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24. What is the difference between a good servant and an evil servant?

Those who serve God should be God’s intimates, they should be beloved by God, and capable of the utmost loyalty to God. Regardless of whether you act behind people, or in front of them, you are able to gain the joy of Go… Full Text

21. What is following God?

Following God primarily refers to following God’s current work, submitting to and practicing God’s current words, being able to keep God’s commandments, seeking out God’s intentions in all matters, practicing in accordan… Full Text

12. What is meant by “leave everything behind and follow God”?

You believe in God and follow God, and so in your heart you must love God. You must cast aside your corrupt disposition, must seek to fulfill God’s desire, and must perform the duty of a creature of God. Since you believ… Full Text

11. What are the differences between doing one’s duty and rendering service?

It is always through the process of doing his duty that man is gradually changed, and it is through this process that he demonstrates his loyalty. As such, the more you are able to do your duty, the more truths you shall… Full Text

10. What is doing one’s duty?

What does it actually mean to perform your duties? …to perform your duties is to experience God’s word and enter into the reality of the truth. To perform your duties is to live before God through practicing the truth. .… Full Text

The Things Those Who Serve God Must Have

The Basic Conditions That Those Who Serve God Must MeetWhat are the most basic things that someone who serves God must have? He must at least understand the truth. Specifically, he must know God’s work. Knowing God’s wor… Full Text

The Requirements Those Who Serve God Must Meet and How to Serve in Accordance With God’s Will

The Requirements Those Who Serve God Must MeetWhat must those who serve God possess so that their service of God is in accordance with God’s requirements? Let’s take a look at what the words of God say. In “How to Serve … Full Text

3. What exactly is someone who follows God’s will? And what is true testimony of faith in God?

Someone who truly carries out God’s will can emit praise from deep in their heart in the midst of God’s judgment, chastisement, and trials, and is able to fully obey God and forsake themselves, thus loving God with a hea… Full Text

1. What is following God’s will? Is it following God’s will if one only preaches and works for the Lord?

If you are able to accept what God entrusts to you, to accept His promise, and to follow the path taken by the Holy Spirit, this is doing God’s will. Read more. Full Text

Chapter 30. To Serve God One Should Walk the Path of Peter

Most people are unable to distinguish which people have the truth, which people don’t have the truth and which people say things that contain the truth. When you are asked to explain what is meant by “the truth,” you can… Full Text

23. Don’t Find New Tricks When Serving God

It was in God’s revelation that I finally realized my own satanic nature of arrogance and recklessness: I did not have a shred of reverence in front of God, I was not at all obedient. I realized at the same time that the… Full Text

20. Service of This Kind Is Truly Contemptible

Those who would serve God must in all matters lift God up and be God’s witnesses. Only thus can they attain the fruit of leading others to know God. And only by raising God up and witnessing for Him can they bring others… Full Text

33. One Must Know the Practical God Incarnate to Truly Love and Serve God

God incarnate of the last days came to earth to speak and work, to carry out judgment, chastisement, trial and refinement of corrupt mankind in order to deliver God’s chosen people from Satan’s dark influence and enable … Full Text

25. Only Practicing the Exaltation of and Testimony to God Is Truly Serving Him

The 150 Truths Regarding Practicing the Exaltation of and Testimony to God to Achieve True Service of Him“Can you express God’s disposition of the age in suitable language that has age significance? Through your experien… Full Text

How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will

Today, we will primarily be communing how people should serve God in their belief in God, what conditions should be fulfilled and which truths should be understood by those who serve God, and what deviations there are in… Full Text

Religious Way of Service Must Be Banned

Since the beginning of His work in the entire universe, God has predestined many people to serve Him, including people from every walk of life. His purpose is to fulfill His own will and to ensure that His work on earth … Full Text

Serve as the Israelites Did

Nowadays many people do not pay attention to what lessons should be learned during coordination with others. I have discovered that many of you cannot learn the lessons at all during coordination with others. Most of you… Full Text

Only Those Who Know the Work of God Today Can Serve God

To bear testimony to God and shame the great red dragon you must have a principle, and a condition: In your heart you must love God, and enter into the words of God. If you do not enter into the words of God, then you wi… Full Text