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94. The Words God Bestows on Men Are the Ways They Should Keep

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94. The Words God Bestows on Men Are the Ways They Should Keep


Throughout every age, when God does His work on earth,

He always bestows some words upon humankind,

He tells them some truths.

These truths serve as the way man should adhere to,

the way which man should keep.

It’s the way that leads man to fear God and shun evil,

and something in their lives, and in life’s journey

that they should practice, should adhere to.

These are the reasons that God bestows His words upon them.


These words come from God,

they come from God Himself, so men should adhere.

If they do, they will receive life;

if men do not follow, or practice them,

if they don’t live out

these words of God in their lives,

then they are not practicing the truth.

Not practicing truth means they’re not

fearing God and shunning evil,

then they cannot satisfy God.

Not satisfying God means not receiving God’s praise,

then such a man will have no outcome.

from “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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