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74. In the True Way There Is the Expression of the Truth

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74. In the True Way There Is the Expression of the Truth


What basic principles point out the true way?

See if the Spirit works, if truth is expressed;

see who is testified, and what it brings to you.

For belief in God means belief in God’s Spirit.

Faith in God incarnate is faith in the fact that

He’s the embodiment of the Spirit of God,

He is God’s Spirit who takes the form of flesh,

He is the word that now has become flesh.


You should also see if truth is in this way.

Truth, that is normal human’s life disposition,

normal sense, insight, wisdom, and how you behave.

Truth, God intended way back at the creation.

Does the way lead to normal life?

Does its truth ask you to live normal humanity?

Is it practical, is it timely?

If there’s truth in this way, your experience will be real,

your humanity and sense will be complete,

your spiritual life and your life in flesh will

become more orderly, your emotions more normal.


Now there is one more rule for you to tell the true way.

Has this way helped you grow in your knowledge of God,

in your knowledge of God?

Truth should inspire love for God in your hearts

and should bring you ever closer to His presence.

Truth brings reality, provides supplies for life.

Find these principles, then find the way that is true,

find the way that is true, find the way that is true.

from “Only Those Who Know God and His Work Can Satisfy God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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