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How Can One Find Happiness? A Retired Physician’s Experience Tells You (Audio Essay)

What is true happiness? Many people might think, “Success and making a name for yourself, and being looked up to and admired by others is happiness.” Here, a relatively well-known physician realizes in her waning years t… Full Text


I Found a Life More Meaningful Than Making Money (Audio Essay)

Once, I didn’t know what was the most meaningful life, so working to make money became my goal, until the day a serious illness brought sudden understanding, made me realize the dark actor behind money, and helped me fin… Full Text

God Led Me Out of the Pain of a Failed Marriage After My Wife’s Affair (Audio Essay)

In today’s society, a home being ripped apart by an extramarital affair is becoming more and more commonplace. Some wallow in degeneracy, unable to withstand the blow; some take revenge on their spouse, leading to traged… Full Text


Establishing a Harmonious Relationship Between Husband and Wife: She Knows the Way (Audio Essay)

How to build a good relationship with your husband. Read their experiences now, and you'll find the secret to regaining your happiness. Full Text


The Aftermath of My Husband’s Affair (Audio Essay)

Just as she was struggling with this pain, God’s salvation of the last days came upon her. God stretched out His warm, mighty hand, saving her from the abyss of her pain and telling her who had stolen away the love they … Full Text

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The Power of Prayer—Witnessing a Miracle Amidst Despair (Audio Essay)

The protagonist’s husband is involved in a serious car accident and remains in a critical condition. She then not only faces the pain of losing her husband, but she must also endure the pressure of borrowing money and ha… Full Text

My Daughter at Death’s Door: I Witness a Miracle by Praying to God (Audio Essay)

Not only did God give my daughter a new lease of life but, even more importantly, through these events I have come to truly understand the truth that mankind’s fate is in God’s hands. Full Text


Christian Testimony: God’s Guidance Allowed Me to Overcome Temptation in the Workplace (Audio Essay, Part 1)

I went before God and prayed for the strength to overcome sin, and for the guidance to see through Satan’s tricks and walk the correct path. Full Text

Christian Testimony: God’s Guidance Allowed Me to Overcome Temptation in the Workplace (Audio Essay, Part 2)

I thought that I could return to the ordinary life I lived in the past. I didn’t expect that Mr. Zhang would try to tempt me with benefits after his attempts to tempt me with lust failed….One day before Spring Festival, … Full Text

After Her Husband’s Betrayal God Saved Her From the Haze of Pain (Audio Essay)

In the midst of her pain and hopelessness, it was God’s words that saved her, helping her find the root of her pain, understand the meaning of life, and gradually come out from the haze of her suffering. Full Text

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The Orchestration of God’s Hands: A Different Experience of Job Seeking (Audio Essay)

This job-seeking experience allowed me to genuinely see that God’s marvelousness and unfathomableness completely exceeds my imagination. He wanted to perfect my faith through the process of waiting to have me learn to gi… Full Text

Christian Testimony: A Father and His Step-Daughter Surpass the Ties of Blood (Audio Essay)

God’s words brought sudden enlightenment to Zixuan; it turned out that the family in which every single person is born, their background growing up, and who their parents, relatives and friends are, and so on, all have t… Full Text


Do You Possess the “Immunity” Needed to Defeat Temptation? (Audio Essay)

WanshanOne day, I came across a story. This story mainly told about a mouse that came out of its hole and found that people had intentionally placed a piece of meat in a mousetrap in order to lure it in. The mouse knew t… Full Text

A Restaurant’s Harvest (Audio Essay)

Ming ZhenCong Xin worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and she had always been a conscientious worker. But for some reason, the manager had recently started to lose his temper with her indiscriminately. Ever since she w… Full Text

Prayer of Faith: How Should I Face It, After Testing Positive for Hepatitis B? (Audio Essay)

I was struck by an illness that came out of nowhere, and in the blink of an eye I had become mired in pain and despair, and I lost all hope for life. Nevertheless, through God’s wonderful salvation, I came to understand … Full Text

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Testimony of a Christian: How She Overcame the Temptation to Have an Affair (Audio Essay, Part 1)

Christian Testimony: In today’s society, extramarital affairs are increasing rapidly and have led to the break-up of countless families, leaving people in pain. So how can we rely on God to overcome temptations? This art… Full Text

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Testimony of a Christian: How She Overcame the Temptation to Have an Affair (Audio Essay, Part 2)

Christian Testimony: In today’s society, extramarital affairs are increasing rapidly and have led to the break-up of countless families, leaving people in pain. So how can we rely on God to overcome temptations? This art… Full Text

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To Be an Honest Person Is Truly Great! (Audio Essay)

God is faithful. God likes honest people, and He blesses honest people. Only by pursuing being an honest person can we attain God’s salvation. Full Text

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Relationship With God: As a Christian, Regularly Attending Gatherings Cannot Be Neglected! (Audio Essay)

Essentials of Belief in God, Gatherings Can't Be Neglected. We should keep attending gatherings despite difficulties. There is a mystery in this. Take 5 mins to know God's will. Live before God and receive God's guidance… Full Text

Who Was It That Rescued Her Marriage? (Audio Essay)

Because she had been imbued with Satan’s ideas and her viewpoints on marriage were distorted, she didn’t know what kind of marriage she needed, ...It was for this reason that their marriage was going down a rocky path. I… Full Text

Where Does This Voice Come From? (Audio Essay)

At that time, it was like I was waking up from a dream. That voice comes from God after all, is the voice of the incarnation of the returned Lord Jesus, and is the voice of God! No wonder these words could be so moving t… Full Text


3 Ways to Improve the Parent and Child Relationship (Audio Essay)

Brothers and sisters,Good day!Recently my relationship with my son has been particularly strained. As he has grown older, the generation gap between us has got deeper and deeper. My son is now in junior high school and I… Full Text


Farewell to Those Days of Wrestling With Fate (Audio Essay)

Only by looking back on how I relied on the poison of Satan to live, how this was in competition with my fate, did I see that I did not recognize God’s authority, that by relying on my own capabilities I was throwing off… Full Text

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Fleeing From the “Tiger’s Den” (Audio Essay, Part 1)

I have experienced for myself that God’s words are the truth, the way and the life. Moreover, I am more certain that Almighty God is the true God. I am resolute in my belief and regardless of how they disturb me, I will … Full Text

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Fleeing From the “Tiger’s Den” (Audio Essay, Part 2)

Now I know what is good and what is evil, what is beauty and what is ugliness. My faith in God has been hardened and I have become closer to God. Pain is truly God’s blessing! In my future life of faith, I am willing to … Full Text

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The Secret Tip to Resolving Hatred (Audio Essay)

Finally, one day, when she saw me, she deliberated for a long time, and then called excitedly out, “Master!” This “Master” made me feel extremely warm inside. Ever since she opened her shop next to my house, she had neve… Full Text

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Breaking Through Satan’s Tight Encirclement (Audio Essay, Part 1)

Lord Jesus once said: “I thank you, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hid these things from the wise and prudent, and have revealed them to babes. Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in your sight” … Full Text

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Breaking Through Satan’s Tight Encirclement (Audio Essay, Part 2)

If you look at someone from their outward appearance, then the Pharisees were very loyal in their service to God. In people’s minds the Pharisees were devout servants to God, and they were the most trustworthy of religio… Full Text

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I Welcomed the Return of the Lord (Audio Essay)

The churches at present are as desolate as the temple was, and it’s also because God is doing new work. The Lord Jesus that we have been desperately waiting for is now incarnated in human form and returns among us. He ha… Full Text

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I Have Found True Happiness (Audio Essay)

God hopes that we will all come before Him, accept the guidance of His words and obtain the illumination of the light. Satan’s evil thoughts have corrupted man’s heart, caused man to be powerless to break away from it an… Full Text

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After Listening With My Heart, I Have Welcomed the Lord’s Return (Audio Essay)

Almighty God exhorts us and says, "When you have undergone experiences, you will be able to differentiate many things—you will be able to distinguish between good and evil, between righteousness and wickedness, between w… Full Text

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I Found the True Light (Audio Essay)

Precisely because God has once again done new work, the Holy Spirit’s work has shifted. All the sects that do not have the Holy Spirit’s work become more and more dark and desolate. …Among people who genuinely follow God… Full Text

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If I Were Not Saved by God (Audio Essay)

When I went abroad to work, I would take on any filthy, tiring, or dangerous job, just to earn some more money, make people look highly upon me, and so I wouldn’t suffer the humiliation of poverty…I relied on myself to c… Full Text

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