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Christian Reflection: Why Does Christianity Have So Many Denominations?

Many people find this confusing—God’s believers all read the same Bible, all admire God’s salvation at the cross, and all walk the way of the cross which God has trailblazed for His believers, so why are there so many di… Full Text

Christian Reflection: I Struggle Against My Fate and Fail, but in My Failure, I Make a Discovery …

Many people give their all as they struggle against their fate to live life at the top, but they fail again and again. If we can come before God and reflect on the path we’re following, then we will be able to live happy… Full Text

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Which Is the More Terrifying—Spiritual Blindness or Physical Blindness?

Which is the more terrifying—to be physically blind or to be spiritually blind? The Bible tells a story about the different examples set by a man who was born blind, and a group of Pharisees. What inspiration can we draw… Full Text

Christian Reflection: Can We Really Receive the Returned Lord by Waiting for Him to Reveal Himself?

Many believers in the Lord think that when the Lord returns, He will first reveal Himself to the pastors and elders. Is this really true? You will find the answer to this question by reading this article. Full Text

Christian Reflections: I Now Know How to Get Rid of Sin

Many Christians are troubled by the question of how to get rid of sin, but Christian Anna is no longer concerned about how to stop sinning. How is this possible? Full Text

How to Have a Personal Christian Devotion?

How to Have a Personal Christian Devotion? What constitutes true spiritual devotion? By clicking on and reading this article, you will find the path of practice. Full Text

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Reflection for Today: Does a Church Appearing Fervent Mean That It Has the Work of the Holy Spirit?

We are now in the last days, and most churches across the religious world have become desolate. Fewer and fewer people attend gatherings and there is a widespread cooling in the faith and love of brothers and sisters. So… Full Text

Do You Know God’s Hidden Intention in the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard?

Where the kingdom of heaven is likened to a landowner hiring workers for his vineyard, and it didn’t matter whether they went first thing in the morning or if it was in the noon or the afternoon that they went into the v… Full Text

Gospel Reflection: Giving Credence to Rumors Means Losing God’s Salvation of the Last Days

If we are unable to discern these lies and blindly follow them, then we stand on the side of those who slander, resist, and disturb God’s work. This not only causes one to lose God’s salvation in the last days, it also t… Full Text