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Sticking to Old Things Trapped Me Greatly


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Sticking to Old Things Trapped Me Greatly

The brothers and sisters often asked me some questions, so I came before God to pray and seek. Thank God for his grace! I received some inspirations from God’s word and thus solved their states. Gradually, I became self-contented, thinking that my received inspirations could solve any difficulties of the brothers and sisters as well as my own problems. So, when I sustained the brothers and sisters again, no matter what problems or difficulties they had, I just took the book of God’s word and fellowshipped about what I had received and understood before, no longer praying to God and seeking to get more inspiration from God. When I myself had difficulties, I also, by memory, recalled how God inspired me and how I understood it at that time. Just in this way, little by little, my spirit became more and more numb; and for quite a long time, I grew little in life and was tired of reading God’s word. But, I did not know what caused this.

One day, in the word of God, I read this: “The work of the Holy Spirit is different every day and is higher step by step, and the revelation of tomorrow will be higher than today’s, taking one step at every step and always going upward. God perfects people by such work. If people cannot follow, they may be eliminated at any time. …” “In the course of growing in life, you should always have new entering in and have new seeing and higher seeing, entering in deeper step by step. These are what everyone should enter into. Whether through fellowshipping, listening to messages, reading God’s word, or handling a matter, if you can have new seeing and new inspiration, not living in old regulations, never being old, always living in the new light, and not leaving God’s word, this means that you have entered the right track. If you only pay the price outwardly, you still cannot make it. God’s words are higher day by day, and there are new things every day, so man needs to have new entering in every day.

After reading God’s words, I suddenly saw the light. Actually, for such a long time I grew little in life and was tired of reading God’s word simply because I stuck to my previous light and did not seek to receive new inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit advances his work rapidly, inspires man deeper and deeper, does new work every day, does higher work step by step, and let people gain new seeing and new entering every day, so that people can grow in life and gain the transformation of their nature as soon as possible. Just through such newer and higher work, God leads people into a higher and more realistic realm to perfect people and gain people. However, when I received a little inspiration from God’s word, I became self-satisfied and regarded that as the entirety of the truth and thus stopped moving forward. As a result, I have made no progress for such a long time and have suffered a great loss in my life.

Thank God for the guidance and enlightenment of his words. I have realized that the Holy Spirit does new work every day and if one fails to keep up he may be eliminated at any time. At the same time, I have also seen that it is very harmful to stick to old things.

From now on, I will no longer arrogantly stick to my past inspiration. I am willing to keep pace with the present work of the Holy Spirit and pursue to gain new inspiration and new seeing in everything, so that I can live in new light every day, grow constantly in life, and soon step onto the path led by the Holy Spirit.

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