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Swearing Kept Me


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Swearing Kept Me

If you have an earnest heart to love God, you may swear to God…. If you do not dare to, it shows that you are cowardly and still love yourself. … Since you swear to God, God will listen.” When I read these words, I did not understand the significance of swearing. Through my practical experience, I came to realize that it is a great keeping for man that God requires man to swear.

When I answered the questions about the last nine pieces of God’s word, I came to a question concerning which God required man to swear: “In all the struggles between negative and positive, black and white, such as, family and God, … harmony and breakup, … what do you choose?” Facing this question I pondered again and again, thinking, “Since I have taken the path of believing in God today, I should drop my fleshly interests and choose God….” So I knelt before God and swore to him: “O God, between family and you, harmony and breakup, I will resolutely choose you. If I break my oath, punish and curse me severely and disfigure my face into a demoniac one, so that whoever sees me will be frightened and reject me.”

One year after that, the scene of the breakup of my family occurred before me. My mother, sister-in-law, and I were all believers in the Almighty God. Because we three, one by one, left home to perform our duties, our family were strongly opposed to us and my younger brother working in another city came back for this matter. They called mother back and gave her “good advice,” but it did not work. My younger brother was so exasperated that he fainted and was sent to the hospital. This incident caused a stir throughout our small town. So, God’s family asked me to go home quickly to relax the tension. As soon as I arrived home, my father, brothers, and children began to lecture me, using both coercion and persuasion. And they said, “Do you have the heart to see such a harmonious family fall apart? …” At this word, I fell entirely into satan’s trap. I felt what they said was reasonable, and I began to compromise in my heart. Thus, I no longer wanted to go out to perform my duty. At that time I had clean forgotten the oath I had sworn before God.

When I was in extreme distress, I saw three disfigured people. When I saw the first one, I paid no attention to her. When I saw the second, I suddenly woke up and remembered the oath I had sworn before God. Won’t I become like her if I rebel against God? When I saw the third one, I feared even more in my heart. I can’t rebel against God! Only then did I come to understand that by arranging these three people God was warning me: When I wanted to give up my duty for the harmony of my family, I had been on the verge of danger. God did not have the heart to leave me be a rebel and fall into Hades, so he arranged such circumstances to wake me up. At that moment, filled with remorse, I came before God and prayed to him, “O God, thank you for arranging the circumstances in time to save me. I am willing to make a choice anew according to my oath. I will never again break my oath and deceive you. I will be worthy of the painstaking effort and the price you have expended on me.”

Through this event, I understood the significance of swearing. God knows me too well; he knows how deeply I have been corrupted and in what case I can rebel against him. Through my swearing God cut off my way of drawing back, so that I did not return to satan’s camp and resume my old life. From swearing, I truly tasted God’s love and understood God’s kind intention: When God required me to swear, he did not mean to put me to death; rather, through my swearing he kept me when I was nearly captured by satan.

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