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Such Pursuit as Mine Was Too Dangerous


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Such Pursuit as Mine Was Too Dangerous

Since I accepted the work of the Almighty God, I had always had this viewpoint in my heart: I just follow in such a way, and whatever God’s family assigns me to do, I will do it. As long as I don’t throw up my duty or drop out but follow to the end, I can be saved. Under the sway of this viewpoint, whatever I did I just went through the motions outwardly and did not strive for practical results at all. My praying and reading God’s word were rigidly observing regulations, and my performing duty was just for finishing the task. When encountering God’s work that did not fit my notions, however unwilling to obey it, I did not dare to throw up my duty, even less dare to say I would not believe anymore; in order to follow to the end, I managed to sustain myself. In God’s exposing, though I suffered much from refining, I only supported myself by my willpower, and when I was tormented really beyond endurance, I gave a prayer; I just sought that my heart would not feel distressed, and I never spent effort on the truth nor paid attention to knowing myself, and even less did I think of resolving my inherent nature. For a long time I had been following in this way. I never felt I was in danger, nor had any sense of urgency or any desire to make progress.

One day, I chanced to open The Summary of Christ’s Preachings and Conversations, and my eye was caught by a passage of God’s words: “Many people say: ‘While believing in God, I just follow in this way and I will surely be able to make it. I don’t pursue the truth but eventually I follow to the end, and in performing my duty, I do my utmost to expend myself and give up my things; even if I have some transgressions, I can make it.’ People don’t know what they are saying. They have so many corrupt things within. How can they be transformed if they do not pursue the truth? According to the degree of man’s corruption, without God’s keeping everyone can fall, rebel against God, and leave at any time. Do you believe it? You cannot walk to the end even if you force yourself to. For this final stage is to make a group of overcomers. Is it as easy as you imagine? … In the end, some things within man that belong to satan or belong to man’s inherent nature must be transformed so that they can be compatible with what the truth requires. Only this means that man is truly saved. … You can observe regulations; does this mean that you have taken a right way? Does it mean that you have made a right choice? If the things in your inherent nature have not been transformed, eventually you can still resist God and offend God. This is the biggest problem. If you believe in God but do not have this problem solved, can you be considered as having been saved?” God’s words hit me to the quick. I imagined that as long as I obeyed outwardly, without throwing up my duty or dropping out, and followed to the end, I would be saved. I had neglected my rebellious inherent nature and the degree of my corruption. But God knows the degree of man’s corruption and man’s inherent nature. He requires man to pursue the truth and pursue to get transformed, so that man can live by the truth and his corrupt nature be replaced with the truth. Only thus will man not resist God or offend God, and only thus can man follow God to the end. O God, thank you! It is your words that have made me see that my viewpoint of pursuit is too absurd and that I may fall at any time if I continue pursuing in that way. Now I have understood that only pursuing the truth and pursuing the transformation of nature is the true way of being saved. I will correct my viewpoint, spend time and effort on your word, and pursue to be transformed to satisfy you.

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