work most practical.


God works in the flesh to battle with Satan,

doing the work in spiritual realm.

He realizes His work on earth.

The one conquered is man, who is disobedient.

The one defeated is Satan’s embodiment,

who is the enemy of God.

The one saved in the end is still man.

So it’s more necessary for God

to become a man with the shell of a creature.

Then He can do real battle with Satan.

And He can conquer man,

who disobeys Him and has the same shell,

as well as save man,

who is of the same shell as Him

yet has been the victim of Satan.


His enemy is man,

the object He conquers is man,

the object He saves is still man He created.

That’s why He must become human.

In this way, His work becomes much easier.

God can defeat Satan and conquer mankind,

and what’s more, He can save mankind.

from “Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of God Become Flesh” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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