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Christian Life: 4 Tips to Teach You How to Interact With Others in Accordance With the Lord’s Intentions

What is the reason that we are unable to exist harmoniously with each other? How should we Christians interact with others in our lives in accordance with the Lord’s intentions? Here, I will share a bit about my experien… Full Text


The Truth Showed Her the Way to Get Along With Others (Part 1)

The standard is that they have a sincere heart toward God, man, and events, they can bear responsibilities, and this is evident for all to see, and for all to feel. Moreover, God searches their hearts and knows them, eac… Full Text

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The Truth Showed Her the Way to Get Along With Others (Part 2)

Having undergone this judgment and chastisement, Jiandan now had a direction in which to perform her duty. Whenever she came across a problem, she would purposefully look for the relevant principles and fellowship about … Full Text

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The Truth Showed Her the Way to Get Along With Others (Part 3)

God arranges people together so that every individual brings into play their own strengths, becomes of one mind and makes up for what each other lacks; only then can they perform their duty better and better. Full Text

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There Is a Way to Resolve the Generation Gap (Audio Essay)

Brothers and sisters,Good day!Recently my relationship with my son has been particularly strained. As he has grown older, the generation gap between us has got deeper and deeper. My son is now in junior high school and I… Full Text


God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (Part 1)

Only through reading God’s words did I come to understand this: Children’s academic achievements, what kinds of career they have, what they do in the future, what they do for a living and what their humanity is like is n… Full Text

God’s Words Guide Me to Learn How to Educate My Children (Part 2)

I had always educated and controlled my children from my position as a mother, to make them listen to me and do what I said. I thought that this was the way to educate children well. In fact, when I educated my children … Full Text

Farewell to Those Days of Wrestling With Fate (Audio Essay)

Only by looking back on how I relied on the poison of Satan to live, how this was in competition with my fate, did I see that I did not recognize God’s authority, that by relying on my own capabilities I was throwing off… Full Text


The Secret to Saving a Marriage (Part 2) —Almighty God Saved My Marriage

And now, when I look back on the time when my marriage was on the brink, I have no words to describe it. I had tried everything, but nothing worked, but through God’s work it is restored. It is through Almighty God’s gui… Full Text


The Secret to Saving a Marriage (Part 1) —Almighty God Saved My Marriage

It turns out that God has predetermined the course and trajectory of our lives. My family, my marriage, my wife, and my children were given to me by God’s arrangement and as a being of creation, I should accept and submi… Full Text

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Resolving the “Cold War” Makes My Life Even Happier!

I force my husband to submit to me by waging cold wars just to have him listen to me, so that I could be in charge in this household….The revelation in God’s word allowed me to discover the root of cold wars in our house… Full Text


How Can My Young, Brash, and Arrogant Self Get Along With My Grandmother?

When I changed the way I viewed things, let go of my own arrogance and started to treat my grandmother appropriately, the generation gap between my grandmother and me disappeared bit by bit. Now, I no longer say that my … Full Text

Almighty God’s Work Has Caused Us to Walk the Same Path as Husband and Wife

When I see my brothers and sisters experience the work of God together, my heart is unspeakably happy. It is God’s unification work that has caused my husband and me to reconcile and reunite and allowed brothers and sist… Full Text

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The Secret Tip to Resolving Hatred (Audio Essay)

Finally, one day, when she saw me, she deliberated for a long time, and then called excitedly out, “Master!” This “Master” made me feel extremely warm inside. Ever since she opened her shop next to my house, she had neve… Full Text

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I Have Found True Happiness (Audio Essay)

God hopes that we will all come before Him, accept the guidance of His words and obtain the illumination of the light. Satan’s evil thoughts have corrupted man’s heart, caused man to be powerless to break away from it an… Full Text

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My Life Principles Left Me Damaged

The common phrase “All lay loads on the willing horse” is one with which I am all too personally familiar. My husband and I were all particularly guileless people: When it came to matters that involved our own personal b… Full Text

I Can Finally Live Out a Bit of Human Likeness

I thank Almighty God for changing me through His judgment and chastisement, for making me see Satan’s poison and harm. I now seek what is proper, and live out like a human. Although I still have much corruption with me t… Full Text

Jealousy—the Chronic Illness of the Heart

“Cruel, brutal mankind! The conniving and intrigue, the jostling with each other, the scramble for reputation and fortune, the mutual slaughter—when will it ever end? God has spoken hundreds of thousands of words, yet no… Full Text

Be Strict With Oneself First in Order to Discipline Others

Faced with facts, I was finally able to see that when issues arise, it is extremely important to get to know oneself and solve one’s own problems first. Only then can we live out our normal humanity, have a harmonious pa… Full Text

A True Partnership

I am grateful for this enlightenment from God, which not only helped me understand a truly harmonious partnership, but more so helped me see the hidden dangers in my own service with my partner, and showed me that when c… Full Text

Whatever God Says Is the Very Judgment of Man

I used to think that God judged and chastised man only when He revealed man’s inherent corruption or conveyed harsh words that judged the end of man. It was only much later that an incidence led me to realize that even G… Full Text

I Learned to Coordinate With Others

I opened up to the sister whom I was working with about how I knew myself. We truly communicated and entered the principle of serving together. After which, our work was much more harmonious. Full Text

The Essence of Abusing Power for Personal Revenge

I couldn’t help but compare my two entirely different attitudes from before and after my chat with that brother. I was originally prepared to promote him to district leader, but he said some things that caused me to lose… Full Text

The Importance of Coordination in Service

This made me see that harmonious coordination in our service is so critical for the work of the church and our personal life entry! But I had not sought God’s will at all in this. I had not paid attention to what practic… Full Text