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61 The Principles for Seeking the True Way

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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61 The Principles for Seeking the True Way

Verse 1

What are the principles to seek the true way?

See who’s testified to, see what it brings you.

Is truth expressed? Is the Spirit’s work in there?

For belief in God means faith in God’s Spirit.

Chorus 1

Faith in God incarnate is faith in the fact

that He’s the embodiment of the Spirit of God.

He’s from the Spirit, He’s the Word become flesh,

so what’s believed is God’s essence.

Verse 2

You should also see if truth’s in this way,

truth that is normal human disposition:

sense, insight and wisdom, how man behaves.

It’s what God asked of man way back at creation.


Does the way lead to normal life?

Does its truth bring you to live normal humanity?

Is it practical, is it timely?

Chorus 2

If there’s truth, then it will take man into real experience,

man’s human sense will be more complete,

their life in flesh and spiritual life more orderly,

emotions more normal.


Now there is one more rule to tell the true way.

See if it helps man grow in their knowledge of God,

in their knowledge of God.

Chorus 3

If such work and truth inspires man’s love for God,

brings them closer to Him,

provides the life of man, possesses reality;

if it does, you will know that this way is true,

that this way is true, that this way is true.

Adapted from “Only Those

Who Know God and His Work Can Satisfy God”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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