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548 God Will Spurn Those Who Fail to Keep to Their Duties

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548 God Will Spurn Those Who Fail to Keep to Their Duties

1 Over hill and down dale I have traversed, experiencing the ups and downs of the world. Among men I have roamed and among men I have lived for many a year, yet it appears that humanity’s disposition has changed little. And it is as if men’s old nature has taken root and sprouted in them. Never are they able to change that old nature, only to improve it somewhat upon the original foundation. As people say, the essence has not changed, but the form has changed much. Everyone, it seems, is trying to fool Me, that he might slip by and win My appreciation.

2 As humans are all un-self-respecting and worthless wretches, cherishing not themselves, why then would they even need Me to show renewed mercy and love? Without exception, men do not know themselves, and do not know their heft. They should put themselves on a scale to be weighed. Does this not describe you, My people? Who has made resolutions before Me and not discarded them afterward? Who has made long-term resolutions before Me rather than resolved frequently on this and that? Always, men make resolutions before Me in times of ease and write them all off in times of adversity. Later they pick their resolve back up and set it before Me.

3 Am I so disrespectable that I would casually accept the junk that man has picked up from the garbage heap? Few humans hold fast to their resolutions, few are chaste, and few offer their most precious as their sacrifice to Me. Are all of you not this same way? If, as one of My people in the kingdom, you are unable to keep to your duty, you will be detested and rejected by Me!

Adapted from “Chapter 14” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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