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Chapter 76. Six Indicators of Progress in Life

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Chapter 76. Six Indicators of Progress in Life


Why does God call people “maggots”? In God’s eyes, this corrupt mankind is clearly a creature of God—but does this creature fulfill the responsibilities and duties that it ought to? What is manifested in people’s performance of their duty? … Nothing they think about all day has anything to do with the truth or following the way of God. They spend all day stuffing their faces, giving no thought to anything. In rare instances, it may occur to them to do something—but their actions interrupt and meddle, and raise themselves upon high, and they never do anything that passes muster with God or people. Their minds are full of how to seek what’s good for the flesh, how to secure status and renown, how to fit in among certain groups of people, and have standing and a good reputation. They eat the food of the house of God, and enjoy everything that God provides, but do not do human things. Could God like such people?


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